TV Episodes Full List of A Makeover Story Episodes

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Below is a complete A Makeover Story episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual A Makeover Story episodes are listed along with the A Makeover Story episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. A Makeover Story episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Natural Beauties” and “Strike a Pose.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the A Makeover Story episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Hat Trick Lisa And Kira Lisa and Kira have been best friends for over fifteen years. They are both mothers of three, and describe their look as ""disheveled."" They can't remember the ...more

Irish Twins Rosemary and Theresa Rosemary and Theresa are sisters raised in a traditional Irish-Italian family of 7 children. Rosemary was born exactly one year to the day before her sister, Theresa. She ...more

Beantown Beauties LeAnn and Laurie Sisters, LeAnn and Laurie, are the best of friends. Laurie is a busy sales representative, while LeAnn doubles as a stay at home mom and part-time babysitter for Laurie's ...more

Four Alarm Fiancé Vanessa & Phil Vanessa and Phil met six years ago at the fire department where they both volunteered. Their relationship was strictly platonic until two years ago when they realized they ...more

A Friend In Need Blair & Emanuel Blair and Emanuel have been best friends for over 10 years. Blair is a single mom of a two-year-old daughter, Kieran. Emanuel has been instrumental in helping to raise ...more

Providence Ann Louise & Maria Ann Louise and Maria are not only mother and daughter but also best friends. Juggling careers and family has left them both with little time for themselves. For Ann ...more

Crab Fest Colleen & Sheri Colleen and Sheri have been through every phase of life together. Their friendship started playing with Barbies and now, twenty-five years later, they are raising babies. ...more

Farmers' Daughters Crissy & Jennifer Crissy and Jennifer are sisters, best friends and business partners. They grew up on a farm in rural Ohio, and now own an adoption agency together. This year marks Crissy's ...more

Black Belt Babes Joanne and Susan When Joanne and Susan met at a martial arts class six years ago there was an instant connection. Since then they have become black belts in karate and best friends. They are ...more

Valentine Proposal John Paul & Libby John Paul and Libby were living the wild life and had no interest in getting involved in a serious relationship. That all changed when they met at a local bar and what ...more

Cajun Cats Jessica-Rose & Jennifer Jessica-Rose and Jennifer's friendship has endured its share of tests and trials from continental separation to the death of their closest friend. Now living as ...more

The Year of The Snake Michelle & Jennifer Drawn together by their cultural similarities, best friends Michelle and Jennifer were both raised in traditional Chinese families. This year for the Chinese New Year, ...more

Wet and Wild Catherine & Diana Catherine and Diana spend most of their time in a chlorine-filled pool under the hot sun. They work together as dolphin trainers at a theme park and have become best ...more

Father Daughter Fashion Gerald & Geri Dr. Gerald Harris and his daughter Geri have an extremely close father and daughter relationship. This year Dr. Harris is turning 50 and is starting to experience the ...more

Honor Society Sweethearts Tammy & Debbie Identical twins Tammy and Debbie have done everything exactly alike their whole lives. They dress alike, talk alike, and even have the same major at Kent State University. Now ...more

Texas Teachers Melinda & Carla Friends Melinda and Carla prove that ""you can't judge a book by its cover."" On the outside they appear to be the typical teachers, but underneath their ...more

Desperate in the Desert Tammy & Steve Husband and wife Steve and Tammy Adams consider themselves to be soul mates. This year marks the tenth anniversary of their marriage as well as the long awaited completion of ...more

Habitat Honeys Kate & Mariana Friends, Kate and Mariana, have dedicated a year of their lives building houses for the underprivileged as volunteer workers for Habitat for Humanity. Their days are spent at ...more

Threesome Mary, Becky & Nomi College roommates Mary, Becky and Nomi found each other by chance at McGill University in Montreal. All mechanical engineering majors, the girls have become the best of ...more

Fighting Irish Fashion Lisa & Rebekah Lisa and Rebekah spend most of their time with their nose in a book. They have endured the trials and triumphs of Notre Dame Law School together from orientation to their ...more

Dynamic Duo Jessica & Casey Jessica and Casey are always together and always full of energy. Their fellow ROTC members at University of Pennsylvania have nicknamed them the ""dynamic ...more

Canadian Cousins Caroline & Nancy French-Canadian cousins Caroline and Nancy have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Their shared passion for French culture has brought them closer but has ...more

Boston Buddies Christine & Rose Christine and Rose are unlikely friends. Christine dated Rose's uncle for 8 years and during that time the women became very close. When that relationship ended, Christine ...more

Gala Glamour Cara & Alison Best friends and Jewish scholars, Cara and Alison, believe that it was their fate to meet and become friends. Since moving to Boston a couple of months ago they have ...more

College Cotillian Mikaela & Danielle Mikaela and Danielle were randomly placed together as roommates at University of Maryland four years ago. Since then they have studied together, laughed together, cried ...more