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Below is a complete A Family At War episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual A Family At War episodes are listed along with the A Family At War episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. A Family At War episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Lines of Battle” and “The Old Order Changeth.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the A Family At War episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

For Strategic Reasons Jun 30 1970 - Excerpts from episodes 2, 3, 4, & 6 showing how Phillip Ashton came to be in Guernsey.

The Gate of the Year May 12 1970 - Margaret is feeling the strain of living with John's Mother, and decides to pop home for the evening, as she has done often in the past. John gets an emergency posting overseas and has two hours ...more

The Summer Before the War May 05 1970 - Margaret is busy evacuating schoolchildren and John is drafted. David now in the Airforce, meets a local girl, Peggy, whom he gets pregnant. Sheila decides she can't bear to have her kids ...more

The End of the Beginning Aug 04 1970 - It is Christmas and their is much dissension in the Ashton family. An incendiary bomb has landed on the roof, revealing amongst the wreckage caused in the bedroom, a copy of Jean's Mothers will, ...more

The War Office Regrets May 26 1970 - The Ashton family is still waiting for news of John Porter. Sheila has taken a job at the Naafi. David come home on a 48-hour leave and Sheila asks him if he knows a girl called Peggy (she has ...more

Apr 28 1970 - June 1939: Margaret Ashton marries John Porter. Gwyn Roberts is in trouble.

The Night They Hit No. 8 Jul 07 1970 - A night of bad air raids on Liverpool - David and Sheila's children can't be found.The local policeman brings a lost boy for the Ashton's to look after. Margaret gives birth to a son.

The Breach in the Dyke May 19 1970 - Tony Briggs agrees to help find a flat for Margaret and her baby. After an argument with Mrs. Porter, Margaret moves back home. John Porter is fighting in France, gets separated from the rest of ...more

One of Ours Jul 14 1970 - David Ashton is the navigator in a Wellington bomber crew in a raid over Germany and the aircraft is hit on the return home. Fred Ashton is angry about Sheila's relationship with Bob O'

Brothers in War Jul 21 1970 - Robert, the youngest son is home from Nautical college. His mother will not be accept that he is now grown up, as this only means he will be called up. Peter Collins meets Freda again and we ...more

The Facts of Life Apr 14 1970 - The episode begins with Edwin and Jean Ashton's wedding anniversary. David Ashton is expecting to be given a job in the printing works, but Sefton promotes his son to manager instead of Edwin, ...more

If It's Got Your Number On It Jul 28 1970 - Freda has to work late, and on the way home meets an Australian airman, Owen Thomas, in a public air raid shelter. She goes out with Owen for a week and is discovered with him one night by her ...more

To Die For Spain Apr 21 1970 - Philip Ashton decides to return to Spain to rejoin his old brigade in the Spanish Civil War, much to the dismay of the rest of his family. After some time in Spain he is wounded and returns

The Other Side of the Hill Nov 11 1970 - The episode begins with the Ashton family celebrating Christmas 1940 and then the New Year. Edwin is offered a manager's job with one of Sefton's business competitors, Dennis Pringle and Sefton ...more

I Can Be Happy, Can't I? Nov 18 1970 -

A Lesson in War Nov 25 1970 -

Is Your Journey Really Necessary? Dec 02 1970 -

Hope Against Hope Dec 16 1970 -

A Time To Be Born Dec 23 1970 -

We Could Be a Lot Worse Off Jan 06 1971 -

Lend Your Loving Arms Jan 13 1971 -

Hazard Jan 20 1971 -

Giving and Taking Jan 27 1971 -

Believed Killed Feb 03 1971 -

Into the Dark Feb 10 1971 -

The Straight and Narrow Feb 17 1971 -

Clash By Night Feb 24 1971 -

Salute the Happy Morn Mar 03 1971 -

I Wanted to be with You Mar 10 1971 -

A Heros' Welcome Dec 30 1970 -

48 Hour Pass Dec 09 1970 -

A Seperate Peace Mar 17 1971 -

The Lucky Ones Oct 06 1971 - Mr Ashton recaps the first year's events and we see the lucky ones that are still left. Barbara is still living at home and is being persued by the hospital heart- throb. David is on 48 hours ...more

For the Duration Oct 13 1971 - John Porter takes up his old job in the Borough Treasurer's Office. He begins to remember what happened to him whilst he was missing in Belgium. Phillip's friend, Gwyn Roberts nearly spills the ...more

The Things You Never Told Me Oct 27 1971 - Before Harry can stop her or warn Margaret, Celia Porter tells her son about the affair his wife had whilst he was missing in Belgium. As a result, many more home truths are told that day.

You Can Choose Your Friends Nov 03 1971 - Sefton wants to sell the works, but has to get the consent of the majority of the shareholders. David, who owes money, asks Sefton to buy his shares, not knowing the situation. The family ...more

Flesh and Blood Nov 10 1971 - Tony wants to marry Barbara, even when he finds out she has a child. Sefton persuades Edwin to visit Tony, to get his vote on selling the works. Barbara's former lover returns to see her and the ...more

Spread a Little Happiness Nov 17 1971 - Freda meets Mrs Mackenzie on the eve of a church garden party and agrees to help out with the festivities. Sefton returns from holiday with a friend, Mrs Down. David goes home and is locked out. ...more

Take It On Trust Nov 24 1971 - Ian MacKenzie's ex wife comes to visit - her second husband has left her and she asks Ian to help her find a job. Freda is very unhappy about her presence and refuses Ian's proposal of marriage. ...more

This Year, Next Year Dec 01 1971 - Margaret tells John that she is not pregnant after all. Harry Porter is depressed, out of work and John tries to persuade Sefton to offer him a job. Sefton offers one to John, but not to his ...more

The Fundamental Things Apply Dec 08 1971 - Freda marries Ian MacKenzie and Tony realises something that he should have known a long time ago.

Thicker Than Water Dec 15 1971 - A friend of Margaret Porter, Marjorie, is trying to get John Porter involved in the Labour Party's work - he eventually succeeds in talking himself into the job of treasurer. Tony Briggs, who is ...more

Breaking Point Dec 22 1971 - David's divorce has now come through and he is waiting to get his last trip of his tour in. He is friendly with Derek Robbins and his wife Jill, and is very concerned when he finds out Jack ...more

The Lost Ones Dec 29 1971 - David has a motorbike accident that will stop him flying again and he and Sheila decide to try to make a go of their marriage again. Derek Robbins is grounded.

The Sensible Thing Jan 05 1972 - Sefton is trying to persuade his family to sell the works in order to put money into the Howells' dubious projects - he succeeds to Edwin's dismay. Howells give David a job. Doris tells Freda ...more

Under New Management Jan 12 1972 - The period - election time 1945 - John Porter is persuaded to help the Labour Party but gets involved with Margaret's friend, Marjorie. David and Sheila move into a new home, but Sheila is still ...more

Coming Home Jan 19 1972 - David and Sheila receive news that Mrs Thomas has died and they go down to Wales to collect the children and bring them back to the new house. Howells give David the sack and at the end of the ...more

A Faint Refrain Jan 26 1972 - Michael Armstrong returns from Germany with a message from Phillip, but John is convinced he has come to see Margaret. Margaret meets Michael's girlfriend, Frances Redmayne and at the end of the ...more

Two Fathers Feb 02 1972 - Mr Ashton visits his son, Phillip's grave in Germany ,and tried to find the cause of his death.

The Old Order Changeth Feb 09 1972 - Sefton has lost most of his money in investment with Howell's dubious property, and Helen and Tony are both planning to leave home. Tony is doing well with the business. John and Margaret have ...more