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How All The ‘Friends’ Characters Represent The Seven Deadly Sins

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Fan theories about Friends include the one where Ross loses custody of his son and the one where Rachel is a former lover of Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation. One of the most interesting and perhaps most accurate fan theories, however, recasts Friends characters as the seven deadly sins. The seven deadly sins are the biggest no-nos when it comes to virtuosity: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

You might imagine Joey as lust, or Phoebe as pride, but the fans who developed this theory took a more in-depth look at Friends. It almost seems the writers meant to cast the seven deadly sins as Friends characters.

  • Phoebe Is Lust
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    The Friends characters each succumb to lust in one way or another. Phoebe, however, is fairly balanced in all areas of her life - except when it comes to her physical desires. When she gets hitched in the last season, it's her third marriage - if you account for her previous green card marriage and a brief mention of saying "I do" in Vegas.

    Phoebe is outlandish and free-spirited, but also has a troublesome dating history - she once dated two men at the same time, and she casually talks about her string of lovers throughout the series. 

    Phoebe is not shy when it comes to using her feminine charm to get what she wants, and she takes advantage of her flirtatious nature to make others feel awkward. 

  • Joey Is Gluttony
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    Ah, Joey. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed - or the best actor in New York - but if there's one thing the man can do, it's eat. Eating is not just a necessary part of Joey's day, it's his calling. He can consume copious amounts of food like no one else. When Monica cooks him an entire turkey, he finishes the bird by himself before moving on to pie, chips, and other Thanksgiving sides. 

    Though gluttony may be an issue for Joey, he still manages to stay in shape. Whether he's got the metabolism of a racehorse or works out when the cameras are away, he successfully maintains a life of gluttony without much consequence. 

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  • Gunther Is Envy
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    Poor Gunther. Every day he watches all the friends gather at the coffee shop, share their lives, and develop romantic relationships. Through it all, he remains blatantly head-over-heels in love with Rachel, who never really seems to notice him. In fact, part of his charm lies in the pure envy he radiates every time he sees her with another guy. On more than one occasion he attempts to declare his love.

    Gunther is hopelessly jealous of Rachel's many suitors, and he bans Ross from advertising in the coffee shop simply because of his relationship with her. He also hires Joey as an incompetent coffee server because Rachel asks him to, ruining his business.

    Unfortunately, Gunther's envious behavior does not win him his dream girl.