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Fan Theories About Frodo That Are An Unexpected Journey

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Frodo Baggins, the main protagonist and fuzzy-footed hero of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, has a vast lore and mythology that stretches from the Shire to the fiery pits of Mount Doom. He is brave, pure of heart, and his journey is noble. But for some fans of the LOTR movies, though, that's not enough. By reinterpreting bits of dialogue and looking at minute details within scenes, these fans have forged some truly incredible theories. Some people think that Frodo never intended to throw the One Ring into the Crack of Doom, while others believe it was the Fellowship's intent to actually throw Frodo in. Other theorists believe that when Gandalf spoke "Fly, you fools" to the Fellowship, he was actually only talking to Frodo, urging him to seek out the eagles. These are the best Frodo theories we could find.

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    Frodo Wasn't The Most Affected By Gandalf's Fall

    Photo: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring / New Line Cinema

    From Redditor /u/Ranchking91:

    In the LOTR movies there are these little details that only last for about a second. First when Aragorn witnesses Gandalf fall he freezes for a few seconds and almost takes an arrow to the face. It takes Boromir shouting at him to snap him out of it. Also when the sad music is playing and all the hobbits are crying we just see Legolas staring at the ground in disbelief. My theory is that Aragorn and Legolas where more distraught then any of the group but just didn't show it because they are hardened warriors but they are also educated and know who Gandalf is.

    In the LOTR lore, it is revealed that Gandalf isn't just some mysterious Wizard but something equivalent to an archangel like Saint Micheal and Satan. He and the rest of the wizards of Middle Earth are on the same power level as Sauron and Morgoth and Legolas and Aragorn know it because they were raised by the elves and were educated. To the Hobbits, losing Gandalf was like losing a grandfatherly figure and Gimli and Boromir, both hardened warriors themselves, are barely affected by it but to Aragorn and Legolas it was like watching Jesus die. What was probably going through both minds afterward was "we are truly f**ked now."

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    Why Frodo Can Walk Right Into Mount Doom

    Photo: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King / New Line Cinema

    From Redditor /u/fantheories101:

    You’d think if Sauron’s only weakness was having a ring thrown into lava that he would have the entrance to that lava pit guarded, but once they’re there, Sam, Frodo and Gollum can just walk right in. However, there are two good reasons that this is left unguarded.

    Firstly, Sauron wouldn’t want others knowing about his weakness, especially orcs. The only reason Frodo knew was because of Gandalf, who was ancient; and Elron who was actually there for the first time Sauron was defeated. Most people don’t know about his weakness, and posting guards would mean those guards have to on some level know that the lava pit is important to Sauron, and it would indicate importance to anyone like Frodo who snuck inside.

    Secondly, he doesn’t need to defend it. The ring protects itself. Nobody who ever held the ring and had the opportunity to destroy it actually chose to. It was destroyed by accident in the end. The ring can manipulate people’s minds and won’t allow them to destroy it. It forces whoever holds it to choose not to destroy it. Even in a normal situation it corrupts, and when it’s close to death it just pushes this into overdrive.

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    'LOTR' Is Darker Than 'The Hobbit' Because Frodo Wrote It

    Photo: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King / New Line Cinema

    From Redditor /u/felix_florentine:

    The tone of the Lord of the Rings trilogy evidently more gritty than that of The Hobbit. The Hobbit is a lot more action oriented, and the CGI used gives those movies a more fantastical styling. This kind of bothered me, I really liked that dark feeling the first set of movies had.

    So I rationalized that the different tones must be because of the writer of the story. Bilbo is more whimsical and tends to exaggerate, so his movie follows that personality. On the other hand, Frodo was met with more injury and damage, so his part of the tale reflects that.

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    Frodo's Metabolism Slows Him Down

    Photo: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers / New Line Cinema

    From Redditor /u/rafael-a:

    In the Lord of the Rings movies we see that the hobbits do several meals a day, breakfast, second breakfast, elevens, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper and what else. I thought they did it just because they were lazy and soft, but them I realize it may be extremely necessary for them.

    Smaller animals almost always have faster metabolism than bigger ones, their heart beats are faster, they lose heat more easily and they need to eat more, there is a species of shrew that needs to eat every three hours if they don’t want to starve. Hobbits are basically miniaturized humans, so that makes sense.

    And turn out that this is plot significant, while Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli can walk long distances without eating, the hobbits have food as a constant challenge for them. In Return of the King this is plot point, where Sam and Frodo are rationing food as if it was extremely important to them, like it was a life of death situation to them, but when Smeagol throws the food away it causes a break point between Sam and Frodo, that would be odd just for some pieces of bread, but for a hobbit that could be deadly, and that explains why Frodo is almost dying when they get in Mordor. A day without food for a hobbit may be his end.

    This also explain why we don’t see many fat hobbits, Sam is probably the fattest we see but he is just a bit chubby, they all eat a lot but don’t get fat because they really need it.

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