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Below is a complete Angela Anaconda episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Angela Anaconda episodes are listed along with the Angela Anaconda episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Angela Anaconda episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “Saving Private Gordy,” “The Dog Ate It” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Angela Anaconda episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Making of Angela Anaconda

Ice Breakers / You're So Vain Oct 08 1999
Who's Sari Now A foreign Prince visits Angela's school and guess who is picked to show him around? But, to Angela's dismay, the Prince falls head over heals in love with Nanette. This drives ...more

Cloak and Dagger Oct 19 1999
Bathroom Blues While impatiently waiting in a long line to use the girl's bathroom Angela begins to wonders why there is no line for the boy's bathroom. Maybe the boy's room is considerably ...more

Pet Peeves / Rat Heros Oct 04 1999
Pet Peeves Today is the vote for the class field trip for the class. Angela and Johnny are voting for the Monster Truck Rally, but Nanette and her walkie-talkie friends are voting for the Ballet ...more

Fairweather Friends Oct 18 1999
My Fair Lulu Angela is fed up with her baby sister Lulu. Not only did she cause Angela to get Poisen Ivy and miss showing off her Butterfly at All-Creatures-Great-And-Small-Week at school, but ...more

Hard To Swallow Oct 26 1999
Cut to the Chase When Angela's Dad gives her a bad haircut right she takes her brother's autographed baseball hat without his permission. Angela wears the hat to school the next day but Mrs. ...more

Hot Bob and Chocolate Oct 20 1999
Mapperson's Daughter Mapperson's Bakery is running a contest to find a new 'face' for the Mapperson's Bakery Delivery Truck. Angela is sure she is a shoe in until Johnny announces it to the ...more

Turtle Confessions Oct 13 1999
Hot Bob and Chocolate Angela unscrambles a sentence in English class to read: "I like Bob and hot chocolate". This innocent mistake begins a cycle of misunderstandings, which leads the ...more

Stuck On You
Rough Times Tables Angela's class is working on their multiplication tables and for once Angela is having no problems because Gina Lash - smartest in class has been helping her study. But to ...more

Touched By an Angel-a Oct 07 1999
Stuck on You Angela tries to break her personal record for bubble-gum blowing. Tragedy strikes when an unfortunate chain of events causes Angela and Nanette to be stuck together at the hair, by ...more

Pizza Wars Oct 25 1999
Green With Envy? Angela is so excited about wearing her new 'highway-worker-orange' windbreaker to school she completely forgets that it is St. Patrick's day. According to Tapwater Springs' ...more

Puppy Love
Fairweather Friends Nanette, who is absent from school with the flu, was head of the Spring Fling decorating committee, until there is a draw held to replace her. Angela is chosen and January ...more

Rat Heros Oct 07 1999
Touched By an Angel-a Josephine Praline tells Angela that if she cannot be nice to Nanette she will never be "touched by an Angel", and her life will be nothing but trouble. After a ...more

Pranks for the Memories Oct 05 1999
Ice Breakers Angela arrives at her beginner ice skating class to find that Nanette has also joined! Worse yet, she already knows how to skate and her show-off moves cause Angela to fall and ...more

Who's Sari Now? Oct 15 1999
Gone Fishing Angela can hardly contain her excitement, because she is finally allowed to go on the annual fishing trip with her Dad Bill and her dorky brothers. Her father is getting ready for ...more

Saving Private Gordy Oct 08 1999
Cloak and Dagger Angela is looking forward to showing off her new English Trenchcoat to her classmates, but arrives to find that Nanette has her very own designer version of the same coat! When ...more

Pet Peeves Oct 06 1999
The Substitute Angela is the only one who hasn't picked her Rainforest project, and she is sure that Mrs. Brinks is going to freak. But a miracle happens-Mrs. Brinks is sick, and they have a ...more

The Dog Ate It Oct 22 1999
Angela Who? A series of events in the Anaconda household lead Angela to believe that she is not a real Anaconda and must be adopted. Angela goes on a mission to discover her true identity and ...more

Labor Pains / Cyrano D'Angela Nov 01 1999
Labor Pains Angela learns that everyone receives a higher allowance then she does. Her friends explain that in order to get more money Angela must do more work around the house. With great ...more

The Martyrdom of Saint Nanette / The Crossing Oct 29 1999
The Martyrdom of Saint Nanette After Josephine tells the class about Ash Wednesday, Nanette, wanting her memory to live on for eternity, suggests that the entire class participate in sacrificing ...more

The Nanette Lock / Gordy Floats Nov 08 1999
The Nanette Lock While playing on the swing set in the schoolyard, Angela invents a cool new way to swing! She locks arms and legs with Gina and they swing together in rhythm. Nanette walks ...more

Everybody Loves Gina / Halls of Justice Nov 03 1999
Everybody Loves Gina Angela and Gina plan for a fabulous sleepover. Devious delights are happily agreed upon until Angela's brothers remind her just how obnoxious they truly are. Angela ...more

View to a Brinks / Injury to Insult Oct 28 1999
View to a Brinks Gina can hardly contain herself - she just witnessed Mr. Brinks coming out of the sporting goods store with Badminton Rackets. The kids know what that means - NAKED BADMINTON! ...more

Cabin Fever / Don't Over-Due It Nov 04 1999
Cabin Fever Angela decides that she has had enough of clapping erasers and she yearns to never return to school again. Enter Mrs. Praline, Josephine's mother, who has agoraphobia, which means ...more

Crazed and Confused / Strange Bedfellows Nov 02 1999
Crazed and Confused 'Babble Balls' were all the rage- until Angela had enough money buy one. As she proudly shows off her new toy, Nanette informs her that 'Babble Balls' are passé, and ...more