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Full List of Amen Episodes

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Below is a complete Amen episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Amen episodes are listed along with the Amen episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Amen episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Stranded” and “Glen Garry Glen Thelma” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Amen episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Sep 27 1986
    In the series pilot, Ernest Frye, a holier-than-thou deacon, is seeking a new minister for the...
  • 2

    The Magician

    Mar 14 1987
    Aspiring magician Frye auditions for a children's show.
  • 3

    Betting on the Boy

    Jan 24 1987
    Frye befriends a computer whiz who picks sports winners.
  • 4

    Your Christmas Show of Shows

    Dec 20 1986
    The church is preparing to put on a Christmas pageant, when they find out that a TV crew is...
  • 5

    Thelma's Choice

    Jan 17 1987
    The new man in Thelma's life seems like Mr. Right to everyone, especially Deacon Frye, who...
  • 6

    Glen Garry Glen Thelma

    Mar 21 1987
    Inept Thelma tries her hand at real estate.
  • 7

    Sermon From the Cell

    Nov 22 1986
    Rev. Gregory is jailed for giving refugees sanctuary, and the Deacon, charged with contempt of...
  • 8

    The Courtship of Bess Richards

    Oct 04 1986
    After hearing a beautiful gospel singer sing at a wedding, Deacon Frye decides to woo her so...
  • 9

    Frye for the Defense

    Jan 10 1987
    A fund-raiser at the church takes an unexpected turn when the church gets sued for making...
  • 10

    Reuben's Romance

    Dec 06 1986
    Rev. Gregory has a crisis of conscience when he is attracted to a widow who needs comforting...
  • 11

    The Rival

    Mar 07 1987
    Deacon Frye hires a new attractive Sunday school teacher for the church, and Reuben falls for...
  • 12

    The Deacon Delivers

    Nov 01 1986
    A wayward teen wants to be reinstated in the church choir after being away from it for a...
  • 13

    The Morning After

    Oct 11 1986
    Thelma intoxicates Reverend Gregory with her wine-cooked dinner, and he intoxicates her with a...
  • 14

    What's Up, Deacon?

    Apr 04 1987
    The Deacon turns over a new leaf in an effort to be the church's nominee for a humanitarian...
  • 15

    Maitre D'eacon

    Nov 29 1986
    A woman bequeaths the church members her eatery (a French restaurant) — providing they...
  • 16

    Into the Night

    Feb 21 1987
    A date with Frye lands Reuben's aunt in jail.
  • 17

    After the Fall

    Dec 13 1986
    Rolly falls at the bank and, after the Deacon finagles, is awarded a settlement—which he...
  • 18

    Casting the First Stone

    Feb 07 1987
    While testifying in the church, Lorenzo admits to having an affair with an unnamed sister in...
  • 19

    Retreat, Heck!

    Nov 15 1986
    The church's planned retreat is not at all interesting to Deacon Frye, until he learns that a...
  • 20

    Rolly Falls in Love

    Nov 08 1986
    Rolly has his eye on the waitress at the diner around the corner, but he is too shy to...
  • 21

    The Divorce Lawyer

    Feb 28 1987
    A forlorn woman comes to Deacon Frye's office seeking a divorce from her husband who she...
  • 22

    Yes Sir, That's Your Baby

    Feb 14 1987
    After attending the christening of Lynnette and Jerome's child, the Hetebrinks break down and...
  • 23

    California Dreaming

    Oct 03 1987
    Reuben contemplates accepting a new job in Los Angeles.
  • 24

    Dancing in the Dark

    Oct 17 1987
    A rivalry is renewed when Deacon Frye is pitted against an old law-school classmate, in...
  • 25

    You Bet Your Life

    Oct 24 1987
    Amelia's gambling habit resurfaces.
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