15 People Who Ended Friendships Reveal What Their Final Straw Was

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Those who ended friendships: vote up the worst stories of ex-friends.

Going on a "friendship breakup" can be just as difficult as breaking up with a partner. And similar to a breakup, ending a friendship is often necessary. If you're wondering how to know a friendship is over, these people have shared their friendship ending stories to give you an idea. Maybe these tragic tales will also help you learn how to be a good friend.

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    She Got Mad That Their Friend 'Stole Their Backup Guy'

    From Redditor u/mindful-reader1989:

    She invited this guy she was chatting with to come hang out with us one day. She had a long-term boyfriend while I was newly single. This guy and I really hit it off, so we started to spend more time together. When she found out she got so mad. She told me that I "stole her backup guy." Her boyfriend dumped her shortly after, and she demanded I stop talking to him so that she could start dating him as she had previously planned, insisting that he was her "soulmate."

    I stopped talking to her instead, and so did he. That was 20 years ago and we're still together (15 years of marriage and two kids). Guess he wasn't her soulmate after all.

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    She Constantly Made Rude Remarks About Her Friend's Weight

    From Redditor u/brokendowndryer:

    She kept cutting me down. Now, I was a very overweight person, and I knew it. But she kept letting me know it.

    Like, she said she loved to go with me to the mall because if I was there, then no guys would bother us.

    I was too naive and lonely to see how terrible she was.

    Well, over the span of a few years, I lost 100 pounds. She did not like this and was even meaner to me. I met a guy, and she tried to take him from me. It didn't work... we're no longer friends.

    Here's the thing... she was only about 20 pounds smaller than me when I was fat. She didn't see herself that way, though.

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    She Threatened To Get Her Friend Fired If They Didn't Spend More Time Together

    From Redditor u/beefstewforyou:

    A girl I was friends with threatened to call the company I work for and make up something I didn’t do to get me fired because I refused to take a day off to spend time with her after a breakup (although I offered to come over after work multiple days). I took a screenshot of her threat and told her I’d go straight to the police if she actually did that.

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    She Went Through Her Friend's Phone Because She Was Jealous

    From Redditor u/UnderstandingFar7148:

    She was into a guy friend of mine. No biggie there; plenty of my friends have dated each other. We were chilling one day, and I went to change my son's diaper and left my cell on the table next to her. When I come back, she randomly says she's gotta go and leaves. Okay, sure. I grab my phone and it's open to texts between me and that particular guy friend! (I didn't have a password at the time.) She had scrolled back pretty far too!! I called her out on it. She said she just wanted to make sure [he] and I were "really" platonic friends, and [he] and I didn't have a thing going on... she could have just asked!!!... Oh, and we weren't in high school... we are in our 30s!!!

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    He Got Mad If Things Didn't Go Exactly As Planned

    From Redditor u/yeetgodmcnechass:

    A combination of things, honestly. I'd get extremely anxious if I was told that he was chilling with the rest of us because he wanted things to go exactly as he planned, and he'd be upset if it wasn't. He'd usually end up pinning the blame on me... then constantly "joke" throughout the entire time about how I f*cked things up, and I'd just have to go along with it.

    He'd constantly flake on everyone without saying a word, but if you had to cancel on him he'd get extremely upset at you (one of my friends used the exact same excuse on him that he'd typically use on us after the fact, and he got mad).

    His family was pretty well off while the rest of our families were working-class families. He expected us to spend money as if we had the same amount of money his family did, and he'd get upset if you didn't.

    He felt like he had the right to monitor all of my social media accounts, and to bring up comments made on said social media accounts as he wished. He'd bring up Reddit comments I made anonymously because I didn't feel comfortable talking about those topics IRL. On sites where I'd have my actual name/face attached to them, he'd wait for me to post anything... then make snarky, unfunny comments for the sole purpose of making me look bad. I ended up having to block him on everything and deleting that Reddit account.

    Whenever we'd play games together, if he was more skilled than I was, he'd make "jokes" about how bad I was and how I couldn't do anything right, which were really just thinly veiled insults. If I got upset he'd tell me to calm down because he was "only joking."

    Ended that friendship after seven years, but it honestly ended six years later than it should've.

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    She Was Cheating On Their Husband And Used Her Friend As An Alibi

    From Redditor u/waifuiswatching:

    She started using me as an alibi when cheating on her husband. Didn't even ask me first - not that I would have agreed to it; it was so audacious. And her husband was a super nice guy that I really enjoyed spending time with, and she ruined that friendship too by using me as her alibi.

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