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12 Even Scarier Facts About The Most Terrifying Animals In The World

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Everyone is afraid of something in the animal kingdom. Whether it be by air, land, or sea, there’s something non-human out there that keeps you up at night. What better way to help grow those fears than to learn frightening facts about the world's scariest animals?

Do you know how relentlessly a swarm of killer bees will pursue you? Have you ever considered what happens if you try to hide from a shark already on the hunt? Check out the answers to those terrifying questions - and a few more frightening animal facts - below.

  • We’ve all had that fear of swimming through a lake or pond and suddenly feeling something grabbing your ankle. If it's a crocodile, you're screwed.  Saltwater crocodiles have a biting force of 3,700 pounds per square inch, the strongest on record. That’s three times more powerful than that of a lion, the king of the jungle.

    And you can watch those two square off right here.

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  • Killer Bees Are Terrifyingly Patient

    Killer Bees Are Terrifyingly Patient
    Photo: pinkgranite / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    We all laughed at cartoons when someone jumped into a body of water to avoid a swarm of bees, only to be stung after they surface. Turns out it's not so funny: it's real. A killer bee's sting is no worse than the one you're most likely used to, but they travel in groups of 30,000 or more and will wait for above the water if you try to outsmart them by going under.

    Experts say you should run for a quarter mile to give yourself the best chance for survival. Flailing your arms and screaming while running is optional.

  • Leeches Can Grow To Be A Foot-And-A-Half Long
    Video: YouTube

    The life of a leech is already disgusting, but knowing the Giant Amazon Leech can grow to be 18 inches long and live 20 years makes them frightening as well. It feeds by sticking a six-inch long tube called a proboscis into your skin and draining your blood.

  • Boa Constrictors Can Feel Your Heartbeat

    Boa Constrictors Can Feel Your Heartbeat
    Video: YouTube

    It’s creepy enough that boa constrictors can unhinge their jaws and swallow large prey whole. What's worse is that this large, fearsome creature also knows the exact moment you die because it can feel your heartbeat. Which means playing dead isn't an option if the boa has already coiled around you.

    Just go to sleep and it'll all be over soon.