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Below is a complete American Gladiators episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual American Gladiators episodes are listed along with the American Gladiators episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. American Gladiators episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Episode 114” and “Episode 113.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the American Gladiators episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Season Premiere Jan 06 2008 - The return of American Gladiators features a special two-hour premiere. Male contenders are Molivann Duy vs Jeff Keller & Anthony Abbatemarco vs Chad Knight. Female contenders are Bonnie ...more

Grapple for Glory Jan 07 2008 - In this preliminary round, Male contenders Adonis Locket vs Jeff "Big Country" Chapman & Female contenders Christie Phillips vs Siene Silva

Preacher vs. Teacher Jan 14 2008 - In this preliminary round, Male contenders Adam Levin vs Sharaud Moore & Female contenders Monica Carlson vs Belinda Gavin

Fired Up Jan 21 2008 - In this preliminary round, Male contenders Son Nguyen vs Evan Dollard & Female contenders Jennifer Blum vs Christine Kim

Age Before Beauty Jan 28 2008 - Alex Rai goes up against Mark Baker in the night's competition. For the women competing Kim Marciniak tries to get past Toni Oppliger to make it to the finals.

Semi-Finals Feb 04 2008 - The first of the semifinals begins with winners from previous battles. The men's competition features a fireman and a rock climber. The female competitors features a fitness trainer versus a ...more

Last Chance Feb 11 2008 - In the last round of semifinals Venus Ramos goes up against Monica Carlson and Andy Konigsmark takes on Alex Rai.

The Last Stand Feb 17 2008 - In this live 2 hour season finale, we will find out which male and female contender will win the prize of $100,000 and have the opportunity to become an American Gladiator next season. Evan ...more

Episode 115 Jun 30 2008 - This round features four contestants who have had a successful weight loss. The men's round includes a teacher, James Ruggiero from Yucca Valley, California (dropped 65 pounds) takes on a ...more

Episode 116 Jul 07 2008 - It's a battle between youth and wisdom as a 20 year old college student challenges a 52 year old investment manager in the female competition. The men's battle finds a dolphin trainer taking on ...more

Episode 117 Jul 14 2008 - The semifinals will be determined after a detective from New York City challenges an ex-marine in the men's competition. The ladies side finds a student in a duel against a figure skater.

Episode 118 Jul 21 2008 - Returning contestants compete in the semifinals. Ally Davidson from Dallas, Texas will challenge Vanessa Warren from Colorado Springs, Colorado, a mother of three in the female competition. The ...more

Episode 119 Jul 28 2008 - Ally Davidson from Dallas, Texas will challenge Vanessa Warren from Colorado Springs, Colorado in the female semi-final competition. The men's semi-final round finds Alexander Coates from ...more

Episode 120/121 Aug 04 2008 - In this 2 hour season finale, the remaining two men and two women compete for a spot in the final round. The top two men and top two women then compete in the final round to become the next ...more

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Episode 109 May 12 2008 - The women's side finds single mom and black belt Melissa Trinidad vs. firefighter and Chernobyl survivor Elena Maskalik, while the men's event pits grocery store owner Toby Gordin goes head to ...more

Episode 110 May 19 2008 - A pair of Chicago police officers battle it out against the gladiators, as does a couple of female officers from Denver.

Episode 111 May 26 2008 - A SWAT officer and a tree climber take on the Gladiators for the men's team and going up against the female Gladiator's is a business consultant versus and adventure junkie.

Episode 112 Jun 09 2008 - The males matchup features a school teacher and a survivor from Columbine. The ladies features a military vet and crime reporter. A special appearance is made by actor/bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno.

Episode 113 Jun 16 2008 - Siblings battle in the arena against the gladiators.

Episode 114 Jun 23 2008 - A special episode featuring two married couples, the ladies competition finds sales rep Ally Davidson from Dallas, Texas and social worker Kendra Sirignano from Tempe, Arizona challenging each ...more

Grand Championships- Hutson v. Anderson, Philips v. Venturi Apr 01 1990 - Hund vs. Perry/Shumski vs.

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Season One 1st Half Prelims - Hund vs. Perry/Shumpski vs. Williams Jan 08 1989

Season One 1st Half Prelims - Needham vs. McCarthy/Simmons vs. Hutson Jan 15 1989

4. Season One 1st Half Prelims - Ross vs. Petito/Wyatt vs. Carroll Jan 22 1989

First Half Preliminary Round 5 Jan 29 1989

First Half Quarterfinal Round 1 Feb 01 1989

First Half Quarterfinal Round 2 Feb 08 1989

First Half Quarterfinal Round 3 Feb 15 1989

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First Half Quarterfinal Round 4 Feb 22 1989

First Half Semifinal Round 1 Mar 01 1989

First Half Semifinal Round 2 Mar 08 1989

First Half Final Round Mar 15 1989

First Half Highlight Show May 01 1989

Second Half Preliminary Round 1 Sep 01 1989 - Seymour vs. Jordan/Schwartze vs.

Second Half Preliminary Round 2 Sep 01 1989

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Second Half Preliminary Round 3 Sep 01 1989

Second Half Preliminary Round 4 Sep 01 1989

Second Half Preliminary Round 5 Sep 01 1989

Second Half Quarterfinal Round 1 Mar 01 1990

Second Half Quarterfinal Round 2 Mar 01 1990

Second Half Quarterfinal Round 3 Mar 01 1990

Second Half Quarterfinal Round 4 Mar 01 1990

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Second Half Semifinal Round 1 Apr 01 1990

Second Half Semifinal Round 2 Apr 01 1990

Second Half Final Round Apr 01 1990 - Kidd vs. Anderson/Venturi vs.

2nd Half Qtrs- Altschuler v. Branham, Telley v. Stickleman

2nd Half Semis- Montgomery v. Branham, Akai v. Telley

2nd Half Qtrs- Nasca v. Kiernan, Cumberbatch v. Jarchow

2nd Half Qtrs- Montgomery v. Duke, Akai v. Duke

1st Half Prelims- Reiff v. Keck, Mentzer v. Bryant