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Which 'Fruits Basket' Character Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated July 10, 2019 34.5k views12 items

Fruits Basket has been around since the early 2000s, but because of the Spring 2019 reboot, it's back on people's minds. Whether you've loved the show for years or are just now getting into it, you might be wondering - which Fruits Basket character are you based on your zodiac sign?

While none of the characters from Fruits Basket have official birthdays, many of them do have official astrological signs - a choice only fitting for a show that's centered around the Chinese zodiac. That being said, this article will not be following those choices strictly - instead, the choices are made based on how well the characters match a particular sign. For example, Yuki is a canonically a Virgo. With his meticulous and delicate personality, that fits pretty well - but Kyo is about as far from being a Capricorn as a person can get, so here, he's listed as an Aries, while Hatori takes the Capricorn slot. 

No matter what your sign might be, there's a Fruits Basket character who you can relate to. 

  • Aries (March 21 - April 19): Kyo Sohma

    Kyo Sohma, one of the protagonists of Fruits Basket, has a fiery, competitive personality that makes him a perfect example of the first sign in the zodiac cycle, Aries. He exhibits both the negative and positive traits possessed by the sign. Kyo is quick to anger and often behaves in a violent and reckless manner. He's also wildly jealous of his cousin Yuki, envying the latter's favored position within their family. But due to his Arien self-centeredness, he doesn't realize how much Yuki suffers from that position. 

    But Kyo also channels positive Aries vibes. He's a passionate person who is devoted to those that he cares for, and who refuses to give up no matter how long the odds. 

  • Like many members of the Sohma family, Haru transforms into an animal from the Chinese zodiac - in his case, that's a cow. This alone ties him to Taurus, an Earth sign that's represented by the bull.

    But there's more than just a species connecting Haru to this Earth sign. Taureans are known for being patient, dedicated people. Haru may not appear to be that way when he's introduced - there's not much that's patient about immediately challenging Kyo to a fight. But those who know Haru's manga backstory know how well the word applies to Haru's relationship with Rin, his on again off again girlfriend. Despite Rin's inability to commit to the relationship while experiencing personal turmoil, Haru remains dedicated to her, but still keeps an appropriate distance. 

  • Geminis can be charming, delightful people - but they can also be the exact opposite. Actually, that's one of the strongest characteristics of the air sign - a tendency to fluctuate wildly from one demeanor to another. Kagura Sohma, Kyo's self-proclaimed fiance, fits this to a tee.

    Most of the time, Kagura is a friendly and vivacious young lady, but when her passionate feelings for Kyo turn her into a violent and possessive person. She takes the signs' versatility to its utmost extreme.

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Tohru Honda

    Tohru Honda is a deeply empathetic and kind young woman who values other peoples' health, comfort, and happiness above all else. From cooking meals to talking through emotional problems, Tohru will go above and beyond to help the people she loves. Those kindly traits often crop up in  Cancers, and they're certainly admirable.

    But Tohru also has a tendency to neglect her own needs in favor of other people's, and even puts herself in danger for the sake of helping her loved ones. Part of her journey - and part of the journey of every Cancer - is finding balance between the instinct to care for others, and the need to care for oneself.