Graveyard Shift

Behind The Scenes Of 1985's Vampire Classic 'Fright Night'

It’s fair to say that Tom Holland’s (not the friendly neighborhood one) take on those infamous bloodsucking creatures of the night took audience members by surprise when Fright Night first hit the big screen back in 1985. Combining horror, amazing effects, and dark humor, Fright Night really has proven itself a timeless cult film. Not to mention, it gained so much notoriety that it even received a 2011 remake that attempted to revitalize that edgy vampire universe for old and new fans alike.

Where did it all start? In a movie that was jam-packed with variety, just how much went on behind the camera? From a cast member spending a full 18 hours in the makeup chair to getting the visual effects team to help rewrite the movie, we’ll be taking a look at the most interesting tales from behind the scenes of the original 1985 classic vampire flick. Welcome to Fright Night for real!