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Odds are if you're human, you love french fries. But are you fully aware of all of the different styles of fries that are out there just waiting for you to try? No? As it turns out, various types of fries are popular the world over with countries coming up with different takes on everyone's favorite side dish. So if you're looking to spice up your next batch or just love looking at photos of delicious salty treats, then you've come to the right place. Check out these examples of different ways people serve potatoes around the world. 

Though the old school french fry seems to be a staple of brilliance with which no one can argue, the following international fries include everything from fun toppings and spices to unique preparation methods. Many of these countries serve what Americans recognize as traditional fries as well as regional variations on the dish. Whether you like your fries thick or thin, salty or sweet, you're sure to find something here that'll make you say "mmm." 

Who knows, you future favorite may even be included among the following different types of fries, just waiting to be discovered.

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Finger Chips - India
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Photo:  via pinterest

The french fry has many popular forms in India, among them a few that indulge the country's famous love of exotic spices. Popular versions include fries cooked with turmeric, chili powder, or masala.

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Chips - UK
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Photo: Foodcrazed/via imgur

What American know as fries are called "chips" in the UK, whereas what the USA refers to as potato chips are known as "crisps" to the Brits. Among the British crowd, fish and chips go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly and the popular side dish is commonly covered in vinegar. 

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Poutine - Canada
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Photo: via xpatnation

This Canadian treat dresses up your average fries with cheese curds and gravy for a savory treat that's a favorite at pubs, road side diners, and sporting events.

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The French Fry - United States
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Photo: Claudia_midori/flickr/CC-BY-NC 2.0

Nothing says America like the phrase "would you like fries with that?" Though they come in a wide variety of shapes and flavors, Americans consider fries a great side dish to everything from fast food to steak.

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