Full List of 6teen Episodes

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Below is a complete 6teen episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual 6teen episodes are listed along with the 6teen episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. 6teen episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Take This Job and Squeeze It” to “Bicker Me Not” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the 6teen episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Snow Job Dec 21 2006
(Between second and third seasons) The biggest snowstorm of the year occurs only three days before the biggest dance of the year, and the gang uses the free time to work out important issues at ...more
Dude of the Living Dead Oct 24 2005
(Between first and second seasons) Jude and his friends are attacked by zombies, who quickly spread the infection (whose original host is unknown) by inflicting superficial flesh wounds. In the ...more
The Big Sickie Nov 14 2004
Work pressures are getting to the gang and everyone is dying for a day off. After scoring a job at the mall's indoor amusement park, Jonesy comes up with way to get rid of all their blues - he ...more
The Slow And Even-Tempered Nov 21 2004
Jen's going for her driver license and Jude, the only one with a valid permit to drive, is giving her some tips. At first she's timid, she's worse than an old lady driver...but after training at ...more
A Lime Party Nov 28 2004
Christmas at the mall sucks: Line ups, impatient customers, and last-minute shopping is enough to drive anyone crazy. Caitlin tries to get the rest of the gang into the Christmas spirit and ...more
The Sushi Connection Dec 05 2004
When Jen finally gets Caitlin a date with Kyle, the hot guy she's been crushing on, Caitlin has GOT to find the ""perfect outfit"". He always sees her in her dorky lemon hat ...more
The Five Finger Discount Dec 19 2004
Jen is shocked when the gang reveals that they all ""skim little"" off the top at work. A free drink here, free demo CD there... aren't they terrified that they'll get fired? ...more
Breaking Up With The Boss' Son Dec 26 2004
Jen falls instantly in love with Coach Halder's son Corey, who has just started working at The Penalty Box. She goes on a date with him, only to find that's he's horrifyingly similar to his dad. ...more
Employee Of The Month Jan 02 2005
Nikki's manager of the Khaki Store is feed up with her attitude, so thanks to a suggestion from Jonsey, she uses reverse psychology on Nikki and made her become Employee of the Month. And Jonesy ...more
Idol Time At The Mall Jan 09 2005
Star Contest comes to the mall, and when Wyatt performs his original song about how awesome his friends are, he wins the regional finals. He gets his big break opening for Utility Pole, but the ...more
The Fake Date Jan 16 2005
The Penalty Box staff party is coming up and Jen has a crush a new worker. When she fails to get his attentions, Jen turns to her friends for help. The plan? Jen'll find a person to be her date ...more
The Girls in the Band Feb 13 2005
Caitlin and Jen are beside themselves - Dog Toy, the COOLEST boy band EVER, are coming to the mall to shoot their next live video and they're auditioning local kids to put one lucky fan in the ...more
Mr. Nice Guy Feb 20 2005
Wyatt is so nice all the time, so when Jonsey gets him stuck with a double-date, both females are attracted to Wyatt. Jonsey is fed up, and pledges to be as nice as Wyatt. Meanwhile, Catlin ...more
Clonesy Mar 06 2005
OK, So Nikki and Jonesy have had a Love-hate relationship since the beginning of the show, and Jude talks to Jonesy to ask if he actually LIKES Nikki. And so Jonesy admits that he likes Nikki. ...more
Stupid Over Cupid Mar 20 2005
Wyatt asks Serena out for Valentines Day and makes tons of traditionally romantic plans for the big night - flowers, candy, reservations - the works,. But when he overhears Serena talking about ...more
The Khaki Girl Apr 10 2005
Every year Caitlin is chosen in a contest to represent The Khaki Barn and win a free wardrobe. This year, her longtime ""frienemy"" Tricia is NOT going to let it happen so ...more
The (Almost) Graduate Apr 17 2005
Wyatt has taken Serena out on a few dates now, but their ""relationship"" is yet to be defined, and Wyatt finally gets up the courage to ask her if she'd like to be his ...more
The Swami May 08 2005
Jonesy becomes the manager of a guru. When the guru is unable to come to the mall for his speech, Jonesy gets Jude to take his place. Jude gives people his ridiculous advice, leading to ...more
Bring It On Apr 24 2005
When Jonsey starts working at The Penalty Box and doing a much better job at sales than Jen, Jen is furious. The two start competing for commissions and the customers become the spoils of war. ...more
Cecil B. Delusioned May 15 2005
Jonsey's new gig as the production assistant for local cable access isn't moving his new ""film career"" forward as quickly as possible, so he decides to film his own, ...more
The Birthday Boy May 29 2005
Wyatt's sixteenth birthday has arrived and no one could be less trilled than Wyatt. Thanks to his family's twisted party themes he hates birthday parties and wishes his friends would just let ...more
Enter The Dragon Jun 05 2005
The guys have a bit of a shock when all three girls' cycles synch up and they all start behaving - well - differently. In fact at first the girls are confused too - Caitlin's snappish, Nikki's ...more
One Quiet Day Jun 19 2005
The gang is in agreement - Jen is always butting into everyone else's business. In fact, they’re convinced that it is physically impossible for Jen to keep her opinions to herself for 24 ...more
It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! Jun 22 2005
Jen's hotter and more popular older sister Courtney comes to town, and the entire gang abandons Jen, with the guys astonished by Courtney's looks, and girls loving to listen about her life, ...more
The One with the Text Message Jun 29 2005
The Big Dance is coming up and everyone is desperately looking for dates.... everyone except for Wyatt. Wyatt is head over heels in love with Serena. So in love, in fact, that he doesn't care if ...more