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20 Friendly Spider Memes That Made Us Feel Way Too Guilty

February 27, 2020 6.2k votes 686 voters 22.6k views20 items

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Spiders are typically considered some of the scariest and most uncomfortable creatures on the planet, right? Even people without arachnophobia will spring into action when they see a spider casually hanging out on their ceiling - but what if those fuzzy creeps we all hate are really just misunderstood helpers? Considering they capture all the annoying bugs in our homes and generally try to stay out of our way, spiders might actually make better roommates than some human beings. 

Many of us have been trained since childhood to be afraid of spiders and squish them on sight, but these friendly spider memes reframe the eight-legged freaks in a wholesome new light that may make you feel guilty for cruelly exterminating so many of these little guys. Take a look at these examples to see how we all could be nicer to our considerate spider friends. 

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    Harsh Eviction

    Photo: A Reddtior / Reddit
    Friendly spider?
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    Be More Appreciative

    Friendly spider?
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    Say Thank You

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    Friendly spider?
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    Forgive And Forget  

    Friendly spider?