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Below is a complete A Different World episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual A Different World episodes are listed along with the A Different World episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. A Different World episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “The Show Must Go On” to “Pilot.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the A Different World episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Faith, Hope and Charity: Part 1

Faith, Hope and Charity: Part 2

Reconcilable Differences Sep 24 1987 - Denise Huxtable begins her sophomore year at Hillman and moves into Gilbert Hall. She meets her roommate, Jaleesa Vinson, a 26-year-old divorcée who is the subject of much rumor and ...more

Pilot Oct 01 1987 - Jaleesa and Denise get a new roommate, talkative transfer student Maggie Lauten. Denise learns that the check for her dorm fees has bounced. To make matters worse, she had also covered Jaleesa's ...more

Porky de Bergerac Oct 15 1987 - Denise and Maggie convince Jaleesa to run for dorm monitor to prevent Whitley from getting the position. As one of her campaign promises, Jaleesa vows to address the dorm's litter problem by ...more

Those Who Can't... Tutor Oct 22 1987 - Dwayne offers to tutor Denise in calculus after she receives a D on a test. Denise believes that it is a scam, but Dwayne turns out to be an excellent tutor. They study for so long that Dwayne ...more

War of the Words Oct 29 1987 - Maggie prepares to debate Whitley on the topic of whether women can balance a career and family life. She is distracted by a surprise visit from her boyfriend, Mike, who stuns her by revealing ...more

Rudy and the Snow Queen Nov 05 1987 - Denise's little sister Rudy comes to visit for the weekend. She surprises Denise by immediately hitting it off with Whitley. When Denise and Rudy find it impossible to sleep in the same bed, ...more

Sometimes You Get the Bear, Sometimes the Bear Gets You Nov 19 1987 - Denise is apprehensive about a visit from her grandfather, as she fears that she cannot live up to his expectations. Jaleesa and Maggie ask Denise to take part in a traditional homecoming prank ...more

If Chosen, I May Not Run Dec 03 1987 - Denise shows potential as a sprinter during P.E. class, and the track coach asks her to come out for the team. Her father is thrilled to have another Huxtable competing for Hillman, as he and ...more

Romancing Mr. Stone Dec 10 1987 - Many of the girls become smitten with Byron Walcott, their handsome new geology professor. Professor Walcott's knowledge and enthusiasm for geology inspire Denise to develop a fascination for ...more

The Gift of the Magi Dec 17 1987 - Millie tells the other dorm residents that Whitley's parents are divorcing. Whitley tries to maintain a positive attitude, and looks forward to spending the holidays with her father in ...more

Does He or Doesn't He? Jan 07 1988 - Dwayne annoys a graduate student with his stupid pick-up lines. She predicts that Dwayne would freak out if a woman actually responded to his advances, and decides to invite him to her ...more

Advise and Descent Jan 14 1988 - Denise volunteers for peer counseling duty during finals week. She proves to be a very good counselor, but uses the job as an excuse to put off a major history paper. Dwayne dislikes the head ...more

The Prime of Miss Lettie Bostic Jan 21 1988 - Jaleesa fills in as resident director after Stevie leaves the university to get married (to Professor Walcott?). The students attend a lecture by Lettie Bostic, a renowned world traveler. Lettie ...more

Wild Child Feb 04 1988 - Denise befriends Cougar, an extremely intelligent and creative student from her philosophy class. Cougar asks Denise to sneak her into the dorm for the night, claiming that her roommate has been ...more

Dr. Cupid Feb 11 1988 - Dwayne tries to use his radio show to get a Valentine's Day date. He invents a dream man named Darrell Walker in the hopes of eliciting attention from the ladies. Although everyone else realizes ...more

The Show Must Go On Feb 18 1988 - Denise and Whitley earn lead roles in Maggie's play, a bizarre (and painfully long) adaptation of the story of Adam and Eve. Denise and Whitley vie for the affections of their leading man, who ...more

Mr. Hillman Feb 25 1988 - Whitley enters the Miss Hillman pageant in order to win the approval of her mother, a former pageant winner whom Whitley can never seem to please. Denise decides to fight the elitism of the ...more

Speech Therapy Mar 10 1988 - Jaleesa panics at the prospect of making a speech in front of her poetry class. The professor takes pity on her and allows her to substitute a paper for the speech, but suggests that she learn ...more

Clair's Last Stand Mar 24 1988 - Maggie and Denise plan a summer vacation in Greece. Denise realizes that her parents may not allow her to go, let alone agree to finance the trip, because of her terrible grades. She plans to ...more

If Only for One Night Apr 28 1988 - During the last week of school, Denise accepts a date with Dwayne. She insists that they are only going out as friends, although her roommates note that Dwayne believes otherwise. Dwayne gets ...more

Come Back, Little Eggby May 05 1988 - As a class assignment, Maggie and Dwayne must care for eggs as if they were children. Maggie becomes extremely wrapped up in the project, and nearly skips her volleyball game because she is ...more

My Dinner With Theo Jul 07 1988 - Denise becomes depressed about her grades. To take her mind of her troubles, she calls her brother Theo and asks him to visit for the weekend. Theo, a high school senior, is considering applying ...more

Dr. War is Hell Oct 06 1988 - As the school year begins, Dwayne faces the prospect of taking a calculus class from Col. Taylor, a tough professor nicknamed ""Dr. War."" He fears that Col. Taylor could ...more

Two Gentlemen of Hillman Oct 13 1988 - Dwayne pairs with irresponsible Ron to write a philosophy paper. Ron refuses to do his share of the work, instead purchasing a ten-year-old paper. Dwayne is furious, particularly because he ...more

Some Enchanted Late Afternoon Oct 27 1988 - Walter asks Jaleesa on a date. She refuses because she is involved in a long-distance relationship. She finally agrees to join him for dinner, with the stipulation that they are just friends. ...more

Dream Lover Nov 03 1988 - During a party celebrating the end of midterms, Dwayne finds himself attracted to Whitley. She agrees to dance with him, but runs out after he grabs her ass. Whitley is disturbed by an erotic ...more

Three Girls Three Nov 10 1988 - Whitley and Jaleesa team up for an audition to sing backup at an upcoming Gladys Knight concert on campus. They ask Angela, an aspiring opera singer, to join them. After Whitley and Jaleesa ...more

If You Like Pilgrim Coladas Nov 17 1988 - Whitley and Kim stay at the dorm for Thanksgiving. Depressed by the thought of Thanksgiving dinner at the Pit, they decide to go out. Kim uses a fake ID to get them into a club. Whitley does not ...more

Dec 01 1988 - Whitley choreographs Gilbert Hall's step routine for a competition during homecoming festivities. She annoys everyone with her pushy attitude, and team captain Jaleesa throws her off the squad ...more

Life With Father Dec 08 1988 - Dwayne believes that he may have found love with his new girlfriend, Suzanne. He reconsiders the relationship when he learns that her father is Col. Taylor. After seeing Dwayne with Suzanne, ...more

All's Fair Dec 15 1988 - Kim begins spending a lot of time in her dorm room with her boyfriend, Robert. Whitley tries to be understanding, and sets up a system to allow the couple some privacy. However, she quickly ...more

Radio Free Hillman Jan 05 1989 - Ron slips Dwayne a bootlegged copy of a new rap album, which he immediately puts on the air. The dean pulls the plug on Dwayne's show because of the explicit content of one of the songs. Dwayne ...more

It Happened One Night Jan 12 1989 - Kim refuses to take calls from Robert, and simply tells her friends that they had a fight. She confesses to Whitley that she may be pregnant. Whitley offers her complete support, and even ...more

I've Got the Muse in Me Jan 26 1989 - Freddie grapples with writer's block as she works on a creative writing assignment. Kim encourages her to take a break and come to a party, which Dwayne and Ron have organized in honor of a ...more

Risky Business Feb 02 1989 - Clair Huxtable attends the Hillman job fair to conduct a seminar on business etiquette. She brings teenage daughter Vanessa and a friend in the hopes of convincing Vanessa to attend Hillman. ...more

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Feb 09 1989 - Dwayne gives Suzanne an expensive ring for Valentine's Day. She returns it to him and asks for some space, which drives him crazy. She later breaks up with him, as she is not ready for a serious ...more

For She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage Feb 23 1989 - Whitley experiences anxiety about a visit from her mother, Marion, who is obsessed with finding her daughter a husband. She criticizes Whitley for paying more attention to academics and ...more

It's Greek to Me Mar 02 1989 - Ron and Dwayne pledge a fraternity. Ron thoroughly enjoys the experience, while Dwayne grows tired of having the ""brothers"" push him around. They convince Whitley to charm ...more

The Thing About Women Mar 09 1989 - Jaleesa accepts a dinner invitation from her ex-husband, Lamar. Walter pretends that he is okay with this, but is secretly jealous. All of the girls fawn over the handsome and suave Lamar when ...more

High Anxiety Mar 16 1989 - Kim becomes overwhelmed by her hectic schedule, as she tries to balance pre-med courses with work and extracurricular activities. She also obsesses over her grades, suffering from nightmares ...more

Take This Job and Love It Mar 23 1989 - Whitley hits Mr. Gaines' car, causing nearly $1000 in damage. She is afraid to ask her father for the money because she fears that he will take her car away. Kim helps her get a job at the Pit ...more

No Means No Mar 30 1989 - Freddie falls for Garth Parks, a handsome and intelligent baseball star. Teammate Dwayne backs out of a date to the dance with Freddie so that she can go with Garth. However, Dwayne is disturbed ...more

Citizen Wayne Apr 27 1989 - Dwayne runs for student council president. Although he has good ideas about scholarships and ways to fund student activities, no one will listen to him. They prefer the approach of his opponent, ...more

There's No Place Like Home May 04 1989 - Dwayne and Ron plan to rent a beautiful apartment for the next school year. They can no longer afford the place after Ron's father cuts back on his allowance because of his slipping grades. They ...more

Sep 21 1989 - Dwayne and Whitley run into each other on a flight back to school. Whitley finds that Dwayne has changed over the summer, as he is dressed in an expensive suit and seems to have matured during ...more

The Heat Is On Oct 12 1989 - Whitley has yet to take a basic math course that is required for graduation. She reluctantly enrolls in Col. Taylor's class, and he tries to help her overcome her fear of the subject. Dwayne and ...more

The Hat Makes the Man Oct 19 1989 - Walter and Jaleesa celebrate the anniversary of their first date, but are distracted by conflicts over dorm discipline. Walter allows a shy male student to let his girlfriend stay overnight ...more

To Have and Have Not Oct 26 1989 - Walter convinces many of the students to volunteer at a community center. Whitley teaches ballet to the children and becomes friends with a young boy named Dion, who claims to be dirt poor. ...more