Humor Friends Recreate The Infamous 'Flying Nut High Five' From The Jackass Movie  

Mick Jacobs

For today's episode of Things You Definitely Should Not Try At Home, check out this video of two ballsy young men doing an authentic recreation of Jackass's classic "flying nut high five."

No one ever asked the guys of Jackass to do this trick, and no one asked these gentlemen to recreate it. Nonetheless, here you are, with another viral video of someone doing something they saw on TV.

All that being said, their form appears pretty decent, so you have to wonder if they practiced this beforehand or if they just decided to go balls to the wall, so to speak.

And before you ask, yes, their reaction is exactly what you would expect to happen when genitalia collide in a non-erotic fashion. Watch the video to see just how much people are willing to do for fame.