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List of 1990 Fords

List of 1990 Fords, listed alphabetically with photos when available. List contains all the most popular Ford cars made in 1990. There were a lot of great vehicles made in 1990, especially by Ford. If you're sick of slimy salesmen at used-car dealerships then use this list to figure out which 1990 Fords you'd want to drive before physically seeing them. You might also be interested in 2007 Chevrolets and 1990 Buicks. Fords have evolved their look since 1990, but it's interesting to see what vintage Fords looked like. This list below has a variety of cars in it, from 2002 Ford Thunderbird to 1968 Ford Mustang.

This list answers the questions, "What cars did Ford make in 1990?" and "What did 1990 Fords look like?"