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Below is a complete 3-2-1 Contact episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual 3-2-1 Contact episodes are listed along with the 3-2-1 Contact episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. 3-2-1 Contact episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Tropics: Working Animals ᅢᄁ¬ツᆲ¬タワ Monkeys and Elephants” and “Shapes: Form and Function” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the 3-2-1 Contact episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

I Have Aids: A Teenager's Story "I Have Aids: A Teenager's Story" is a special 3-2-1 Contact episode that addresses some of the concerns and queries of children that have AIDS.

Crowded/Uncrowded: Human Survival/Controlling Densities Feb 15 1980 - REHASHED FROM PREVIOUS FOUR EPISODES: Lisa rides a hot-air balloon. FILM INSERT: The elephant struggles for survival in Africa. ADDITIONAL: The black hole.

Crowded/Uncrowded: Human Crowding Feb 11 1980 - The workshop welcomes a guest to discuss the human psyche of crowding.Film inserts: Building a skyscraper; the Gui people of Africa do a little minor socializing; New York City life.THE ...more

Light/Dark: Electromagnetic Spectrum Feb 20 1980 - Trini follows the crew that sets up the lighting on a Kiss concert (recorded during their 1979 tour). At the workshop, Trini uses a prism to split white light into the color spectrum. Lisa ...more

Forces and Machines Mar 27 1980 - Hurricane Rufus strikes the workshop. Calmer discussion of the Earth's forces are seen at a circus, in the paths of satellites, and at the Bay of Fundy. The Bloodhound Gang teams up to solve ...more

Order/Disorder: Social Order Apr 02 1980 - Animals keep a semblance of order, whether they are bees in a hive or people in the Kalahari Desert searching for melons. Music and games are also part of social order, as we shall see. The ...more

Growth/Decay: Sex and Seeds Mar 10 1980 - Marc learns about the growth of corn and pigs at the Bakers Akers farm. Trini sits in on an expectant mother's ultrasound. At the Bronx Zoo, Lisa goes on the rounds with a young veterinarian ...more

Big/Small: Volume & Efficiency Feb 28 1980 - At an aquarium, Lisa and Trini learn about volume. Marc and Lisa head out to see a supertanker. Trini stakes her case about oil spills. This includes an extension of Trini's visit to the salt ...more

Noisy/Quiet: Production & Processing of Sound Jan 14 1980 - A sixty-second tease introduces the cast and previews some of their scientific adventures. This is followed by a four-minute film showing the recording of the 3-2-1 Contact theme. (See Quotes.) ...more

Fast/Slow: Rhythms of Nature Jan 29 1980 - Lisa gets some instructions on rhythms from a professional drummer and witnesses the wicked tides at the Bay of Fundy. Trini examines migratory birds. Marc learns about human heartbeats and how ...more

Surfaces: Surface Tension and Bubbles Apr 09 1980 - Lisa rides a hot-air balloon and gets tips from a glassblower on making goblets. A film insert discusses bubbles and how they are used. The Bloodhound Gang is kidnapped in Part One of ...more

Near/Far: Seeing Isn't Always Believing Mar 03 1980 - Lisa and Trini enter an Eames Room to play tricks on Marc. Marc gets an up-close look at things through a scanning electron microscope. The Bloodhound Gang is called on to observe an apparent ...more

Noisy/Quiet: How People & Animals Use Sound Jan 16 1980 - Lisa goes to Hawaii to see how dolphins use sonar. Another segment sees sonar of bats. Trini sees an ultrasound apparatus at work. The Bloodhound Gang finds a wrinkle in The Case of Princess ...more

Fast/Slow: Speed and Racing Feb 07 1980 - Marc and Lisa give Trini a psychological boost prior to Field Day. Lisa checks out a professional motorcycle racer (filmed Oct. 1979). Marc gets a lesson on tennis serves from Arthur Ashe and ...more

Communication: Animal Communication Mar 18 1980 - Trini is still lost in the desert, despite several attempts to get messages across. Marc illustrates his expertise on bugs. He visits a researcher determining how bees communicate. More ...more

Hot/Cold: Heat and Work Jan 24 1980 - Lisa is bitter over her cold. As Marc and Trini try to warm her spirits, Lisa thinks back to her visits with the motorcyclist and the hot-air balloons. The Bloodhound Gang must work quickly to ...more

Light/Dark: Light Sources Feb 22 1980 - Marc proposes to burn a hole through a piece of cardboard using a magnifying glass and the sun. It doesn't harm the cardboard, but Lisa and Trini get the message.REHASHED FROM THE PREVIOUS FOUR ...more

Growth/Decay: Human Growth Mar 11 1980 - Lisa arrives at a hospital to see treatment for a premature baby. Trini and others at Staten Island discuss adolescent changes. ANIMATIONS: Einstein images; Human from conception to birth ...more

Order/Disorder: Regular Patterns Mar 31 1980 - Lisa is looking for a quilt design, which she can't quite place. Trini suggests that Lisa use a computer to create a new quilt design. Marc sees ordinary objects look extraordinary through the ...more

Surfaces: Protection Apr 07 1980 - Clothes are humans' number-one source of protecting the skin. Trini finds out what clothing works best when climbing a mountain. The Bloodhound Gang is confronted with ""The Case of ...more

Food/Fuel: Fueling Machines Feb 07 1980 - True fuel is discussed in this episode, first with the 1980 phenomenon ""gasohol"" and with real gasoline at a motorcycle race. The gasohol segment takes Lisa to a rural ...more

Fast/Slow: Speed Up, Slow Down Jan 28 1980 - Trini and Lisa stage a surprise birthday party for Marc. It revolves around a tape recording which Marc must play at various speeds. Features Harry Blackstone's complex magic acts (with one ...more

Hot/Cold: People's Temperatures Jan 21 1980 - Trini has been standing in the freezing cold, threatening to become almost as sick as Marc. Lisa gives a demonstration on feeling hot and cold. But the biggest surprise comes when Lisa brings in ...more

Forces: A Spectacle of Forces Mar 28 1980 - REHASHED FROM THE PREVIOUS FOUR EPISODES: Roller coaster design; stuntman; orbiting satellites. Also: what forces propel a bicycle.

Near/Far: Space Travel Mar 06 1980 - This program goes to Houston to observe the space shuttle. The Bloodhound Gang has to stop a swindle in ""The Case of the Educated Pig.""

Hot/Cold: How Hot or Cold Can It Get? Jan 23 1980 - Marc and Trini relate temperature to each other as they make ice cream and candied apples respectively. Lisa demonstrates extreme cold temperatures with liquid nitrogen. A ""volcano ...more

Big/Small: Animal Sizes/Scaling Feb 25 1980 - At the Bronx Zoo, Lisa goes on the rounds with a young veterinarian feeding baby animals. Marc visits Miami Seaquarium to see whales trained.Film insert: Leaf-cutter ants; flea circus.ANIMATION: ...more

Communication with Other Species Mar 20 1980 - Trini returns from the desert. She gets in her first segment of the week, visiting the University of Tennessee, where an ape named Chantek learns sign language. Trini also checks out a giant ...more

Near/Far: Mapping and Navigating Over Earth Mar 05 1980 - For the bulk of the show, a guest at the workshop is Willis Brown, a transcontinental pilot who discusses air travel. Trini examines homing pigeons. Marc goes on a sailing adventure.THE ...more

Big/Small: Dinoaurs Feb 27 1980 - Trini is convinced she has discovered a dinosaur bone. A visit to a American Museum of Natural History shows that she actually has the femur of a horse. Also at the museum, a young student ...more

Light/Dark: The Eye Feb 21 1980 - Everyone celebrates Trini's birthday with a piñata. Marc visits a visually-impaired boy navigating around his school and neighborhood. Trini discovers a boy whose vision was ...more

Forces and Motion Mar 24 1980 - Trini becomes concerned when and where a hurricane is projected to strike. Marc visits Six Flags Great America to learn the mechanics and design of roller-coasters and talks to Frisbee-throwing ...more

Surfaces: Shapes and Functions at the Surface Apr 08 1980 - Field locations include cacti in the Arizona desert, a Zamboni, and a scanning electron microscope. The Bloodhound Gang decodes Mr. Bloodhound's whereabouts in ""The Case of the

Food/Fuel: Human Food Feb 05 1980 - Marc illustrates the truth about calories while baking a pizza. A group of school kids at Staten Island learn about nutrition. Lisa's cousin, a lumberjack, visits the workshop to demonstrate the ...more

Light/Dark: Adaptation of Plants/Animals Feb 19 1980 - Lisa, Marc, and Trini all wonder what can be done to recover a plant that had been kept from windows. The Bloodhound Gang cracks ""The Case of the Missing Bloodhound.""

Surfaces: Surface of the Earth Apr 10 1980 - A geologist appears in the workshop for a discussion on the three types of Earth rock. In Hawaii, Lisa sees a volcano and takes a novice surfing lesson. Film insert: Searching for oil; inactive ...more

Near/Far: Mapping and Navigating Near Home Mar 04 1980 - Marc visits a researcher determining how bees communicate. Then, in a segment previously used in Light/Dark: The Eye, Marc watches a visually-impaired boy navigate around his neighborhood.THE ...more

Hot/Cold: Temperatures on Earth/In Space Jan 25 1980 - A solar astronomer explains how the sun produces the seasons. He tells Marc that the sun is closer to Earth in winter than in summer, but the angle of sunlight is far different.REHASHED FROM THE ...more

Crowded/Uncrowded: Down Among the Atoms (Liquids & Solids) Feb 14 1980 - Marc adds too much food coloring to the frosting on a birthday cake for his sister, starting a discussion of molecular density in solids and liquids. The Bloodhound Gang solves ""The ...more

Big/Small: How Big is Big? Feb 29 1980 - REHASHED FROM THE PREVIOUS FOUR EPISODES: Trini is convinced she has discovered a dinosaur bone. A visit to a American Museum of Natural History shows that she actually has the femur of a horse. ...more

Noisy/Quiet: Music Jan 17 1980 - Dizzy Gillespie shows off his jazz talents. Trini checks out the behind-the-scenes work at a Kiss concert. The Bloodhound Gang cracks the Case of Princess Tomorrow.

Growth/Decay: Cycles Upon Cycles Mar 14 1980 - REHASHED FROM THE PREVIOUS FOUR EPISODES: Lisa sees a volcano that is almost ready to erupt. Marc learns about the growth of corn and pigs at the Bakers Akers farm. ANIMATION: One billion years ...more

Fast/Slow: Time and Time Again Feb 01 1980 - REHASHED FROM THE PREVIOUS FOUR EPISODES: Lisa checks out a professional motorcycle racer (filmed Oct. 1979) and witnesses the wicked tides at the Bay of Fundy. A make-up artist transforms Marc ...more

Noisy/Quiet: The Ear Jan 15 1980 - Same 60-second tease as in first episode precedes an invasion of noises into Marc's world. Knowing that ""noise annoys,"" Marc illustrates (with a decibel reader) that loud ...more

Crowded/Uncrowded: Optimum Populations in Nature Feb 12 1980 - A wildlife expert visits the workshop to extoll on the impact humans have had on animals such as the wolf. FILM INSERT: Kudzu takes over parts of the South. The elephant struggles for survival ...more

Hot/Cold: Animal and Plant Adaptations Jan 22 1980 - The desert and polar regions demonstrate how plants and animals react to extreme heat or cold. The Bloodhound Gang unlocks ""The Case of the Secret Message.""

Communication: Machinery of Communication Mar 19 1980 - After two days and contact, Marc sends out the Goodyear Blimp for Trini. Marc visits Bell Laboratories to see a computer that is programmed to speak (intermixed with portion of Human Voice ...more

Growth/Decay: Human Cultures/Land Forms Mar 13 1980 - Lisa sees a volcano that is almost ready to erupt. Marc demonstrates a model volcano. Trini joins a group of young archaeologists uncovering fossils along the Illinois River.ANIMATIONS: The ...more

Order/Disorder: Disordered Apr 03 1980 - Marc, Lisa, and Trini become helter-skelter at the beginning, but they calm down and devise plans. In the process, Lisa finds a pattern for her quilt. On location, Lisa sees a sewage treatment ...more

Communication: Feedback Mar 21 1980 - Trini recounts her attempts to send distress signals from the desert. Lisa and Marc remind her that her messages had to reach somebody for a good response.REHASHED FROM THE PREVIOUS FOUR ...more