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Below is a complete Air Gear episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Air Gear episodes are listed along with the Air Gear episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Air Gear episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Trick 15 : I'll Cut Off the Shackle of Thorns!” and “Trick 14 : Collision! The Old & New Sky King's Heir vs. the Old & New Sleeping Forest.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Air Gear episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Black Wings and Sleeping Forest - Break on the Sky - Part I Nov 17 2010 - First episode is based on the 16th volume of the manga. Features Ikki vs. Ringo.

Episode 21.5: Special Trick Mar 21 2007 - Episode 21.5: Takes part a while after Ikki accepts Simcas offer to become the new leader of Genesis. Shows the Battle between Kogarasumaru and Potemkine.

Black Wings and Sleeping Forest - Break on the Sky - Part III Jun 17 2011 -

Black Wings and Sleeping Forest - Break on the Sky - Part II Mar 17 2011 - Second episode is based on the 23rd/24th volume of the manga. Features Kogarasumaru vs. Sleeping Forest inside Inorganic Net.

Trick 1 Apr 04 2006 - This is where it all begins. Ikki gets into a fight with a group of Storm Riders who use ATs. After he loses, Ikki sees the mysterious Simca. After returning home, he curiously takes a pair of ...more

Trick 2 : Screams of the Rez-Boa Dogs Apr 18 2006 - Ikki is in love? Maybe, or maybe it's just uncontrollable hormones. Ringo is worried (madly jealous) and Mikan is leery, but Simca, the object of Ikki's attentions, needs his help. Trying to ...more

Trick 3 : Enter the Night Kings Apr 18 2006 - Following Ikki's victory over the Rez-Boa-Dogs' leader, the Rez-Boa-Dogs decide to disband, with Ikki finally learning what it means to put an emblem on the line. Also Ikki's AT ends up battered ...more

Trick 4 : A Battle for Kazu, Onigiri, and My Pride Apr 25 2006 - Ikki's friends, Onigiri and Kazu, were in the school in search of the Night Kings for a Parts War but they end up in a bit of trouble trying to challenge on their turf. Ikki is forced to take ...more

Trick 5 : My Body, My Heart Is Being Set Aflame May 02 2006 - Ikki and Buccha continue their match but can Ikki win? Or is the experienced Buccha to much for him? With everyone watching, including Ringo and Spitfire, Ikki tries his best to win. Ikki has ...more

Trick 6 : It's A Rematch! I'll Get My Emblem Back! May 09 2006 - It is night and Ikki is out tearing it up around town, while thinking about the 8 Roads to the King, when he runs into someone from an A-Class team "Agito". The Skull Saders are out ...more

Trick 7 : What's Wrong With Rejection? Onigiri, We're Comrades! May 16 2006 - After getting his reward from Buccha, Ikki goes out to practice with Ringo when out of the blue she suggest to him that he should join Simca's team however Ikki set on forming his own group. As ...more

Trick 8 : Defeat Orihara-sensei's Supllementary Exam: Let's Rediscover Ton-chan-sensei's Past May 23 2006 - Ikki, Kazu, and Onigiri are all on the verge of failing middle school and must pass a test written by Masaya Orihara in order to proceed. With the aid of Mari Tomita, the group attempts to steal ...more

Trick 9 : Clash! Buffalo vs. Great White Shark May 30 2006 - Ringo tells Ikki that a Parts War Match is taking place and that it'll be good experience for him to watch a A-Class battle in action.

Trick 10 : Agito, I'll Drag You Up From the Bottom of the Well Jun 06 2006 - Following the events of the previous episode Gonzou and the rest of his Kintetsu Bulls team were single-handedly defeated by Agito. This is only the beginning when out of nowhere the police raid ...more

Trick 11 : Team Kogarasumaru Take-off Jun 20 2006 - After Ikki's confrontation with Akito's brother Kaito, Akito will now be living with and attending the same school as Ikki. With this sorted Ikki is also beginning to sort out his newly formed ...more

Trick 12 : She's Finally Here: The Savior Rider Jun 27 2006 - The newly formed Kogarasumaru has been challenge to their first AT battle, by the Sabel Tigers, with their emblems, parts and pride on the line. With Agito not wanting to take part in this ...more

Trick 13 : What Do You Mean By Icarus' Wings? I'll Show You My Talent, Rika-nee Jul 04 2006 - The team has now achieved their first victory and Ikki is feeling pretty confident about it and is now ready to aim for the top of Trophaeum tower. Several days later Rika returns home to see ...more

Trick 14 : Collision! The Old & New Sky King's Heir vs. the Old & New Sleeping Forest Jul 11 2006 - It is morning and Ikki is already pissed of due to Rika forbidding him from doing anything to do with AT, but without giving a reason why. Rika meets up with an old friend and former Sleeping ...more

Trick 15 : I'll Cut Off the Shackle of Thorns! Jul 18 2006 - With Ikki refusing to give up AT he challenges Rika to a battle, for the right to carry on as a Storm Rider, yet as the battle goes on he seems to be losing.

Trick 16 : Let's Go, Kogarasumaru! Jul 25 2006 - It is night and Agito is carving his own Road into other Storm Riders to boost his team's territory, without Ikki knowing however this night he is approached by the same "mysterious ...more

Trick 17 : The Cube Battle In Hell: Kogarasumaru Evolves Aug 01 2006 - The day has finally arrived; Team Kogarasumaru is up against Team Behemoth in a fearsome cube battle. With hundreds of spectators for the coming battle, all eyes are on them and Kogarasumasu ...more

Trick 18 : Finally A Win Aug 08 2006 - Following Kazu's battle each of the Kogarasumaru are having their own respective battles, against the Behemoths, in separate cubes. Now it's only Ikki's and Agito's battles left and while Ikki ...more

Trick 19 : The Fang's Regalia of Destiny Is Howling! Aug 15 2006 - These 1 on 1 cube battles has suddenly turned into a 2 on 2 cube battle; Ikki and Agito vs. Mitsuru and Akira. Team Kogarasumaru manage to gain the upper hand with their spontaneous tag team ...more

Trick 20 :It's Finally The End Aug 22 2006 - The battle has reached its climax and it will finally be decided with the next move.

Trick 21 : Genesis Strikes! Aug 29 2006 - Team Kogarasumaru has just gained the first major victory and even though battered and bruised they are still in high hopes and full of confidence. The team are now busy searching for a place to ...more

Trick 22 : The Battle For Agito's Documents! Sep 05 2006 - With the activation of Genesis, Ikki's Kogarasumaru is now in control of Gensis which is made up of 350 riders to topple the leaders of Trophaeum tower. The next day it is time for the school ...more

Trick 23 : Genesis's Kansai Division Appears Sep 12 2006 - The guys are on their class field trip to Kyoto however there isn't much time for sightseeing when there are people in Kyoto waiting for Team Kogarasumaru. Due to the team taking Genesis under ...more

Trick 24 : A True Spirit's Battle! Sep 19 2006 - Some of Ikki's friends have been kidnapped to lure him to tridents headquarters because no one can acknowledge him as the new leader of Genesis. To prove himself, Ikki challenges trident to a ...more

Trick 25 : I'm A Genius! Sep 26 2006 - It is time for Ikki's battle with Yosh(i)tsune and hundreds have gathered to watch their battle.