20 Things That Every Frida Kahlo Lover Needs

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Anyone who knows of Frida Kahlo inevitably loves Frida Kahlo. The world-renowned painter and self-portrait artist who basically perfected the selfie before it was even a thing, in many ways redefined what it meant to be a surrealist painter in the mid-20th century, using a critical eye and a self-taught hand to challenge the socio-cultural barriers of gender, class, identity, and race in her home country of Mexico. A revolutionary in her own right, she used her skills as a painter to solidify her place in history as a feminist icon for her steadfast conviction to advocate for what she believed in. 

Kahlo was the type of person that we all would have wanted to be friends with, and what better way to immortalize her image than by decorating your home with her artistic flair? Below you will find a collection of items that any Frida Kahlo-lover needs in their life.