Eight Is Enough Cast List

Eight Is Enough cast list, including photos of the actors when available. This list includes all of the Eight Is Enough main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below. You can various bits of trivia about these Eight Is Enough stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is. This cast list of actors from Eight Is Enough focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on Eight Is Enough that are on here as well.

Items include everything from Mark Hamill to Jeff Doucette

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  • Adam Rich (born October 12, 1968) is an American actor noted for his role as Nicholas Bradford, the youngest son on the television series Eight Is Enough, which ran for five seasons (1977–1981). A ...more
  • Betty Lynn Buckley (born July 3, 1947) is an American actress and singer. She won the 1983 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role as Grizabella in the original Broadway ...more
  • Connie Needham (born Connie Marie Bowen; December 5, 1959, Anaheim, California) is an American actress and dance instructor. As Connie Newton, she portrayed Elizabeth Bradford on the television ...more
  • Diana Hyland (January 25, 1936 – March 27, 1977) was an American stage, film and television actress.
  • Dianne Kay (born March 29, 1954, Phoenix, Arizona) is an American actress, best known for her role as Nancy Bradford on the ABC television series Eight Is Enough (1977–1981).
  • Richard Vincent Van Patten (December 9, 1928 – June 23, 2015) was an American actor, businessman, and animal welfare advocate, whose career spans seven decades of television. He was best known for ...more
  • Grant Goodeve (born July 6, 1952) is an American actor and television host. He is best known for playing the role of David Bradford, the oldest son, on Eight Is Enough, from 1977 to 1981. He sang the ...more
  • Jennifer Darling (born June 19, 1946) is an American actress and voice actress. Her best-known role on screen was as Peggy Callahan, the secretary to Oscar Goldman in the television series The Six ...more
  • Donald Wayne Johnson (born December 15, 1949) is an American actor, producer, director, singer, and songwriter. He played the role of James "Sonny" Crockett in the 1980s television series Miami Vice, ...more
  • Lani O'Grady (October 2, 1954 – September 25, 2001) was an American actress and talent agent. She is best remembered for her role as Mary Bradford, the eldest sister from Eight Is Enough.
  • Laurie Walters Slade (born Laurie Jean Walters; January 8, 1947, San Francisco, California, United States) is a retired American actress, best known for playing Joanie Bradford on Eight Is Enough, ...more
  • Mark Richard Hamill (; born September 25, 1951) is an American actor, voice actor, and writer. Hamill is known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, which won him the Saturn Award for ...more
  • Ralph George Macchio Jr. (, Italian: [ˈmakkjɔ]; born November 4, 1961) is an American actor, known for his roles as Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, Eugene Martone in Crossroads, Bill ...more
  • Jeff Doucette (born November 25, 1947) is an American television and film actor. Doucette has appeared in over 92 films and television series which include Splash, All The Way, The Dentist 2, ...more
  • Susan Richardson (born March 11, 1952) is a retired American actress, best known for her role as Susan Bradford on the television series Eight Is Enough, which she played from 1977 to 1981.
  • Virginia Vincent is an actress.
  • Willie Aames (born Albert William Upton on July 15, 1960) is an American actor, film and television director, television producer, and screenwriter. He is best known for playing Tommy Bradford, one ...more
  • Kimberly Beck (born January 9, 1956) is a former American actress and model. She is best known for her role as Trish Jarvis in Joseph Zito's Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984). Her other film ...more
  • Brian Patrick Clarke (born August 1, 1952) is an American actor. He has appeared in many television series and features.
  • Marjorie Armstrong Post (November 4, 1950 – August 7, 2021) was an American actress, known for her roles as bail bondswoman Terri Michaels in The Fall Guy on ABC from 1982 to 1985, as public defender ...more