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43 Things You Didn't Know About 'Friends'

Updated June 30, 2020 1.8m views43 items

By now, everyone has seen at least half a dozen Friends episodes, right? The popular sitcom, which catapulted six unknown actors to superstardom in the 1990s, has found a second life in the streaming era, becoming one of the biggest hits in Netflix's library before eventually making its way to HBO Max.

Many moments and storylines from the classic TV series have become entrenched in pop culture in the years since its 1994 premiere. Everyone knows about Ross and Rachel. Everyone knows about "Smelly Cat." But not everyone knows every bit of Friends trivia that has accumulated over the years. So try these 4 behind-the-scenes facts on for size and see if you can come out on top next time your local bar has a Friends-themed trivia night.

  • Bruce Willis Worked On 'Friends' For Free

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    Bruce Willis appeared in the show for free. After losing a bet about whether The Whole Nine Yards, in which he starred with Matthew Perry, would make it to number one at the box office opening weekend, Willis ended up donating his paycheck for the role to charity.
  • Tom Selleck Was TOO Good

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    When Tom Selleck made his initial on-set appearances, he received standing ovations from the studio audience. This would render his entrances unusable, prompting the need for later re-shoots, without the audience.

  • The 'Friends' Cast Got A Really Big Raise

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    In the first season, each of the six lead cast members received $22,000 per episode. By the final season, they each got $1,000,000 per episode.
  • Joey Tribbiani Was Supposed To Be Smarter

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    Matt LeBlanc is the one who actually suggested that his character be on the not-so-bright side.