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Below is a complete Amen episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Amen episodes are listed along with the Amen episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Amen episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Stranded” and “Glen Garry Glen Thelma” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Amen episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Pilot Sep 27 1986 - In the series pilot, Ernest Frye, a holier-than-thou deacon, is seeking a new minister for the First Community church.

The Magician Mar 14 1987 - Aspiring magician Frye auditions for a children's show.

Betting on the Boy Jan 24 1987 - Frye befriends a computer whiz who picks sports winners.

Your Christmas Show of Shows Dec 20 1986 - The church is preparing to put on a Christmas pageant, when they find out that a TV crew is scheduled to come and broadcast the show on live TV. Everyone works feverishly long into the night to ...more

Thelma's Choice Jan 17 1987 - The new man in Thelma's life seems like Mr. Right to everyone, especially Deacon Frye, who thinks he's the greatest. But as they head for the altar, the question becomes: Is Thelma's heart ...more

Glen Garry Glen Thelma Mar 21 1987 - Inept Thelma tries her hand at real estate.

Sermon From the Cell Nov 22 1986 - Rev. Gregory is jailed for giving refugees sanctuary, and the Deacon, charged with contempt of court while trying to defend him, gets incarcerated for 1 day. While there, the Reverend realizes ...more

The Courtship of Bess Richards Oct 04 1986 - After hearing a beautiful gospel singer sing at a wedding, Deacon Frye decides to woo her so she will join the church and sing in the choir. He flatters her, and wines her and dines her to ...more

Frye for the Defense Jan 10 1987 - A fund-raiser at the church takes an unexpected turn when the church gets sued for making someone sick with tainted macaroni salad. During the trial, Deacon Frye takes matters into his own hands ...more

Reuben's Romance Dec 06 1986 - Rev. Gregory has a crisis of conscience when he is attracted to a widow who needs comforting in her time of grief. He wrestles with his conscience when she asks him to perform her wedding ...more

The Rival Mar 07 1987 - Deacon Frye hires a new attractive Sunday school teacher for the church, and Reuben falls for her, angering Thelma.

The Deacon Delivers Nov 01 1986 - A wayward teen wants to be reinstated in the church choir after being away from it for a while. Pastor Gregory is anxious to reinstate her, until he finds out she is pregnant, and not married. ...more

The Morning After Oct 11 1986 - Thelma intoxicates Reverend Gregory with her wine-cooked dinner, and he intoxicates her with a kiss. But the next morning, he has to break the news to her that he is not romantically interested ...more

What's Up, Deacon? Apr 04 1987 - The Deacon turns over a new leaf in an effort to be the church's nominee for a humanitarian award, which could win him and Thelma a trip to the Holy Land.

Maitre D'eacon Nov 29 1986 - A woman bequeaths the church members her eatery (a French restaurant) — providing they continue its successful operation. But the church runs into trouble meeting it's next balloon ...more

Into the Night Feb 21 1987 - A date with Frye lands Reuben's aunt in jail.

After the Fall Dec 13 1986 - Rolly falls at the bank and, after the Deacon finagles, is awarded a settlement—which he refuses.

Casting the First Stone Feb 07 1987 - While testifying in the church, Lorenzo admits to having an affair with an unnamed sister in the church, which starts the congregation speculating and gossipping, and turns member against ...more

Retreat, Heck! Nov 15 1986 - The church's planned retreat is not at all interesting to Deacon Frye, until he learns that a former client, whom he caused to spend 5 years in jail, is getting out, and blames him for his jail ...more

Rolly Falls in Love Nov 08 1986 - Rolly has his eye on the waitress at the diner around the corner, but he is too shy to approach her. So he asks Deacon Frye to approach her on his behalf. Deacon Frye meets the waitress named ...more

The Divorce Lawyer Feb 28 1987 - A forlorn woman comes to Deacon Frye's office seeking a divorce from her husband who she suspects is cheating on her. Frye sends his undercover detective to follow the man, and is informed that ...more

Yes Sir, That's Your Baby Feb 14 1987 - After attending the christening of Lynnette and Jerome's child, the Hetebrinks break down and cry because they believe they're too old to have any children of their own. But after the Reverend ...more

California Dreaming Oct 03 1987 - Reuben contemplates accepting a new job in Los Angeles.

Dancing in the Dark Oct 17 1987 - A rivalry is renewed when Deacon Frye is pitted against an old law-school classmate, in defending a palimony suit. Deacon Frye decides to settle their rivalry in court.

You Bet Your Life Oct 24 1987 - Amelia's gambling habit resurfaces.

Deacon on the Line Nov 14 1987 - The Deacon is left to his own devices when a teen-hotline caller threatens suicide.

The Fantasy Mar 05 1988 - Thelma daydreams about a honeymoon with the Reverend, but the Deacon has his own vision of being with someone special, and where having the minister as a son-in-law creates lots of problems for

Rolly's Wedding (2) Nov 28 1987 - On the verge of marriage, Rolly gets cold feet.

Rolly's Proposal (1) Nov 21 1987 - Romance blooms between Frye's aunt and Rolly.

A Slight Case of Murder (1) Apr 30 1988 - When an attractive & glamorous woman comes to Deacon Frye for help in the murder of her husband, Deacon Frye defends her in court, and falls for charms.

Thelma's Birthday Dec 05 1987 - Deacon Frye slips and falls while shovelling snow, and hurts his back. The doctor treating the Deacon's back becomes romantically interested in Thelma, and competes with Rev. Gregory for her ...more

The Widow Feb 06 1988 - An attractive church benefactor eyes Reuben.

Man on a Ledge Jan 16 1988 - Frye tries to erase Thelma's angry phone message.

Thelma's Reunion Nov 07 1987 - As Thelma's high school reunion approaches, Thelma dreads coming to the reunion because of the way her life has turned out, and especially because of her old friend, Darlene Moore who she grew ...more

Wedding Bell Blues Mar 12 1988 - Rev. Gregory is upset when the first couple he ever married accuses him of malpractice and negligent counseling. He is represented at his trial by attorney Frye, with surprising results. ...more

Thelma's Little Girl Dec 12 1987 - Thelma becomes a foster parent to a precocious nine-year-old girl.

To Catch a Thief Jan 23 1988 - After money from the collection plate comes up missing, the Reverend and the Hetebrinks believe that Jeanette may have stolen it. And when Jeanette buys Thelma an expensive gift, they become ...more

Stranded Feb 20 1988 - At a church retreat in the mountains, the Deacon has a spiritual reawakening after almost freezing to death during a blizzard. Thanks to Amelia, who took quick action to help save his life.

The Twelve Songs of Christmas Dec 19 1987 - The choir fights over which carol to sing in a competition.

Snakes Alive Jan 02 1988 - After the Deacon runs out of the church in mortal terror, the Reverend discovers that his panic was due to a fake rubber snake someone had left behind. And because of that incident, the Deacon ...more

Dueling Ministers Oct 31 1987 - Rev. Johnny returns to give a sermon at the church.

A Slight Case of Murder (2) May 07 1988 - Deacon Frye has now defended Roxanne in court and she has been found not to have murdered her husband. Now, there is nothing to stand in the way of his romantic passions for her. After a brief ...more

Deacon Dearest Feb 27 1988 - Deacon Frye takes a personal interest in the divorce of a church couple, when he finds out the husband of the distraught woman is a millionaire.

I Remember Mama Jan 14 1989 - Certain he is dying, Deacon Frye begins to reminisce about the love he had for Thelma's mother, and how she used to take care of him. He begins to tell Thelma about her late mother, about the ...more

The Deacon's Donkey Dec 10 1988 - The animals in the congregation's live Nativity scene include a goat that sends Rev. Gregory up a tree and an ailing donkey that finds a place in the Deacon's heart.

Thelma's Handyman Dec 03 1988 - Thelma, at age 34, finds herself in a situation where she has to dissuade a 19-year-old admirer from chasing after her. And because everyone thinks they are having an affair, she tries to halt ...more

Court of Love Nov 05 1988 - The Deacon can't keep his mind on church business when a comely legal assistant (Loretta Divine) is brought in by Rev Gregory to assist him on an insurance case. The church needs to win the ...more

Get 'Em Up, Scout Nov 12 1988 - To get a recommendation from the church board, the Deacon has to take a scout troop on a camping trip.

Fear of Flying Oct 08 1988 - While stuck on a discount flight to the Bahamas, with the gang, Thelma has to overcome her extreme phobia of flying. Little does she know that the pilot has turned green from eating a tuna ...more

The Psychic (1) Feb 11 1989 - The Deacon and Thelma seek advice from a client whose psychic powers came from a bump on the head.