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Below is a complete 'Allo 'Allo! episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual 'Allo 'Allo! episodes are listed along with the 'Allo 'Allo! episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. 'Allo 'Allo! episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Christmas Special - The Gateau from the Chateau” and “The Execution.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the 'Allo 'Allo! episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Christmas Special - The Gateau from the Chateau Dec 26 1985 - The airmen's escape is thwarted by Nazi gunfire, and the air balloon crashes into Madame Fanny's bedroom. General Von Klinkerhoffen takes command of Nouvion and orders Colonel Von Strohm to woo ...more

The Return of 'Allo 'Allo! Apr 28 2007 - A one-off special. René is writing his memoirs and needs help to fill in the "big gaps". Features some of the original cast reprising their roles; inter-worked with a ...more

Christmas Special - A Bun in the Oven Dec 24 1991 - Two years have passed. The airmen have finally escaped to England and Captain Bertorelli and his Italian troops have gone home. René thinks life is now relatively peaceful. Then Yvette ...more

The Best of 'Allo 'Allo! Aug 14 1994 - René and Edith are in the Alps celebrating Edith's birthday. As they drink champagne and eat cake they start to reminisce about the WWII days, and we are shown several clips with ...more

Pretty Maids All In A Row Jan 02 1987 - After the plot to get the two British airmen out failed, a frustrated René returns to the painting of the Fallen Madonna. He hides it behind an ugly painting in his café which is ...more

The Great Un-Escape Jan 09 1987 - While the Captain is sitting in the café, herr Flick from the Gestapo is listening when René is talking to London on the wireless. He soon cracks the code surrounding the message ...more

Flight of Fancy Dec 26 1986 - With René again in the possession of the sausage containing the painting of the Fallen Madonna, the attention turns to getting the two British airmen out of France. Michelle proposes a ...more

Gruber Does Some Mincing Dec 12 1986 - The sausage containing the painting of the Fallen Madonna, which was taken by Lieutenant Gruber´s dog, is minced by the Lieutenant - but fortunally he discovers it first and saves it. At ...more

The Sausage In the Wardrobe Dec 19 1986 - After Maria is sent to Lieutenant Gruber with the sausage containing the real painting of the Fallen Madonna for copying, she is caught by General von Klinckerhofen, who places the sausage in ...more

The Nicked Knockwurst Dec 05 1986 - After the Colonel makes René promise not to hang out with the Résistance anymore, Herr Flick´s sausage (containing the forgery of the Fallen Madonna) is kidnapped by the ...more

Red Nick's Colonel Oct 19 1984 - René tries to go back to his normal life after his fake execution, posing as his twin brother, also named René, but the funeral arrangements are difficult when there is no body, ...more

Pigeon Post Sep 21 1984 - The Colonel & the Captain mull over their situation and decide they should probably hand over René and the painting to the Gestapo in order to get rid of Herr Flick. But René ...more

Saville Row To The Rescue Sep 28 1984 - After the Colonel´s and the Captain´s uniforms are borrowed by the British airmen, and later burned, they will have to send for replacement uniforms. Supplied by Michelle are carrier ...more

The British 'ave Come (The Fallen Madonna) Sep 14 1984 - Rene Artois, owner of the Cafe Rene in the French village of Nouvion, is 'persuaded' by the Resistance to hide two escaping British airmen. Rene is more interested in having affairs with his two ...more

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The Execution Oct 05 1984 - The Colonel & the Captain and Herr Flick are all disguised as onion sellers while the German uniforms are being remade by the Jewish tailors of London. Michelle delivers a bottle of ...more

The Funeral Oct 12 1984 - Hans mistakes the nitro for gin and accidentally blows up the railway himself! The Germans capture René, Yvette, and the peasant-disguised Colonel and Captain. As Helga, LeClerc, and ...more

The Dance of the Hitler Youth Oct 26 1984 - The communist résistance wants to make a martyr out of the dead René, and kidnaps the Colonel and the Captain at the Captain's birthday party. To make matters worse, they offer ...more

Swiftly and With Style Nov 11 1985 - After failing to destroying the train which will take the copy of the painting of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies to Hitler, René and the Captain are captured by the ...more

The Duel Nov 18 1985 - René tries to hide from the seconds of Monsieur Alphonse, the undertaker, but in his stead Lieutenant Gruber accepts the duel. However, the Colonel and the Captain want to save ...more

The Wooing of Widow Artois Oct 28 1985 - René is caught in a dilemma when he must choose between the women he loves: his waitresses Yvette and Marie, and his wife Edith, who as his widow has all his money. Unfortunately he ...more

Six Big Boobies Oct 21 1985 - After the British airmen are gone for good - or so René thinks - there is still the problem of Herr Flick owning all three copies of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies (one original ...more

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The Policeman Cometh Nov 04 1985 - We pick up the action mere moments after the close of the previous episode, as the airmen-filled cow narrowly escape being milked by a German patrol while awaiting the landing of the plane. As ...more

Herr Flick's Revenge Nov 25 1985 - After René ran away from the duel with Monsieur Alphonse, he hides. He´s rescued by Michelle from the Résistance who smuggles him back into the café dressed as a ...more

The Gateau From The Chateau Dec 26 1985

The Jet-Propelled Mother-In-Law Dec 12 1987 - The Germans arrest René, and the Colonel demands an explanation for the knockwursts with explosives in them. After a small lie, René is sent home with around a dozen knockwursts to ...more

The Sausage In the Trousers Dec 05 1987 - There is still no batteries for the wireless radio underneath the bed of René´s mother in law, so Michelle´s newest hairbrained scheme is to have René and Yvette ...more

The Flying Nun Nov 28 1987 - The Gestapo suspects that the Colonel and the General are in on a plot to assassinate Hitler, so Herr Flick goes undercover as Private Irma Von Kinkenrotten and plants a somewhat bizarre ...more

Good Staff Are Hard To Find Nov 21 1987 - Since Maria´s disappearence, the café needs another waitress, but René and Edith has somewhat different ideas about who should fill the positition, but finally Michelle from ...more

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Prisoners Of War Nov 07 1987 - Having been trapped in the POW camp, Rene is enlisted in the plan to re-dig the tunnel, by getting rid of the dirt. Hans and the Colonel are playing cricket, though not very well, and Herr Flick ...more

Camp Dance Nov 14 1987 - Dressed as girls from the Foliés Bergeres, the entire gang (the staff and the Germans) escape from the prisoner of war camp, and completely against plans bring the two British airmen with ...more

A Marriage of Inconvenience Oct 08 1988 - René's wedding to Denise is due shortly and he is not too happy about it. Edith has hatched a plan, which requires Michelle and her girls to kidnap Denise. Then, Edith can take her place ...more

The Geneva Express Jan 28 1989 - The Résistance blows up the train using some of the exploding Christmas puddings. Everyone makes their way back to Nouvion. René still has General Von Klinkerhoffen's gold. The ...more

Enigma Feb 04 1989 - General von Klinkerhoffen has recovered most of his gold from Gruber's tank. René still has four bars, which he melts down and makes into a new weight for the cuckoo clock in the ...more

The Camera In the Potato Sep 10 1988 - Starting off in women´s underwear in the dungeons of the General´s castle, René is rescued by Lieutenant Gruber, and comes back just in time to be briefed by Michelle from the ...more

The Rescue of Frau Kinkenrotten Sep 03 1988 - Herr Flick is still held in the dungeons, and if he cracks he can divulge that the painting of the Fallen Madonna have been copied. That´s why he must be rescued by Helga, von Smallhousen, ...more

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Leclerc Against the Wall Dec 31 1988 - Herr Flick plans to have Monsieur Le Clerc executed unless the Gestapo money is returned. Unfortunately, the money was hidden in the oven at the café until Fanny decided to do some ...more

The Big Flush Feb 18 1989 - The Enigma machine is to be smuggled to England in the midget submarine. René is told to put the machine into a wine barrel and drop it into the sewer. At a certain time, everyone in ...more

Parade of Prams Nov 19 1988 - Luckily for René, the German Generals end up in Berlin rather than England. Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber tell René that he must recover the paintings from the Communist ...more

The Long Distance Duck Oct 22 1988 - René, having been dumped out of the Communist truck, reports to the girls that Denise has vowed to kill them all, so Edith starts hiding in various disguises. Helga reports to Von Strohm ...more

Criminal Developments Sep 17 1988 - The show opens during the air raid which ended last episode - Rene is running back to the Cafe, and Von Klinkerhoffen, Von Strohm, and Bertorelli are all hiding under their desks. Herr Flick ...more

The Reluctant Millionaires Dec 03 1988 - It's revealed that the money which René and his staff stole from the bank is forged and belongs to the Gestapo. Mimi and the Germans have managed to escape. Denise and Louise of the ...more

The Exploding Bedpan Dec 17 1988 - Monsieur Alphonse is being interrogated by the Gestapo about the forged money. Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber are afraid that they'll be implicated in the theft of the money, so they ...more

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A Duck for Launch Dec 10 1988 - Herr Flick's uncle, Heinrich Himmler, orders him to recover the forged money which René and company stole from the bank. Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen disguise themselves as fishmongers ...more

Land Mines for London Jan 14 1989 - Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen are hiding inside the landmines. The Germans recover the mines, take them back to the airbase. Later they're loaded into a plane and dropped over England, with ...more

Flight to Geneva Jan 21 1989 - The latest escape plan for the British airmen involves them sitting astride a midget submarine wearing diving helmets. René plans to elope with Yvette and the paintings. Before he can ...more

Otherwise Engaged Oct 01 1988 - Denise, the head of the Communist Résistance, who was René´s sweetheart in his childhood in Nancy, and who´s now determined to marry René. Meanwhile, Edith and ...more

Pudding Can Go Off Jan 07 1989 - The explosive from the landmines is delivered to the Café René, disguised as 500 Christmas puddings. The airmen are busy practising unscrewing the covers of the landmines from ...more

No Hiding Place Oct 15 1988 - Denise Laroque escapes from the mineshaft and leads her Communist Resistance fighters in an attack on the Cafe René. The staff pretend that René is dead so that he can go into ...more

RenĂ© - Under an Assumed Nose Nov 05 1988 - The long distance duck is recovered. It was only stunned when Captain Bertorelli shot it. The photograph René took of the invasion map was useless. He decides to leave the ...more

The Confusion of the Generals Nov 12 1988 - The Germans now suspect the French General of trying to poison the German Generals, so Rene is reprieved. Herr Flick is in traction after being blown up when Rene's false nose exploded. General ...more