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Below is a complete Adventures of the Black Stallion episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Adventures of the Black Stallion episodes are listed along with the Adventures of the Black Stallion episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Adventures of the Black Stallion episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this poll include “King of the Cowboys” and “The Black Pearl.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Adventures of the Black Stallion episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Where There's a Will Sep 15 1990 - After Henry suffers an angina attack, he announces that he's retiring from the racing business. Leaving Alec to help Henry out of his depression and get him back as his trainer. He succeeds with ...more

Vigil Oct 20 1990 - Alec learns the meaning of tolerance and friendship when Mike, a boy with Down Syndrome befriends him. At first Alec doesn't know how to treat Mike but with the help of Henry, he becomes friends ...more

First Among Equals Sep 22 1990 -

Long Way Home Sep 29 1990 -

Stowaway Oct 27 1990 - Against Henry's wishes, Alec and the Black participate in a promotional event for courier Jericho Express. When Alec is purposely led off the path, he meets up with a young man named Hank, with ...more

A Friend in Need Dec 23 1990 - While Henry visits with his old girlfriend Martha at her farm, Alec spends some time with her asthmatic, mischievious nephew Dennis. When Dennis accidently spooks the Black, he runs away in ...more

Pony Express Ride Nov 10 1990 -

The Big Fix Oct 13 1990 - Henry and Alec meet up with a young track star who's running from his father. Bobby feels that his father doesn't listen to him and doesn't realize that he doesn't just want to run, that he has ...more

Star Quality Oct 06 1990 -

King of the Cowboys Nov 03 1990 -

Killer Dec 30 1990 - When Alec and Henry visit with Henry's old friend and his granddaughter, Alec suspects Jackie is hiding something. When he learns she's an alcoholic, he covers for her and is torn on whether to ...more

Sweet Tooth Dec 09 1990 - When Henry arranges a special race where the Black would race a famous horse named Shooting Magic, Alec is ecstatic. However, things don't go as planned when Henry meets with the rival horse's ...more

The Last Race Nov 17 1990 - While at the Cloverdale Rodeo, Henry and Alec meet a former rodeo champion who's trying to be the best once again after an injury. Johnny King nearly gets himself killed when he attempts to ride ...more

Double Cross Dec 02 1990 - Henry and Alec visit Anne Knight, daughter of Henry's old friend, who now runs the Imperial Stables. One of her horses is running against the Black in an upcoming race and her trainer wants to ...more

Trapped Dec 16 1990 - A sleazy gambler attempts to blackmail Henry into throwing one of the Black's races and when Alec spies them together he grows suspicious of his friend. He questions Henry about it and Henry ...more

Fireworks Nov 25 1990 - When a photographer claims he was attacked by the Black, without cause, Alec is afraid the Black will be destroyed. While distraught Alec takes off with the Black, while the cops try to track ...more

The Black Pearl Jan 06 1991 - When a stranger visits and claims to have been a friend of John Ramsey, Alec's father, no one is suspicious. They should be though, because Smythe was no friend of John's. Smythe in an attempt ...more

The Long Run Jan 13 1991 - Alec resorts to extreme exercise and severe dieting, including diet pills and vomiting, when he thinks he'll be too heavy to jockey the Black soon. With the help of Henry, Belle and Catherine, ...more

Kidnapped Jan 20 1991 - A stablehand helps thieves kidnap the Black and replace him with a lookalike that fools the security guard but not Alec. Alec and Henry desperately try to figure out what happened and when the ...more

The Comeback Jan 27 1991 - Still in France, Alec finally gets the Black back after two weeks in quarantine but the stallion is not his old self. The Black has given up and it's up to Alec to take him out to the country to ...more

The Choice Mar 10 1991 - While lost, Henry sees a glowing ghost-white stallion, but Alec questions this when the two stay at the Neuchatel Chateau.

Black at Heart Feb 03 1991 - Another horse dies painfully in a race, causing Alec to consider not racing The black and accepting a scholarship to a French riding academy.

Heart of Gold Feb 10 1991 -

The Judge Feb 17 1991 -

Found Money Feb 24 1991 -

The Neuchatel Stallion Mar 03 1991 - Alec becomes the target of bank robbers after he discovers stolen francs in an abandoned building, and Catherine mistakenly tells them his whereabouts.

Barn Burner Sep 01 1991 -

Diamonds Sep 15 1991 -

Chateau Sauvage Sep 22 1991 -

Killer Stallion Sep 29 1991 -

Machine Rider Sep 08 1991 -

The Alhambra Zarr Oct 06 1991 -

Almost Home Oct 13 1991 -

Deadliest Bidder Oct 20 1991 -

Blackout Oct 27 1991 -

Detour Nov 03 1991 -

Island Stallion Nov 10 1991 -

Ostracized Nov 17 1991 -

Black Spirit Nov 24 1991 -

Free Will Dec 01 1991 -

Hard Road Home Dec 08 1991 -

The Arkansas Twister Dec 15 1991 -

Fatal Heart Dec 22 1991 -

Ticket to Ride Dec 29 1991 -

Deadwood Kid Jan 05 1992 -

Horse of the Year Jan 12 1992 -

If The Shoe Fits Jan 19 1992 -

Code of Silence Jan 26 1992 -

Black Tide Feb 02 1992 - The Black races against a horse that bears a striking resemblance to him.

Going, Going, Gone! Feb 09 1992 - When Henry accidently buys a stolen horse in an auction, Henry and the Black are banned from racing, pending an investigation. Meanwhile, Alec must put the Black up for auction as bait in order ...more