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This Woman Just Annihilated Twitter Explaining Why Rachel & Joey Are Actually A Great Couple

Few onscreen couples are as widely beloved in the world of TV fandom as Ross Geller and Rachel Green from the long-running series Friends. Their seasons-long flirtation and on-again, off-again relationship kept fans in the throes of suspense throughout the show's 10-year run. While both characters had plenty of other relationships in the time they weren't together - Ross was married and divorced twice outside of his relationship with Rachel - no relationship contrived by the show was met with more animosity than that of Rachel and Joey Tribbiani.

It wasn't just that, on Friends, Rachel and Joey were part of the same friend group, it was that their short-lived relationship came deep into the show in Seasons 9 and 10. By then, fans were deeply invested in seeing Ross and Rachel as the endgame. But there are some who disagree that Rachel ended up with the right guy. And no one makes a better case for why Joey and Rachel were actually the better relationship of the two than Claire Willett, AKA @kaneandgriffin. The writer and TV enthusiast laid out her 100-point reason for why Rachel and Joey should have stayed together in an epic Twitter thread.

And she's worth hearing out. Willet's well-laid out argument has some very good points that may have even the most ride-or-die #RossAndRachel4Life fan rethinking whether the show really ended the way it should have.

  • Joey And Rachel Could Understand Each Other At A Socio-Economic Level

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    On the show, Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe are historically the "poorer" of the six friends, often butting heads with their wealthier friends over paying for things. For this reason Joey has always understood Rachel's ambition and drive in a way Ross never could.

  • Ross Literally Kept Rachel From The Biggest Career Move She Could Have Taken

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  • The Final Reason Is That Only One Of These Couples Brings Out The Best In Each Other

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    Willett's third and final point is that, of the two relationships, only one actually enhances the two people involved. The other - Ross and Rachel, obviously - leads each to be the worst version of themselves. 

    After living with and loving Rachel, Joey becomes a better person. 

  • Rachel Is Her Best Self With Joey

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