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Dallas Cast List

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Dallas cast list, including photos of the actors when available. This list includes all of the Dallas main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below. You can various bits of trivia about these Dallas stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is. This cast list of actors from Dallas focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on Dallas that are on here as well.

Items include everything from Morgan Fairchild to Joan Van Ark

If you are wondering, "Who are the actors from Dallas?" or "Who starred on Dallas?" then this list will help you answer those questions.

In most cases you can click on the names of these popular Dallas actors and actresses to find out more information about them. If you're looking for a particular Dallas actor or actress, then type their name into the "search" bar to find them directly.
  • 1

    Annette O'Toole

    Smallville, It
    Annette O'Toole (born April 1, 1952) is an American actress, dancer, and singer-songwriter. ...  more
  • 2

    Anne Francis

    Dallas, Riptide
    Anne Francis (also known as Anne Lloyd Francis; September 16, 1930 – January 2, 2011) was an...  more
  • 3
    Barbara Bel Geddes (October 31, 1922 – August 8, 2005) was an American stage and screen...  more
  • 4

    Barbara Carrera

    Dallas, Centennial
    Barbara Carrera (born Barbara Kingsbury; December 31, 1945) is a Nicaraguan American film and...  more
  • 5

    Barry Jenner

    Dallas, Another World
    Barry Francis Jenner (January 14, 1941 – August 9, 2016) was an American actor....  more
  • 6

    Bert Remsen

    Dallas, It's a Living
    Herbert Birchell "Bert" Remsen (February 25, 1925 – April 22, 1999) was an American actor....  more
  • 7

    Barbara Stock

    Spenser: For Hire
    Barbara Stock (born May 26, 1956) is an American actress, best known for roles as Susan...  more
  • 8

    Brenda Strong

    Desperate Housewives, Dallas
    Brenda Lee Strong (born March 25, 1960) is an American actress. She began her career in...  more
  • 9

    Carlos Bernard

    24, The Young and the Restless
    Carlos Bernard Papierski (born October 12, 1962) is an American actor and director, best known...  more
  • 10

    Charlene Tilton

    Dallas, Dallas
    Charlene L. Tilton (born December 1, 1958) is an American actress and singer. She is best...  more
  • 11

    Dack Rambo

    Dallas, Another World
    Norman Jay Rambo (November 13, 1941 – March 21, 1994), professionally known as Dack Rambo, was...  more
  • 12

    Deborah Rennard

    Deborah Rennard (born November 4, 1959) is an American actress, writer and producer, best...  more
  • 13
    Cathy Podewell (born January 27, 1964) is an American actress best known for playing the role...  more
  • 14

    Derek McGrath

    Dallas, Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats
    Derek McGrath (born July 15, 1951) is a Canadian actor....  more
  • 15

    George Kennedy

    Dallas, Backstairs at the White House
    George Harris Kennedy Jr. (February 18, 1925 – February 28, 2016) was an American actor who...  more
  • 16

    Howard Keel

    Dallas, Let Freedom Ring
    Harry Clifford Keel (April 13, 1919 – November 7, 2004), known professionally as Howard Keel, ...  more
  • 17

    Ian McShane

    Deadwood, Dallas
    Ian David McShane (born 29 September 1942) is an English actor. He is known for his television...  more
  • 18

    Jesse Metcalfe

    Desperate Housewives, Dallas
    Jesse Eden Metcalfe (born December 9, 1978) is an American actor and musician. Metcalfe is...  more
  • 19

    David Wayne

    Ellery Queen, House Calls
    David Wayne (born Wayne James McMeekan, January 30, 1914 – February 9, 1995) was an American...  more
  • 20

    Jim Davis

    Dallas, Stories of the Century
    Jim Davis (born Marlin Davis, August 26, 1909 – April 26, 1981) was an American actor, best...  more
  • 21

    Jordana Brewster

    Dallas, Gigantic
    Jordana Brewster (born April 26, 1980) is an American actress and model. She made her acting...  more
  • 22

    Donna Reed

    Dallas, The Donna Reed Show
    Donna Reed (born Donna Belle Mullenger; January 27, 1921 – January 14, 1986) was an American...  more
  • 23

    Joshua Harris

    Joshua Harris (born November 27, 1978) is an American former child actor, former baseball...  more
  • 24

    Josh Henderson

    Desperate Housewives, Dallas
    Joshua Baret Henderson (born October 25, 1981) is an American actor, model and singer....  more
  • 25

    Julie Gonzalo

    Veronica Mars, Eli Stone
    Julieta Susana "Julie" Gonzalo (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈʝuli ɣonˈsalo]; born September 9,...  more