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Below is a complete 48 Hours episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual 48 Hours episodes are listed along with the 48 Hours episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. 48 Hours episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “The Girl Next Door” to “Written in Blood.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the 48 Hours episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Six Miracles of Christmas Dec 24 2004 -

Heroes Under Fire Dec 03 1999 - Heros Under Fire is a Peabody award-winning episode of the documentary series 48 Hours.

Abortion Battle Jan 01 1988 - Abortion Battle is a news report of 48 Hours program. It won a Peabody Award in 1988.

On Runaway Street Jan 01 1988 - On Runaway Street is a news report of 48 Hours program. It won a Peabody Award in 1988.

All in the Family Dec 21 2001 - 48 Hours presents a several remarkable stories of family love and devotion. A Family That Plays Together: How did a 5-year-old piano prodigy end up living in a trailer in rural Maine? Meet Noah ...more

Blood Feud Apr 09 2005 - Nancy Seaman, a suburban Detroit elementary school teacher, killed her husband, Bob, with a hatchet in May 2004. Nancy says she killed him in self-defense and that she had been abused for more ...more

A Prescription For Murder? Apr 16 2005 - Chris Pittman shot his grandparents, Joe and Joy Pittman, at close range and then set their house on fire. According to family members, Chris, a well-mannered and shy 12-year-old, who lived with ...more

Who Killed Stephanie Crowe? Oct 16 2004 -

The Kennedys: Privilege and Pressure Dec 25 2004 -

The Man Who Knew Too Much Apr 30 2005 - American journalist Paul Klebnikov was shot nine times on July 9, 2004 in a contract killing as he left Forbes magazine's Moscow headquarters. Klebnikov, as editor-in-chief, wanted to expose the ...more

Written in Blood Sep 25 2004 -

Prime Suspects Mar 12 2005 - Will new witnesses convince a judge to grant a new trial to Marty Tankleff, who was convicted of murdering his parents in 1988? Now 33, Tankleff was 17 when he was accused of killing Seymour and ...more

Terror at the Morgue Apr 23 2005 - Dr. O.C. Smith, a popular medical examiner in Memphis, Tenn., was apparently attacked on June 1, 2002, as he was leaving work. He was found wrapped head-to-toe in barbed wire with a bomb ...more

American Taboo Oct 23 2004 -

The Mystery of Robert Durst Sep 08 2004 - For seven weeks last year, in the Texas port city of Galveston, Texas, one of the wealthiest men in America was standing trial for the bizarre murder of an elderly man. Robert Durst, 60, and ...more

The Ghosts of El Segundo Oct 02 2004 - In July 1957 two young police officers on a routine traffic stop in El Segundo, Calif., a Los Angeles suburb, were gunned down and murdered by a man who the police did not know had just ...more

Oct 09 2004 - In the high desert, on the Rockies western slope, the Mesas tower over the town of Grand Junction, Colo., protected from the outside world. But on June 4, 2002, Grand Junction saw the unearthing ...more

The Canal Street Brothel; On the Verge of a Verdict Oct 30 2004 - Amber Frey's father, Ron, tells CBS News that for four weeks, Scott Peterson "was the greatest thing that ever happened" in his daughter's life. Contributor Maureen Maher and ...more

Right to Kill Nov 06 2004 - Cherry Hammock says she had no choice but to shoot her husband, Jay. "The reason I pulled the trigger is because he was coming after me," says Hammock, who believes she would have been ...more

Black Dahlia Confidential Nov 27 2004 - 48 HOURS MYSTERY has new clues in Los Angeles' most famous unsolved murder, the 57-year-old Black Dahlia case. The brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, a young, beautiful, struggling actress whose ...more

Eye of the Beholder Nov 20 2004 - It happened in the summer of 2002 during a wild July 4th weekend of partying in the wealthy community of Newport Beach, Calif. When it was over, three teenage boys would be accused of rape and ...more

The Alibi Dec 04 2004 -

A Shot in the Dark Jan 08 2005 - Dr. Richard Illes, a successful heart surgeon, and his wife, Miriam, a homemaker and mother to their young son, were a prominent couple in their small community of Williamsport, Pa. Then, on ...more

Two Wigs, a Gun and a Murder May 21 2005 - When Fred Jablin, a beloved Richmond University professor and devoted father, goes out to retrieve the morning newspaper on Oct. 30, 2004 and is gunned down in his driveway, his ex-wife, Piper ...more

Secrets From the Grave May 07 2005 - Described as a gentle, caring man, Bill Flint was an electrical engineer near Houston, Texas, who spent his life cheating death: he was shot, the bullet passing through his neck; then a hit man ...more

A Question of Murder Mar 26 2005 - John Maloney, a Green Bay, Wis. police officer, was convicted of murdering his estranged wife, Sandy, in 1999, though he has always maintained his innocence. But after Maloney's conviction, the ...more

Jeffrey MacDonald: Time for Truth Nov 05 2005 - During the early morning hours of Feb. 17, 1970, the wife and two children of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald were brutally murdered in the family's home at Fort Bragg. The case gained national attention, ...more

Sex, Lies and the Doctor's Wife Nov 12 2005 - Karen Tipton was in the prime of her life when she was brutally attacked and murdered in her home in Decatur, Ala., in 1999. Tipton's husband, a prominent doctor, was soon ruled out as a ...more

Nightmare in Napa Nov 19 2005 - There was a time when a house on Dorset Street, not far from downtown Napa, felt like the perfect place to live. As correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports, Arlene Allen's daughter Adriane lived in ...more

Deadly Ride Nov 26 2005 - Jane Mixer was a law student, remembered as being brilliant and passionate. In 1969, she was murdered, her body left in a remote cemetery. For years, some suspected she was the victim of a ...more

Love, Lies, Murder Dec 10 2005 - Janet Levine March had a seemingly-perfect life at the time she disappeared in August 1996. Married to a successful lawyer, this mother of two had a flourishing art career and lived in a dream ...more

The Rhoads Murders Dec 17 2005 -

The Mystery of Christmas Dec 20 2005 - It's one of the most powerful and beautiful stories in all of Western culture: the son of God, born of a virgin in a manger in Bethlehem, his coming announced by angels, celebrated by shepherds ...more

The Other Woman Dec 31 2005 - A prominent Mississippi heart surgeon dies under mysterious circumstances. In the sleepy Bible Belt town of Hattiesburg, what happened to Dr. David Stephens turned out to be the stuff that ...more

The Phone Call Jan 21 2006 - Shannon Melendi was a 19-year-old college sophomore at Emory University when she disappeared without a trace on March 26, 1994. Shannon's parents immediately told police their daughter had been ...more

Rage on the Run Jan 28 2006 - In 1995, a bodybuilder who sold steroids and was involved in a love triangle in Fort Myers was gunned down inside his home. Police eyed an associate of the victim as a suspect but he disappeared ...more

A Mind for Murder Feb 11 2006 - When they talk about Carmin, the oldest of their four daughters, Danny and Judy Ross are never at a loss for words. "She's bubbly, she's fun to be around. She makes the room warm. She's the ...more

Dream Killer Feb 18 2006 - For two years, police investigated the brutal 2001 Halloween night slaying of newspaper editor Kent Heitholt in Columbia, Mo. They had no viable suspects and the victim's family had come to ...more

The Highest Stakes Mar 04 2006 - Christie Wilson was 27 years old when she disappeared without a trace after a night of gambling at a California casino. Investigators combed through the countryside trying to find the young ...more

Texas Confidential Mar 11 2006 - Doris and Bob Angleton lived in an upscale Houston neighborhood, raising their twin daughters and leading, on the surface at least, a perfect life. But there was trouble brewing and the family ...more

Natalee Holloway: New Clues in Paradise Mar 25 2006 - Deputy of Police Gerold Dompig, Arubas lead investigator into Natalee Holloway disapearance believes that the young Alabama woman was not murdered but died from possible alcohol and drug related ...more

Love Lost Apr 08 2006 - George Smith and his bride, Jennifer Hagel Smith, were married last summer in a picture-perfect wedding and soon thereafter embarked on what was supposed to be a dreamy honeymoon cruise on the ...more

Apr 15 2006 - A young husband killed in his bed. His wife hysterical about the home invasion robbery gone bad that changed her life.

Marilyn Monroe Mystery Apr 22 2006 - On August 4, 1962, John F. Kennedy was president and the stunning news out of Hollywood was that superstar Marilyn Monroe had apparently taken her own life. But was that the whole story? 48 ...more

Deadly Proposal Apr 29 2006 - Stephanie Pepper Sims was a college professor in the prime of her life when she suddenly vanished without a trace in early 2003. Estranged from her husband, Stephanie had moved in with a lover. ...more

The Last Dance May 06 2006 - In July 2002, 18-year-old Catherine Woods left her home in Columbus, Ohio, to find fame in the footlights of Broadway. But three and a half years later, Catherine tragically made her name in New ...more

Cheatin' Heart May 13 2006 - Randy Hardison was on the verge of stardom when he started to make some beautiful music with a newcomer to the Nashville scene. Six months later, he was dead.

Duty, Death and Dishonor May 20 2006 - At age 19, Richard Davis joined the military, following in his parent's footsteps. After serving in Bosnia, Richard re-enlisted and found himself at the forefront of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. ...more

The Pretender May 27 2006 - In 2001, Finkel was a prize-winning feature writer for the New York Times. He had a gorgeous home in Bozeman, Mont., and a beautiful, intelligent girlfriend who had moved all the way from ...more

Strange and Twisted Charlie Brandt May 30 2006 -