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Below is a complete Adventures in Wonderland episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Adventures in Wonderland episodes are listed along with the Adventures in Wonderland episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Adventures in Wonderland episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “Christmas in Wonderland” to “The Winner Is.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Adventures in Wonderland episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Hair-Raising Magic The Hare accidentally handcuffs the Queen, Alice, and the White Rabbit together.

Wonderland's Mystery The Queen thinks the palace is haunted when she spies a ghost wandering the halls. What's worse, it appears the famished phantom is gobbling up the jelly beans meant for the Royal Jelly-Bean ...more

The Club in Wonderland When Alice is prohibited from joining a Wonderland guys-only club called the Oddballs, she conspires with the Red Queen to fool the lodge brothers into changing their antiquated rules and ...more

Synonym Buns The Mad Hatter perfects a machine which creates cinnamon buns with synonyms written on slips of paper baked right into them. He calls them ""synonym buns.""

Sneeze The Mad Hatter suddenly becomes allergic to his best friend, the March Hare. But the March Hare is determined not to allow the Hatter's sneeze to put the freeze on their friendship.

Mad Hatter's Cousin The Mad Hatter's cousin Hedda Hatter is coming for a visit. Hedda is differently abled, and, when she writes that the only drawback is ""stairs,"" the Wonderland gang thinks ...more

The Vase The White Rabbit breaks one of the Queen's vases, which he assumes is valuable crystal. Rather than tell the Queen what happened, he works nonstop, moonlighting to make enough money to buy a ...more

The Red Queen's Perfect Fit Alice and the White Rabbit were looking through all these boxes of the Queen's shoes looking for a particular pair of pumps. More to Come...

The New Dew After the Mad Hatter sends a bottle of his new shampoo to the Red Queen, he discovers that the shampoo has turned Alice's hair green. The March Hare tries to retrieve the shampoo before the ...more

A tea party for three The doremous runs away.

Rubies and Diamonds The Queen of Spades comes to have tea with the Queen of hearts.

The Tweedles Ryme Tweedle Dum ignores Caterpillar's warnings and eats a dangerous new fruit that can make him stronger, but may also make him very sick. A bellyache results, and Tweedle Dum learns to heed future ...more

Wonderland's Princess When Alice becomes Queen for a day, her royal decisions alienate her Wonderland friends, and she learns that being in charge also carries responsibility.

A show tapin, song dancin, extraordinaire! A traveling salesman enters wonderland and fools all of it's people.

All Smiles A scavenger hunt is taking place in wonderland.

The Catapillars Advice E!.com When all of Wonderland becomes caught up in hare's magic act, laughter is the key that unlocks his trick hand cuffs. A Better plot summary very soon plus my review of the episode.

Noses Off While trying to help Her Majesty come up with an original costume for an upcoming masquerade ball, the Hatter and Hare accidentally attach a ridiculous rubber nose to the Queen's face, then ...more

Pretzelmania aka The Missing-Ring Mystery It appears that the Rabbit has dropped the Queen's diamond ring into the Hatter's new pretzel machine…thereby baking it into one of the 100 pretzels. But which one? The Rabbit's ...more

Helping Hands

A Little Goes A lot Alice accidently puts to much of her sisters perfume on.

The White Robot E!.com: When it's time for the White Rabbit's vacation, the Red Queen discovers a robot is not always perfect. A better plot added soon plus my review of the episode.

Picture Perfect All of Wonderland's residents are alarmed when a mysterious vandal begins defacing every available surface with graffiti. Attempts to catch the vandal fail, but, finally, he turns himself in ...more

The Wonders of Wonderland Alice throws a party in wonderland when she isn't invited to her sister's.

Double your bunny The White Rabbit's identical cousin comes to Wonderland to look at vacation property. But Rabbit is unable to meet his cousin's train, forcing this White Rabbit look-alike to wander Wonderland ...more

Redford the rabbit comes to wonderland When The White Rabbit gets a letter from his brother Robert Redord, who is also a famous movie star. He panics, the reason is that durring one of his letters he told Redford that he was the ...more

Bunny For People

Pop Goes The Easel On the day the Queen's official portrait is to be unveiled, the White Rabbit trips and puts his head through the canvas. Desperate to fix his mistake, Rabbit goes all over Wonderland, in listing ...more

What's wrong with this picture

Techno Bunny With the White Rabbit on vacation, the Queen gets a temporary robot replacement to do his work. The robot is so efficient that it looks as if the White Rabbit may be out of work ...more

The Wonderland Enquirer The Queen, annoyed with dull stories in the Wonderland daily paper, orders the editors (Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee) to print every juicy rumor they hear, whether the stories can be verified or ...more

Tall Tales When Alice lacks the confidence to write a story for a school assignment, she enlists the help of her friends in Wonderland. Thinking that she's gotten them to do her homework for her, she ...more

Batter Up!

The Carpenter and friends

What Makes Rabbit Run To prove how popular she is, the Queen decides to run for office in a Wonderland-wide election. She orders the reluctant White Rabbit to be her opponent, assuming it will just be for ...more

Pizza De Resistance Disgusted with the quality of take-out pizza in Wonderland, the Queen dubs the White Rabbit ""Royal Pizza Chef."" He doesn't want the job, because it will force him to cook ...more

Vanity Hare When the March Hare inadvertently helps the Queen solve her crossword puzzle, she bestows upon him the Smarty Pants Medal. Soon, the Hare gets too high an opinion of his own intelligence, until ...more

Hair'em Scare'em When the Mad Hatter sends a bottle of his new shampoo to the Red Queen, he finds out that it has turned Alice's hair green! The Mad Hatter tries to restore Alice's true hair color while the ...more

On a Roll The Mad Hatter's cousin Hedda Hatter is coming for a visit. Hedda is differently abled, and, when she writes that the only gang thinks she means ""stares,"" so no one will

Job's a Job

Deck the Halls

Wonderlands Gala

Horrible, terrible, Awful


The Switch

Wonderland in the Park

A Vacation or Two

Granny Hare is Coming to town

Detective in Wonderland When the Red Queen's crown disappears, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare set out as private investigators to find it…which they do, underneath the Mad Hatter's

X marks the spot aka Treasures The Mad Hatter finds his great-grandhatter's diary, which contains clues to a hidden treasure. The ensuing treasure hunt leads Wonderland's residents on a merry chase, but eventually the ...more

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