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Actors You Totally Forgot Were In 'Friends'

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The popularity of Friends was such that it was common for big-name actors to pop in for cameos or as guest stars. However, there were also plenty of actors that were featured in the series at a time when they weren’t well-known names. These are the best actors that appeared on Friends before making it big in Hollywood. 

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    Craig Robinson

    Photo: NBC

    The actor and comedian shot to fame after starring in The Office, but appeared in bit parts on TV prior. On Friends, Robinson appeared as a bemused clerk at the office where Phoebe goes to change her name.

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    Ellen Pompeo

    Photo: NBC

    The actress, who's best known for playing everyone's favorite doctor Meredith Grey, first appeared as Chandler and Ross's former love interest Missy Goldberg. Her appearance on Friends was just a year prior to landing her star-making role on Grey's Anatomy

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    Jim Rash

    Photo: NBC

    The Community actor was frequently over-the-top as Dean Craig Pelton, and was first seen losing it on Friends. Credited as "Nervous Passenger on Plane," his character's panic attack was ultimately responsible for causing the delay that allowed Rachel to return to Ross.

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    Emily Osment

    Photo: NBC

    While her star vehicle was on Hannah Montana along with a significant role in the Spy Kids series, Emily Osment's appearance on Friends predates these roles. She appeared as a girl called Lelani who approaches Rachel on Halloween for trick or treat.  

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