15 Friendship Ruining Games To Consider Avoiding On Game Night

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Game lovers: vote up the games where the only winning move is not to play.

If you've ever hosted or attended a game night you know things can get ugly fast. These Redditors are sharing the games that ruin friendships, so you don't play them with anyone you don't trust completely. Whether they're video games or board games, vote up the most dangerous games to avoid on game night.

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    'Overcooked Is Stressful Enough To Literally Make You Scream

    From Redditor u/missnikkibabyyy:

    I played Overcooked once with my sister, her husband, a few friends, and my husband. I screamed every second of it. Things caught on fire, I threw food on the floor, I got the wrong ingredient. After the first round, I literally just stood in the corner until they finished.

    That game stresses me out.

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    'Risk' May Force Your Friend Group To Enforce A "Kick In The Crotch" Rule

    From Redditor u/studude765:

    'Risk'. I have gotten into multiple fights while playing the game. We quite literally had to start making truces with a "kick in the crotch" rule, where if you broke the truce, the person you broke it with gets to kick you in the crotch. Truces were either over a certain border or over a pre-determined number of turns.

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    'Diplomacy' Has The Power To Make Some Friends Never Speak Again

    From Redditor u/nochehalcon:


    I'm the one player who wasn't in that game because I wasn't available the night it started. 6 people slowly didn't talk to each other afterwards for a couple years; some never again. And me left wondering WTF happened??

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    'It Takes Two' Can Turn Your Partner Into A Monster

    From Redditor u/SenPay_Me:

    It Takes Two.

    Supposed to be a video game about saving your relationship and learning to work together right? Well, it was all going well until we got to the point where the couple theorizes ending the life of a stuffed animal Elephant will save their marriage. Don't ask me why, I truly don't know but my bf immediately went from having fun to nearly crying over this elephant begging for her life and my stupid monkey brain thought "yes must complete the task at all costs, will throw this thing off a building because it says so".

    My bf now thinks I am a monster and I'm inclined to agree.

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    'Monopoly' Can Tear Families Apart

    From Redditor u/Skudgems:

    One time I was at my dad's house and we started playing Monopoly. Well, my dad and step mom got into an argument and we had to stay in a motel all weekend.

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    'Munchkin' Might Lead To Major Trust Issues

    From a former Redditor:

    I made the mistake of telling a friend that you aren't cheating unless you get caught in Munchkin. He managed to swipe a dozen cards from the deck and kept them hidden for 4 rounds. I don't trust him in real life anymore.

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