22 Insanely Smart Fan Theories About Frozen 

Lisa Waugh
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If you have children (or are a child at heart), you have probably seen this film hundreds, if not thousands of times, and you probably have some intriguing Frozen fan theories of your own. You may be hallucinating after watching the film so many times, at the very least. Even if you don’t have kids, you might find yourself poring over each frame, trying to figure out what the deal with Hans is, or why Rapunzel is at Elsa’s coronation or whether Kristoff is Santa Claus.
There are truly delightful Frozen conspiracy theories like that Flynn from Tangled was going to fence the stolen crown to Hans. There’s the one about Hans having the same powers as Elsa, and that the king and queen of Arendelle were sailing to meet with another self-exiled member of the family with the same powers as Elsa, seeking advice and counsel.
Then there are the fan theories about Frozen that see a completely different angle than others. Even if Kristoff kissed Anna (the second most powerful curse breaker in the fairytale universe), it probably wouldn’t have an effect. How about this one: Is Quasimodo related to Elsa and Anna? Did he create the trolls to keep him company as he did back at the cathedral? Or what if Elsa’s powers developed over generations of her ancestors who wanted to build up a resistance to fire to avoid the fate of distant relative Joan of Arc?
There are so many cool and interesting Frozen theories, but some stand out more than others. Consider which Frozen theory you think holds the most weight and vote it onward and upward to the top of the list. 
Rapunzel Was at Elsa’s Coronation Because They’re Cousins
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One long-held theory is that Rapunzel is Elsa and Anna’s cousin. King Agnarr and Queen Iduna sail to Rapunzel’s wedding but they are lost at sea (and possibly wash up on an island in the jungle and produce Tarzan).

Out of respect for her deceased aunt and uncle, and to honor her cousin, she shows up for the coronation in Arendelle with her new husband, Flynn. 

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Frozen and Tangled Take Place in the Same World
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Another theory that cements the idea that these two stories exist in the same universe comes from Redditor themanfromsaturn, who reasons that Hans looks a lot like the Stabbington brothers from Tangled. The red hair, the same-shaped faces, same style of dress, the mutton chop sideburns, and the fact that Hans has 11 brothers.

Plus, both Hans and the Stabbington brothers were willing to do evil deeds to obtain power.

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Elsa’s Powers Are Nothing New to the King and Queen
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Redditor Nijata suggests that Elsa’s parents knew all about her powers because a relative had them before. They knew that they needed the troll’s help to heal Anna, and they knew that hiding Elsa away was in her best interest.
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If Elsa Is Winter, Anna Is Summer
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Many fans strongly believe that if Elsa is the queen of all things icy, Anna must be the queen of hot stuff. Anna is the sunny sister with a playful sense of humor; Elsa, like winter, is no joke. Also, Olaf holds the key to this theory. He’s held in both sister’s memories. He’s created by Elsa, but he longs for summer.
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