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Below is a complete All Creatures Great and Small episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual All Creatures Great and Small episodes are listed along with the All Creatures Great and Small episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. All Creatures Great and Small episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The Lord God Made Them All (1)” to “Calf Love” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the All Creatures Great and Small episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Dec 25 1985 - Siegfried waxes lyrical about the accelerating rate of scientific progress as James proceeds to plod along with tried and trusted remedies. How long can the practice and the surrounding ...more

Dec 25 1983 - James returns to Darrowby following his wartime service in the R.A.F. Though little has changed in the Dales in the intervening six years, James finds it difficult to adjust to the peacetime ...more

Jul 07 2003 - Dale Winton brings together cast members from popular TV shows of the past, taking them on a trip down memory lane and reliving some of their best and worst moments. He begins by assembling ...more

Nov 24 1990 - Christmas 1955 is fast approaching but the vets are dealing with their usual assortment of diseased animals and entertaining locals. James is particularly proud of Frank Gillard's farm. Gillard ...more

In a documentary profile filmed in 1976, Alf Wight (aka James Herriot) talks about his upbringing in Glasgow, his life in Yorkshire and the burgeoning success of his novels at home and abroad.

Nov 24 1985 - A Visit to the sets and behind the Scenes on all Creatures Great and Small.

Jan 29 1978 - Siegfried has a major victory, and his brother Tristan has to deal with pigs in more ways than one. James discovers he has a rival for Helen's affections.

Mar 19 1978 - As James struggles to save the dairy herd in which a friend has sunk all his savings, he discovers a colleague's guilty secret.

Mar 05 1978 - The sport of kings beckons James and Siegfried to the Broughton Races -- James in search of a dead cert to raise forty pounds for a Mediterranean honeymoon, and Siegfried in pursuit of a dream ...more

Feb 26 1978 - The fortunes of the hard-working Dalby family look set to dwindle even further until almost by accident James discovers the cause of their herd's illness. However, James still needs a push start ...more

Mar 12 1978 - James and Helen's wedding day has finally arrived, though their honeymoon destination couldn't have been further from the Mediterranean. Finally, Siegfried bestows the best wedding present of

Feb 02 1978 - The veterinary practice goes from strength to strength, but James fears he has wrecked his chances with Helen after a disastrous first date. Tristan decides that a blind date is all James needs ...more

Apr 07 1978 - Having failed his exams, Tristan fears his brother's wrath. In a desperate effort to reform, Tristan shuns cigarettes, alcohol and women and adopts a rigorous routine of dawn runs and hard

Jan 08 1978 - Life for a newly qualified vet like James Herriot is not at all easy. He travels all the way to Darrowby, Yorkshire to secure a job, but by the time his prospective employer, Siegfried Farnon, ...more

Apr 14 1978 - Siegfried discovers that a gift given in good faith has brought the deadly foot-and-mouth disease to the dales, and James accidentally hits upon a "sleep cure" for Mrs. Flaxton's

Jan 22 1978 - Sigfried declares that the business is in shambles financially, and his solution is Miss Harbuncle, a meticulous secretary who rules the cash box with an iron hand. Amid a relentless succession ...more

Feb 12 1978 - James musters the courage to visit Helen after she's seen him at his worst. Siegfried resorts to sorcery to aid a gypsy's ailing pony, and a wild ghost chase solves the mystery of the shrouded ...more

Jan 15 1978 - James finds that long hours and rough conditions can make a veterinary work a dog's life, but for some dogs, like Mrs. Pumphrey's Tricki-Wu, have it so well that they can afford to spread the

Feb 19 1978 - James' temper is fraying fast -- what with two car accidents in the space of a week, an inauspicious meeting with Helen's family and his rival still lurking around Helen like a "big glossy

Sep 30 1978 - The return of lambing season brings a boost to Siegfried's spirits, but James, laid up in the surgery, is reminded of the harsher realities of a vet's life.

Nov 25 1978 - Tristan may have finally found the right girl in Alice McTavish. Meanwhile, James struggles to save a dog whose death could trigger the end of the owners' marriage.

Oct 28 1978 - While James struggles to cope with the procrastinations of the Bellerby family, Tristan succumbs to the charms of a millionaire shipbuilder's daughter with a penchant for lobster.

Oct 14 1978 - As the tractor threatens to do away with a way of life in the Dales, James battles to save a dying shire horse.

Oct 07 1978 - Nerves are frayed as Tristan's encounter with an "exploding" bullock leads to a lawsuit, and Siegfried's venture in guinea raising runs foul. Meanwhile, James is sent to assist ...more

Dec 24 1978 - Christmas at Skeldale House can be a formidable undertaking, what with sick foals, overfed dogs and a skeleton guarding Siegfried's secret hoard of goodies.

Sep 23 1978 - The waiting room is packed at the Darrowby practice, but Siegfried seems more focused on catching his hard-drinking brother asleep on the job.

Dec 09 1978 - Siegried turns on the charm to teach Tristan a lesson, while James, busy with calving, finds one farmer's traditional Yorkshire hospitality a bit hard to swallow.

Nov 18 1978 - James becomes suspicious when the Farnon brothers -- usually keen cricketers -- "volunteer" him in their stead for the annual cricket match between Darrowby and Rainby.

Nov 11 1978 - The atmosphere is tense as James prepares to perform groundbreaking surgery. Meanwhile, Siegfried wrestles with a disinterested prize bull, and Tristan's hormones run riot over Darrowby's merry ...more

Dec 02 1978 - James concludes that the drawbacks of a vet's life -- long hours, fierce dogs and a cunning sow named Prudence -- pale in comparison to the rigors of making a speech to the Darrowby Youth Club.

Nov 04 1978 - James gets a taste of the high life when he comes to the aid of a city vet, Granville Bennet, while Siegfried juggles the care of Mr. Wilkinson's awesome "colt" with the fine art of

Dec 16 1978 - Despite Siegfried's insistence that he relax and "cultivate the inner man," James can't shrug off the irritations that often make his professions a dog's life. Siegfried's inner man is ...more

Oct 21 1978 - The Darrowby Show is a much-anticipated event for the whole community, except for the duty vet. This mixed honor falls to James this year.

Oct 07 1989 - When James treats a sick cat, he finds himself in an awkward position with Mrs. Pumphrey and Mrs.Tibbett. These two formidable and mutually ferocious Darrowby matrons compete both in presents ...more

Sep 09 1989 - The romance between Calum Buchanan and Deidre McEwan flourishes. Siegfried has been hoping that the love affair 5 would quiet down but instead it seems to be going full blast. However, the ...more

Oct 21 1989 - Jenny Garston and David Rayner, individually charming farmer and horse-breeder, have been sworn enemies since their earliest school days. When a triple birthday is marred by tragedy it falls to ...more

Nov 18 1989 - Siegfried is perplexed when the usually-caring Grandma Clarke snubs her neighbor, Franco Pedretti, who is the new shepherd on the estate where she is a tenant farmer. It soon becomes apparent ...more

Sep 02 1989 - James meets Basil Courtney, a cowhand for a local farmer. Basil has worked in a circus, been a teacher, has knowledge of art and a nose for good wine! James is intrigued until he discovers that ...more

Nov 04 1989 - An old friend of James and Siegfried, an itinerant raveler called Roddy Travers, arrives in Darrowby. He appears to be stealing instruments from the practice but Siegfried and James are relieved ...more

Sep 23 1989 - Siegfried visits a farm to treat a sick cat and pulls off a brilliant piece of human diagnosis at the same time. He also gets an unexpected visit from the puritan Mr. Hopps -- who does not have ...more

Oct 28 1989 - James is persuaded to play for the "Gentlemen's" team in the annual village cricket match. The village players are to be captained by he young, and already legendary, Freddie Trueman. ...more

Sep 16 1989 - Deidre and Calum are busy planning their wedding. Deidre discusses her future with Helen, who hopes the couple will stay in Darrowby. However, Calum gets offered a job in Nova Scotia. Siegfried, ...more

Sep 30 1989 - James meets a pair of elderly twins. Oliver and Roland Strong, rabbit breeder and prize cabbage-grower respectively, have divided the cottage left to them by their mother and have not spoken to ...more

Oct 14 1989 - When Lady Hulton's cat falls ill, Siegfried embarks, with typical zeal, on updating the practice to cater for such refined clients. Lady Hulton, however, catches him out at every turn. James' ...more

Nov 11 1989 - Siegfried insists on singing the praises of his new time- management system, a personal diary, much to the annoyance of James. James is particularly put out by Siegfried's successful ...more

Sep 22 1990 - Tragedy strikes Bill Shadwell when his herd of dairy shorthorns contracts Johne's disease. As Shadwell approaches retirement, his son is keen to move into more profitable Friesian dairy cattle ...more

Nov 03 1990 - Siegfried takes a close friend to task for wasting his own talents as a veterinary surgeon. Ewan Ross -- "the best horse man north of the Humber" has let his career slide gently into ...more

Sep 15 1990 - Tristan's heart is all a flutter because of the lovely Jane Mercer. When he discovers that she sings in the choral society, Tristan develops a fresh interest in matters musical. But ...more

Oct 06 1990 - Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation is cause for Darrowby celebrations on a grand scale. James and Helen's 12-year-old daughter, Rosie, is due to be crowned, too -- as Darrowby's pageant princess -- ...more

Nov 17 1990 - It's raining cats - literally - when Tristan has to face the terrors of an enormous sow, Our Gracie, and her litter of piglets, who are due to be castrated. When the farm cats take a fancy to ...more