15 'Frozen' Plot Holes That We Can't Just Let Go

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Disney's Frozen was one of the most successful films that the entertainment powerhouse has seen in years. Kids wanted to build snowmen, teenagers told their parents to "let it go" ironically, and parents had to admit that they were hoodwinked by the twist villain. 

And yet, Frozen has a few plot holes that fans think put a damper on the icy wonder, and they aren't keeping quiet about it - or letting it go. 

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    Anna Wouldn't Have Entrusted The Kingdom To Hans, She Would've Left The Former Regent In Charge

    From Redditor u/garfangle:

    When the King and Queen died, Elsa became heiress apparent. Yet, before she was crowned queen there had to be someone that would run the kingdom for her until she reached the appropriate age, in this case, twenty-one. 

    Why would Anna entrust the kingdom to Hans, who she just met, if there was a capable regent to do so instead? Moreover, why would the townsfolk trust Hans and to a lesser extent, the Duke of Weselton, to bring Elsa back? Is there no one else in charge that can give orders?

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    Hans Can't Be Declared The New Regent Of Arendelle By Foreign Dignitaries

    From Redditor u/Guild_Navigator:

    All of those guys that are assembled when Hans tells his b*llshit story about Elsa are foreign dignitaries that were visiting the kingdom for the coronation. These guys don't have any power to recognize Hans (himself a foreigner as well) as heir apparent to a realm that isn't their's to begin with. 

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    Gloves Are Supposed To Help Elsa Control Her Powers, But Later She Creates Ice With Her Feet Through Her Shoes

    From Redditor u/Soyyos:

    We see her wear gloves because it's the only way she can control her powers, but we also see her create ice with her feet, through her shoes. How does the fabric from the gloves stop it, but not the shoes?

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    Hans Declares That Anna Is Dead, But Nobody Goes To Look For A Corpse Or Prepare Her For A Funeral

    From Redditor u/Guild_Navigator:

    Hans tells everyone that the princess is dead and nobody goes to check for a corpse? I understand the need to accelerate the plot, but this feels like a bizzare of common sense. 

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    Any Act Of True Love Can Thaw A Frozen Heart - But Olaf's Doesn't Count?

    From Redditor u/namhob:

    The trolls say only an act of true love could save Anna. 

    Before the climactic scene, Olaf is with Anna in the castle and lights her a fire. Anna warns him not to do so for obvious reasons. Olaf lights the fire anyway, essentially dooming himself to save her.

    Does this not count as an act of true love?

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    People Cheered When Anna Punched Hans, But They Didn't Know His Evil Plan Yet And Loved Him Mere Seconds Before

    From Redditor u/TheGifGoddess:

    How did [the people of Arendelle] know that Hans was the bad guy? I mean, they cheered when Anna hit him but up until then, Hans was the good Samaritan for helping out the country - giving citizens blankets, trying to find the princess, attempting to save Anna. You could argue that the diplomats saw Hans about to kill Elsa with the sword, but they already knew he was going to sentence her to death. 

    [Also,] why would they be standing on a balcony in a snow storm?

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