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The Longest Running Jokes In 'Friends'

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Friends remains a feel-good comedy that fans can revisit anytime and be just as entertained as they were on their first watch. The series uses a multitude of comedy styles to keep viewers laughing - usually done through the use of slapstick comedy, sarcastic wit, and most importantly, recurring gags. These long-running jokes include catchphrases, mannerisms, and everything in between. These are the longest-running jokes on Friends.

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    Chandler's Sarcasm

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    This might just be the most recurring gag of all, as being sarcastic is an intrinsic part of Chandler's characterization. It pops up the most when one of the characters asks a simple question, to which Chandler replies with cutting sarcastic remark to make them feel dumb. 

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    Janice's Frequent Appearances

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    Earlier on, the recurring gag had to do with Chandler always hooking up and then trying to break up with Janice. Eventually, he became terrified of the sight of her, but couldn't escape Janice's frequent appearances in his life. Janice made sure to make these moments memorable, always screaming "Oh my God!" to announce her arrival. This gag was such a mainstay for the show that Janice appeared all the way from the first season to the last one at least once.

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    The Mystery Of Chandler's Job

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    The friends only ever knew that Chandler worked for a large, multinational company but were unaware of what his exact function was. Despite Ross having gone to college with him, Joey being his roommate, and Monica his wife, these characters remained stumped over what Chandler's job was. In fact, Monica and Rachel lost their apartment in a bet because they couldn't answer what Chandler did for a living. The gags involved the friends assuming Chandler had a certain occupation, only for him to be bemused by their awful guesses.

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    Their Catchphrases

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    Each main character had certain phrases that were exclusive to their behavior. These perfectly matched their personalities as well, with the catchphrases summing up their character traits. The most recurring ones were Joey's pick-up line of "How you doin'?and Chandler's knack of stressing on one word in his speech patterns.