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Actors You Totally Forgot Were In 'Friends'

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The popularity of Friends was such that it was common for big-name actors to pop in for cameos or as guest stars. However, there were also plenty of actors that were featured in the series at a time when they weren’t well-known names. These are the best actors that appeared on Friends before making it big in Hollywood. 

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    Mae Whitman

    Photo: NBC

    The actress received mainstream attention from her recurring appearance on Arrested Development. However, she had been seen on a major sitcom much earlier in Friends as Sarah Tuttle, a girl scout whose injury causes Ross to take her place selling cookies.

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    Craig Robinson

    Photo: NBC

    The actor and comedian shot to fame after starring in The Office, but appeared in bit parts on TV prior. On Friends, Robinson appeared as a bemused clerk at the office where Phoebe goes to change her name.

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    Ellen Pompeo

    Photo: NBC

    The actress, who's best known for playing everyone's favorite doctor Meredith Grey, first appeared as Chandler and Ross's former love interest Missy Goldberg. Her appearance on Friends was just a year prior to landing her star-making role on Grey's Anatomy

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    Rachael Harris

    Photo: NBC

    Rachael Harris is popular among Lucifer fans as Dr. Linda and movie fans for her foul-mouthed appearance in The Hangover. On Friends, she was cast as Julie, an inappropriately open pregnant woman who tries to get Rachel and Ross involved in her own childbirth.

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