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Fans Are Sharing Obscure 'Lord of the Rings' Lore About Frodo Baggins

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For all the focus on him in the story, there is still a lot about Frodo Baggins that LOTR fans might not know about the Ringbearer. These fans are pointing out a number of more obscure lore details from the films and the source material that even the closest readers and watchers might have missed.

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    'Frodo' Isn't Frodo's Real Name

    From Redditor u/valrond:

    Frodo's real name is Maura.

    'Maura Libingi' is his name in Hobbitish, to be precise. 'Frodo' is a translation.

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    At One Point The Story Had Frodo Named Bingo

    From Redditor u/svantevid:

    Originally it wasn't Frodo and Sam, but Bingo and Frodo. I hope I remember this correctly because it can only be found in some pencil scribbles in Tolkien's notes and I couldn't check it.

    Also, Tolkien started LOTR as a light-weighted, Hobbit-style story. But then the story took a really dark turn with the black riders and Tolkien went back and rewrote earlier chapters. Also, publisher's son said he really liked the Black Riders. Well, this publisher's son ended up actually publishing LOTR. This is how much time Tolkien needed.

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    Frodo Was Blessed With The Potential To Carry The Ring

    From a former Redditor:

    I've always been a staunch defender of Frodo, since the movies do him little credit and many people look no further than that to make up their minds about him.

    That being said, I've never really thought about your question until now, and at the moment the only answer I really have for you is that it's because he's Frodo. Less cryptically: Eru gave to Frodo a soul and heart equipped for the potential of the Quest, and arranged for Frodo to gain the wisdom necessary to see such a Quest through to the brink.

    Given Gandalf's status as a Maia, it's unsurprising that he comments on the fortune they all share in having Frodo take on the burden of the Ring; he might have been able to see this unique 'signature' of Eru's work on the flame of Frodo's spirit. Maybe Gandalf see this and thinks, "Man, there's nobody else around with this in their hearts. Lucky chance, indeed!"

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    He Was Deputy Mayor Before Heading To The Undying Lands

    From Redditor u/PraxisLD:

    When they return to find the Shire scoured and razed, they immediately set about putting things back to right. Samwise then slipped back into his well-earned comfort. Frodo, after a brief stint as Deputy Mayor, realizes that his time in Middle Earth is at an end so he heads off to his final peace among friends in the Undying Lands.