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Below is a complete All Saints episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual All Saints episodes are listed along with the All Saints episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. All Saints episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Cutting Free” and “Time Bombs.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the All Saints episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Possession Jul 21 1998 - Bron has an unpleasant shock when the new head of Cardiothoracic Surgery arrives at All Saints. It is none other than Professor Richard Craig… her father. While Luke enjoys being taken under the ...more

Happy Death Day Oct 27 1998 - Terri is forced to nurse reluctant patient Bryan Taylor, a man who has been told that he will develop Huntingdon's Disease and who is determined to commit suicide. He is admitted to Ward 17 ...more

Think Positive Apr 07 1998 - Bron's favourite patient Bob Parkin is back in the ward with pneumonia. He is stunned and disbelieving when told his illness is probably HIV related, and he refuses to have an HIV test. Nor is ...more

Babes in the Woods Jun 09 1998 - An unwanted pregnancy results in an abandoned child as Terri and Peter are forced to put a young girl's emotional health at risk in order to save the life of her newborn baby. Angie continues to ...more

Heart to Heart May 05 1998 - A high profile lawyer arrives for a coronary by-pass but her irresponsible attitude towards her own health, including her failure to give up smoking, make the surgeons decide to postpone the ...more

Christmas Spice Nov 17 1998 - The 1998 season finale is packed with emotion when Ward 17 celebrates Christmas. A sick child hopes that her Christmas wish will come true; an elderly man asks Santa for a special gift for his ...more

The Price of Love Oct 20 1998 - The husband of an old friend of Steph's is admitted with an inoperable brain tumour. His wife is barely coping with the strain and it seems a blessing when he slips into a coma. Steph soon faces ...more

A Question of Strength Mar 10 1998 - Bron faces the dilemma of becoming too attached to a patient when hunky muscle man Arnie Walker is brought in after falling off his motorbike. As his condition deteriorates, Bron suspects that ...more

Touch and Go Aug 11 1998 - Terri's faith is tested when her best friend and mentor, Sister Marguerite, undergoes a startling personality change after being admitted to the ward. Professor Craig saves a patient's life with ...more

Revelations Jun 30 1998 - A young woman is in hospital with a serious bacterial infection six weeks after the birth of her first child. She goes into cardiac arrest has a near death experience. Jaz helps three elderly ...more

Combat Zone Mar 31 1998 - Sophie ties to help a young West African woman who is torn between upholding traditions and concern for her health. An old friend from Von's past refuses treatment and causes difficult memories ...more

Cards on the Table Sep 22 1998 - A patient's flirtation with Jared becomes serious when she accuses him of rape. A patient's refusal to have an operation finally brings the axe down on Professor Craig. Having convinced Connor ...more

Goodnight Sweetheart May 19 1998 - Terri has been up all night comforting Peter who cannot accept that his wife is braindead. She also has the difficult task of asking Peter to give consent for Jenny's organs to be donated for ...more

Truth or Dare Jul 14 1998 - A man is admitted following an attack which has left him badly bruised, slightly concussed and with severed tendons in his hand. When his wife arrives he reacts to her with fear, but she tries ...more

The Hard Yards May 12 1998 - Connor is horrified to learn that his rugby hero has been admitted to Ward 17 with stab wounds from his girlfriend. Connor is excited after arranging to look after his idol, but his opinion of ...more

Smooth Operator Jul 07 1998 - Luke is attracted to a visiting surgical consultant in spite of her barracuda-like reputation. Initially offered a high-profile job at another hospital, Luke's standing with the specialist ...more

Terminal Speed Apr 28 1998 - Stephanie befriends a drug-dependent intern. A bulimic becomes attracted to Peter.

Out of Control Oct 06 1998 - No one is surprised when a woman is re-admitted to the ward after being injured in a domestic dispute with her husband. Ben pushes himself to the limit when he and Bron try to rescue a woman ...more

The Price You Pay Jul 28 1998 - On his first day back on the job, Ben responds to the scene of an armed robbery where a young police officer has been shot. After surgery, the young man, an old schoolmate of Jaz's, is brought ...more

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Oct 13 1998 - Jaz is still trying to come to terms with her date rape and has a tense moment with Jared after she makes a mistake on the ward. It falls to Terri to tell the staff what happened and Ward 17 ...more

A Little Magic Apr 21 1998 - A mother delays her son's urgent brain tumour surgery to allow her time to perform a wican healing ritual. The mother's religious beliefs are an afront to Terri who struggles accuses the woman ...more

Best Laid Plans Sep 08 1998 - Terri fills in as Assistant Director of Nursing for the day, leaving Steph responsible for Ward 17. Steph is emotionally tested when a young woman is admitted after a botched backstreet ...more

Family Feud Aug 25 1998 - Richard Craig is all set to perform a ground breaking heart surgery, but when the patient changes his mind, Luke places the blame on Bron. Connor cares for a man of unknown identity only to ...more

One Moment In Time Nov 03 1998 - Steph's life is on the line when she and two patients contract a rare disease. Luke is forced to question his abilities as a doctor when faced with an ungrateful patient. After getting trapped ...more

Give and Take Mar 24 1998 - Emily Watson and her brother Robbie are admitted for a kidney transplant. Emily is the donor as Robbie has had reflux nephropathy since he was thirteen and has been on dialysis for most of his ...more

A Mother's Love Aug 04 1998 - While Stephanie tries to adjust to the idea of being pregnant, she is assigned to nurse a dying woman who wants to hold on for the birth of her great-grandchild. Jared goes to bat for a young ...more

Night Shift Mar 17 1998 - When Jaz collapses after being slipped a party drug, Connor and Bron put their careers on line to care for her in the ward rather than officially admitting her. A cancer patient's relationship ...more

Parting Friends Sep 15 1998 - Bob Parkin is in for a lung resection and Bron has developed a soft spot for him. She faces crisis upon crises as she hands in her resignation and her dear friend's life-saving operation goes ...more

Gut Feeling Mar 03 1998 - Ben saves the life of a drug dealer who is then admitted to Ward 17 where he antagonises Luke whose imprisoned brother he knows. Connor's social life risks affecting his job performance as he ...more

Hard Rain Nov 10 1998 - Tension and panic runs high when Ben and Bron are called to save a little girl who has fallen down a storm water drain. With a rush of water about to engulf the drain, Ben feels the pressure of ...more

Live Now, Play Later Sep 29 1998 - Responding to the sudden death of an infant, Bron takes a compassionate approach to the grieving mother while Ben takes out his pent up aggressions from the loss of Steph's baby. The surly ...more

A Hard Day's Night Jun 23 1998 - Luke is put through the wringer when a patient deteriorates before his eyes. Jared learns more harsh truths when he finds Angie working as a prostitute. Terri realises that Peter is nowhere near ...more

Yesterday's News Aug 18 1998 - A TV celebrity checks in for a double mastectomy — accompanied by a television crew who will document the whole procedure for a new medical show. Terri seeks to help the woman make what is an ...more

Forget Me Not Apr 14 1998 - Jared is worried when a new mother rejects her child and when the baby goes missing, the teenage mother becomes the prime suspect. Seeing her possible future self, Von offers encouragement to a ...more

Nothing but the Truth Jun 02 1998 - The arrival of two high-dependency patients from the Intensive Care Unit and an incompetent agency nurse increase the stress and workload in Ward 17. Despite his reassurances to Terri, Peter has ...more

Sounds of Silence Jun 16 1998 - Stephanie supports a pregnant woman's decision to have a cochlear implant against her deaf husband's wishes. Bron resents Stephanie's accusation that she is playing favourites with her patients. ...more

Little White Lies Sep 01 1998 - An English tourist and his wife are admitted after a serious car accident. She is in a coma and he is desperate to see her — in spite of his severe chest injuries, which mean that he cannot be ...more

Everybody's Human Feb 24 1998 - Dr. Harry Williams becomes the ward's newest, and most demanding, patient when he is admitted with a cardiac condition. While performing a delicate procedure on a patient whom she believes does ...more

Body and Soul Feb 24 1998 - Georgie Parker stars as Terri Sullivan, the Nursing Unit Manager at All Saints Western General Hospital. She manages the general medical ward, affectionately known as the "Garbage ...more

Crimes of the Heart May 26 1998 - Terri mourns for Jenny and struggles with the breakdown of her friendship with Peter who has returned to work just one day after Jenny's funeral. A rambunctious godmother of a notorious crime ...more

Boys Will Be Boys Sep 29 1998 - When Peter counsels the father of a teenage binge drinker, he is also forced to examine his relationship with his own son. Bron is looking for action on her first day of ambulance duty… and she ...more

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