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14 'Friends' Fan Theories That Are Just Crazy Enough To Be True

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No one told you life was going to be this way: your job’s a joke, you’re broke, and you’re sitting alone at home watching Friends reruns like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe you’re even reading up on insane Friends fan-theories to keep the characters’ memories alive? Whatever it is, we’re not judging. Years after going off the air, Friends continues to be a major pop-culture phenomenon. And since it seems that there won’t be any kind of reunion down the line, all we can do is rewatch, rehash, and reminisce.

The show still has a solid fan base, so there’s been no shortage of Friends fan theories to choose from since the finale aired in 2004. Some being more plausible than others, as is usually the case when it comes to TV show fan theories, these speculations and assumptions sometimes help viewers see the show in an entirely new light. And while they're no doubt entertaining, they also get your imagination going about what was really going on with our favorite TV buddies. Was Phoebe on drugs? Was the whole thing a shared psychosis? Did Ross lose custody of Ben at some point? Unlike the overall tone of the series, some of the Friends theories out there get really dark, so tread lightly.

WTF TV fan theories are nothing new, but these Friends scenarios really take the cake. Here are some of the best ones that you can analyze and, ultimately, decide for yourself if they’re totally absurd...or not.

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    The One Where Ross Loses Custody Of Ben

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    While Ross was portrayed as being a good father in earlier seasons, at one point in the show Ben pretty much disappears. And he’s barely mentioned in later installments, particularly after Emma is born. So, what if Ross actually lost custody of his son? One Redditor found proof to back up this claim:

    Friends was on for ten seasons, but Ben doesn’t show up in person after episode twelve of Season 8... Not only does Ben never meet his new half-sister on screen, but a meeting between the two of them is never even mentioned... Sure, he mentions Ben in the last two and a half seasons, but does he have any role in Ben’s life? When he references Ben, is he referencing something that once was, a child he no longer sees or knows? Did Ross’s insanity hit a breaking point with his ex-wife? Could she no longer handle his nice guy syndrome and homophobic snickering? Did she decide to take full custody of her son? Did Ross even fight her for Ben, or just let him go, shifting his focus to the new baby he had with the woman of his obsession? He couldn’t even handle his daughter having a male caregiver.”

    All in all, Ben's lack of presence is pretty evident.

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    The One Where Rachel Has A Foot Fetish

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    One Redditor seems to have a pretty dirty mind. According to him, there are a number of hints hidden throughout the series that suggest Rachel has a foot fetish. He writes:

    “There are a couple of hints throughout the series that Rachel loves dirty stuff with feet. In Season 4 when Monica is telling Chandler about erogenous zones Rachel bursts out saying 'ooh toes!' and Chandler and Monica look at her weirdly and she backs down saying 'for some people.' In Season 1, she talks to Ross about if you can ever have 'someone who could be your best friend but can also make your toes curl,' [and] in Season 3 she tries painting Ross's toenails and she says he let her do it to him before. Clearly Rachel associates feet/toes with sex and love.”

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    The One Where Ross Geller Becomes A Men’s Rights Activist

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    There’s no doubt that Ross had some serious issues throughout the course of the show, ranging from controlling tendencies and jealousy to mental illness. But was he an original men’s rights activist? Several viewers seem to think so.

    According to a Comedy Central article, evidence includes him not allowing Ben to play with a doll, his inability to accept the idea of a male nanny, his co-founding the "I hate Rachel" club, and basically being horrible to every woman in his life - not to mention that he often objectifies women, he mansplains a lot, he can’t handle female success, and he needs his men to be men. Oh, Ross.

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    The One Where Ben Foreshadows Monica And Chandler’s Marriage

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    In Season 3, Ben hits his head and says Monica Bang, making Rachel and Monica stress out over how to keep the little mishap hidden from Ross. But one Quora user asks, “Was Ben actually saying Monica BING and foreshadowing Monica and Chandler's marriage in Friends S03E08?”

    A commenter agrees, “I would love to believe that! In fact, that is the exact same thing that popped into my head when Ben said Monica Bing for the first time. Such a pity they took it as bang. Sigh.”

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