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Below is a complete Adventures from the Book of Virtues episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Adventures from the Book of Virtues episodes are listed along with the Adventures from the Book of Virtues episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Adventures from the Book of Virtues episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Friendship” to “Compassion” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Adventures from the Book of Virtues episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Work Sep 02 1996 - When a violent thunderstorm wrecks Plato's Peak, everyone works together to help pick up and clean the debris except sock who finds no use in helping out so plato tells him the sories of How the ...more

Friendship Oct 04 1996 - Annie's new friend breaks her promise about choosing a partner on a canoe trip. Annie's feeling were very hurt about what her friend did to her. Her friends at Plato's Peak give her three ...more

Compassion Sep 23 1996 - When an immigrate family house gets ruined in a terrible fire,Plato and Aurora tries to persuade Zack into helping.

Respect Oct 18 1996 - When Annie and Zach are rude to a very nice junkyard man who helped them build a go-kart for a race,Plato is concerned and tells stories about respect

Responsibility Sep 16 1996 - Annie agrees to deliver her mother's cakes on her new bike, but when Zack challenges her to a bike race Annie is very tempted,the race leads to her to destroying her mother's cake's and she ...more

Honesty Sep 09 1996 - When Zack breaks his father's camera he lies to escape blame. Meanwhile thre stories he hear at Plato's Peak pushes him to go and tell his dad he broke the camera. The frog prince George ...more

Loyalty Oct 11 1996 - When Zack breaks a very special plaque in overgrown park Zach's elderly friend gets very upset and Zack doesn't understand why.

Courage Sep 30 1996 - When Annie hits a bunch of falls on flat on her face during her track meet, her friends at Plato's Peak offer several stories to help her courage.

Self-Discipline Oct 07 1996 - Zach gets into an argument with his mother when she refuses to give him a bigger allowance,Plato and Aurora tells him about impatience and losing one's temper.

Faith When Annie's very nice neighbor dies, she questions the usefulness of faith.

Selflessness Annie's looking forward to spring vacation until her mother asks her to baby-sit her four-year-old twin cousins for part of her time.

Determination Annie and Zach take on a biking trail determined to finish it before sundown Zach has a bike accident and sprain his ankle.

Gratitude Zach plans to invite alot of classmates to his birthday party,but his parents tell him they can only afford a small party disappointed Zach goes to Plato's Peak.

Honor Zach needs a 90 on his history testto get an A minus to make school honor roll. It looks like he's done until he realized his teacher miscalculated and he acyuall got an 87 so Zach is faced with ...more

Generosity Annie and Zach collect canned goods for the shelter. After Plato realizes that the kids are more worried about being recognized for their politeness than helping the shelter out.

Integrity Annie's handmade weathervanes sell like crazy she cuts a few corners to keep up with demand. But later the weathervanes fallapart,she's confronted by angry customers.

Humility Annie wins the class presidency the power goes straight to her head,stories from Plato and the gang helps her to find the virtue of humility.

Trustworthiness Zach discovers his college football idol is coming to his school,so Zach eagerly volunteers to help out for his arrival. But when asked to clean up the auditorium he wants to back out.

Perserverance Plato discovers Zach and Annie have given up their karate and guitar lessons. Plato takes them for a hike atop Plato's Peak, while up their Zach and Annie find various objects.

Patience Annie volunteers to help a younger schoolmate with math, she grows impatient with him and loses her temple, now Annie wishes she had never volunteered to tutor him.

Leadership Zach first complains about the leadership abilities his team captain has. Later Zach gets elected to be team captain and learns the what it means to be a team leader.

when a cold front moves throuhg Spring Valley Zach and Annie decide to cllect clothes donations from their neighbors. When Annie includes her favorite jacket she later regrets it.

Citizenship Annie's father is called for jury duty so the family vacation is put on hold but Annie doesn't understand why her dad has to postpone the trip.

Diligence Zach decides he wants to be a photographer.Until the school newspaper puts him on a thankless job,with guidance from Plato and Aurora Zach realizes he should be happy with the topic he has.

Wisdom Zach gets accepted to a new school,and he's wondering if he can make any new friends and if things will change between him and Annie. Zach goes to Plato and recap some of his memories with Annie ...more

Honesty Annie promises to pay Zach fifteen dollars to paint the fence but after Zach gets done Annie refuses to pay Zach the whole amount until she hears the story about consequences.

Work When Annie decides to build a motor from scratch she finds out that it is to hard, and she gives up right away.

Moderation Annie's obsession with playing baseball drops her grade. Plato tells her two tells of moderation.

Courage Zach promises to take his dad's film to the film lab but Zach decides to take a hike with Annie first while their hiking they get strandedon a very steep trail.By the time they got out of the ...more

Moderation Zach's excitement about a new show called the kids movie channel interferes with his studies and chores.

Compassion(part 2) This episode is part two of when Annie is thought to be the scrooge in one of her dreams. After she wakes up she learns the true meaning of the Christmas spirit.

Compassion(part 1) When Annie is elected president of drama club her desire to make profit blinds her into seeing the true meaning of Christmas. So when Annie goes to bed she dreams that she is the Scrooge in

Gratitude Annie receives a postcard from a friend who moved to New york. But becomes glum and wishes she could live in New York but a story Plato helps her to feel gratitude.

Annie's snowboarding bravado gets the better of her when she bluffs about going down the most dangerous mountain.

Integrity Zach's embarrassment of a replica piece his dad brought from Egypt Zach thinks that it is to lame and tells people the replica is real.

Friendship When Zach feels threatned by a new comer on his track team Plato tries to tell him the true meaning of friendship.

Self-Discipline Zach's obession with his new video leaves him unprepared and embarrased for a troop camping trip because he didn't read the manual.

Responsibility Annie voluteers to take care of her Aunt and Uncle's garden while they went on vacation. But when she decides to play with her friends than taking care of her responsbility the garden goes to

Perserverance When Zach and Annie have a race on a trail annie is left behind and feels discouraged when she is left behind. So Annie goes up to Plato's Peak and they tell her a few stories of perserverance.