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Frustrating Shoujo Anime Relationships That We Love

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Ah, love! There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a heart-warming shoujo anime where two characters build a beautiful connection and find a deep love for each other. However, there are many annoying shoujo anime relationships that are just so frustrating it makes you want to scream out “KISS ALREADY!” These frustrating shoujo relationships leave you wondering if it’s really that hard to find love in the world.

While real life relationships can be difficult, anime relationships are specifically designed to be exaggerated in order to provoke an emotional response. The basic goal of shoujo anime (and by extension its overly complicated relationship challenges) is to draw out human emotions and reactions by provoking dramatic sentiment. This tension is then usually eased with some comic relief. This keeps the viewer glued to the screen to see if this infuriating relationship will turn into a happily ever after.  

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    Misaki Ayuzawa And Takumi Usui On Maid-Sama!

    Misaki is a tough girl who has negative opinions about men due to her father abandoning her family. Her hard work and dedication landed her a respectable position as student council president at a newly reformed co-ed high school. However, she secretly hides her part-time job at a cosplay maid café for fear of losing her credibility.

    When the popular boy Takuimi finds out about her part-time job, he begins to visit her while she works. He often makes advances towards her and also rescues her from danger. This drives Misaki crazy and she constantly yells at him. The most frustrating thing about their relationship is that Misaki spends most of it pushing Takuimi away. She never honestly expresses how she feels until the last episode.

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    Shizuku Mizutani And Haru Yoshida On My Little Monster

    Photo: ADK

    When the studious Shizuku befriends an unpredictable delinquent named Haru Yoshida, her normal life is turned upside down. Soon after meeting, Haru immediately confesses that he has feelings for Shizuku. Shizuku doesn’t feel the same about Haru. Or does she?

    Haru consistently angers and pesters Shizuku until she finally confesses she has romantic feeling for him. However, he then tells her he doesn’t feel the same about her. WHAT?!

    This frustrating relationship is a roller-coaster of ups and downs. Do they like each other or not? Although they are mismatched couple, their complicated relationship eventually flourishes into something deeper and it’s adorable to witness. Still, by the end of the series you’re left wondering if they truly become a romantic couple.  

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    Futaba Yoshioka And Kou Mabuchi On Blue Spring Ride

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    In middle school, Futaba knew a boy named Kou. The two shared a deep friendship that ended abruptly one day when Kou disappeared. Futaba was left alone and friendless. When she reached high school, she vowed to make changes in her life to help her make friends. However, she unexpectedly reunites with Kou, who has a very different attitude. Although they had feelings for each other in middle school, they never told each other.

    The series focuses on the pair as they try to reconnect. Futaba becomes disheartened by Kou’s new attitude and struggles to accept him, although she still loves him. However, Kou makes it clear that he no longer feels anything for her. It becomes more frustrating as the two seem to grow closer, only to push each other away. The ups and downs between the pair are exhausting until they finally become a couple.

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    Sawako Kuronuma And Shota Kazehaya On Kimi Ni Todoke (From Me To You)

    Sawako’s appearance makes her classmates think she is malevolent and scary. In reality, however, she is sweet and timid and dreams of having friends. Her life in isolation changes when she meets Shota, the most popular boy in her high school. They quickly become friends and start to have feelings for each other (duh). However, they end up hiding their emotions from one another.

    Sawako’s repeated attempts to show Shota her affection are foiled time and time again, mostly by herself and her lack of courage. She misses opportunities to confess and express her love for Shota (who actually likes her, incidentally), instead she shying away because she’s too nervous. As frustratingly slow as their courtship process is, the two do eventually come together and make a sweet couple.     

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