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Below is a complete Arthur episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Arthur episodes are listed along with the Arthur episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Arthur episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “Sue Ellen's Lost Diary / Arthur's Knee” to “Double Tibble Trouble / Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Arthur episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Arthur's Eyes / Francine's Bad Hair Day Sep 02 1996 - A.) Arthur's Eyes Arthur is embarrassed because he now has to wear glasses. B.) Francine's Bad Hair Day Francine tries to get through picture day, without messing up her meticulously-crafted ...more

Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn / Arthur's Spelling Trubble Sep 09 1996 - A.) Arthur and Buster fear that their new teacher, Mr. Ratburn, is some kind of evil maniac who collects children's heads - until they discover the truth about him, of course. B.) Arthur does ...more

D.W. All Wet / Buster's Dino Dilemma Sep 16 1996 - A) D.W. All Wet Storyboard by Sylvain Proteau Written by Kathy Waugh Whew, boy is it HOT today. The Reads decide to head to the beach in order to cool off, but D.W. refuses to go along (she ...more

D.W.'s Imaginary Friend / Arthur's Lost Library Book Sep 23 1996 - A) D.W.'s Imaginary Friend Storyboard by Sylvain Proteau Written by Ken Scarborough D.W. has an imaginary friend, Nadine, says she has to come everywhere, but Arthur is sick of it. B) Arthur's ...more

Arthur's Pet Business / D.W. the Copycat Oct 07 1996 - A).When Arthur desperately wants a dog, he starts a pet business. When he gets too many he decides to just take care of one pet. B).When D.W. gets told she doesn't like any interesting stuff, ...more

Oct 21 1996 - A).Arthur and his friends go to summer camp and Binky brings up the issue that it's boys vs. girls. The other team participating always won because of this problem, so now the kids of Elwood ...more

Arthur's New Puppy / Arthur Bounces Back Oct 28 1996 - A).Arthur has a new puppy is exactly what he wanted. But the only problem is that he destroys everything in sight, so can Arthur teach Pal to behave, before his parents do something with Pal ...more

Arthur Babysits / Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe Nov 04 1996 - #10901 ""Arthur Babysits"" Arthur has plenty of gripes about his past babysitters, but soon finds himself trying his hand at some babysitting of his own. He ends up having ...more

Arthur's Birthday / Francine Frensky, Superstar Nov 11 1996 - #11001 ""Arthur's Birthday"" Arthur is excited about his birthday. After shopping for party supplies, he makes invitations and passes them out at school. He then finds out ...more

Arthur's Baby / D.W.'s Baby Nov 18 1996 - #11101 ""Arthur's Baby"" Viewers are taken back, as Arthur and D.W. recollect what happened when Baby Kate was first-born. D.W. is excited with anticipation, but Arthur is ...more

Arthur Writes a Story / Arthur's Lost Dog Nov 25 1996 - #11201 ""Arthur Writes a Story"" Mr. Ratburn gives the class an assignment --- to write a story about anything they want. It seems like a simple assignment and it doesn't ...more

So Long, Spanky / Buster's New Friend Dec 02 1996 - #11301 ""So Long, Spanky"" D.W. is devastated when her pet parakeet, Spanky, dies. She has a funeral for him and doesn't want to replace him with any other pet. Naturally, ...more

Arthur's Family Vacation / Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm Dec 16 1996 - #11501 ""Arthur's Family Vacation"" Arthur will do anything to get out of going on a family vacation and go to camp, until the prospect of one-upping D.W. convinces him to ...more

Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest / D.W. Flips Jan 06 1997 - A).Arthur enters a contest to find the perfect jingle for a Crunch Cereal commercial. So far he's come up with nothing but is struck with an idea as D.W. hums a melody. B).D.W. decides that she ...more

Meek for a Week / Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper Jan 13 1997 - #11701 ""Meek for a Week"" Everyone knows that Francine is rather bossy and somewhat independent, but when she insults Muffy on her street hockey playing skills, it would ...more

Arthur's Chicken Pox / Sick as a Dog Jan 20 1997 - #11801 ""Arthur's Chicken Pox"" When Arthur starts acting oddly at school, he's sent to the nurse who finds he has a fever and sends him home. The next morning, he wakes up ...more

D.W. Rides Again / Arthur Makes the Team Jan 27 1997 - A).D.W. wants to do anything Arthur can do so she attempts to learn how to ride a two-wheeler at 4 years old. She fails at first but she keeps trying and she becomes so good that she enters a ...more

Arthur's Almost Boring Day / The Half-Baked Sale Feb 03 1997 - A).Arthur is supposed to write a report about what he did over the weekend. He planned to write about a day at the park but it rained. Bored both he and D.W. were forced to go to Grandma Thora's ...more

Sue Ellen Moves In / The Perfect Brother Feb 10 1997 - A) Sue Ellen Moves In Sue Ellen moves into town and everything has a different story about her to tell. Sue Ellen and her family has been all over the world and are normal people, much to ...more

Feb 17 1997 - A) D.W.'s Snow Mystery D.W. loses her snowball out the freezer. Her 3 main suspects are Francine, Buster, & Arthur but in the end everyone is innocent. D.W. doesn't find out what happened to ...more

Mar 03 1997 - A).Arthur is 8 years old and her hasn't lost all of his baby teeth yet. When Francine and the others find out they tease Arthur. He yet becomes even more determined to lose his tooth and fit in ...more

D.W. Thinks Big / Arthur Cleans Up Mar 10 1997 - A).D.W. finds Aunt Lucy's wedding ring after she lost it at her wedding. B).The park is in bad condition and Arthur decides to team up with Francine's dad and clean it up.

My Dad, the Garbage Man / Poor Muffy Apr 21 1997 - A).Every kid at school's parents has cool jobs except for Francine's dad. He's a garbage man and Francine is embarrassed by it so to make him look cool she tells the kids at school that he's a ...more

D.W.'s Blankie / Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble Apr 28 1997 - A).D.W. loses her blankie and she and Arthur search all over town just to find it. B).When Mr.Ratburn gets sick his sister has to substitute for his class and all the kids think that she's going ...more

I'm a Poet / The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club! May 19 1997 - A) I'm A Poet Written by Joe Fallon Storyboard by Kevin Currie Fern dares everyone to write a good poem for a contest. If the loser backs out they have to join art club for a year. They all make ...more

My Club Rules! / Stolen Bike May 26 1997 - A).The Strawberry Festival is coming to town and Arthur and his friends all band together and form a club to create the perfect float, but when everyone gets their own ideas on what the float ...more

Jun 02 1997 - A) Arthur's First Sleepover Written by Joe Fallon Storyboard by Jean Lajeunesse Arthur throws a sleepover and invites Brain and Buster. He doesen't invite D.W. so she decides to ruin the ...more

Arthur's the Wrecker / Arthur and the True Francine Dec 09 1996 - #11401 ""Arthur the Wrecker"" Arthur is hooked on a brand-new computer game called Deep Dark Sea which he borrowed from the Brain. He's so excited about it that he just has ...more

Bully for Binky / Misfortune Teller Feb 24 1997 - A).Binky is the toughest kid in school and everyone is afraid of him. He messes with the wrong person: Sue Ellen, and thinks that she is a pushover until he finds out that she is a blackbelt in ...more

Locked in the Library / Arthur Accused! Oct 14 1996 - A).After Arthur called Francine a marshmallow, Francine and her friends got really made and it looks like they are going to fight. But when they both got locked inside the Elwood City Library ...more

Happy Anniversary May 15 2006 - #1001"Happy Anniversary"Mr. Ratburn shows a film about perspective and then assigns the class an essay about it. Arthur and Buster are disappointed to have homework on the weekend of ...more

The Squirrels / Fern & Persimmony Glitchet May 16 2006 - #1001"Happy Anniversary"Mr. Ratburn shows a film about perspective and then assigns the class an essay about it. Arthur and Buster are disappointed to have homework on the weekend of ...more

Desert Island Dish / The Secret About Secrets May 17 2006 - #100201 "The Squirrels"Buster and Arthur poke fun at a classic horror film called The Squirrels, shown to them by Mrs. Baxter. Both of them, however, are secretly scared by it and ...more

Feeling Flush / Family Fortune May 18 2006 - #100301 "Desert Island Dish"Arthur and his friends are challenged by Mr. Ratburn to come up with the perfect food for surviving on a desert island. Brain becomes suspicious about why ...more

D.W. Aims High / Flaw and Order May 19 2006 - "Feeling Flush" A drought comes to Elwood City, so residents are asked to conserve water. "Family Fortune" Arthur and Grandma Thora are fans of the show Treasure Caravan, so ...more

The Curse of the Grebes / Arthur Changes Gears May 22 2006 - #100501 "D.W. Aims High"It is almost Career Day at preschool, and D.W. is unsure of what she wants to be when she grows up, but after watching a space show on T.V., she is inspired to ...more

Unfinished / D.W., Bossy Boots May 23 2006 - #100601 "The Curse of the Grebes"Three new power hitters join the Elwood City baseball team, The Grebes. Buster and Harry are huge fans and attend almost every game. But when the team ...more

Do You Speak George? / World Girls May 25 2006 - #100801 "Binky vs. Binky"Binky has always somewhat fancied himself as "tough," but when it comes to athletics, it seems he always chokes when it comes to the clutch. He ...more

Binky vs. Binky / Operation D.W. May 24 2006 - #100701 "Unfinished"Arthur finds himself the only kid at a "party for old folks." Heading away from the action, he instead becomes engrossed in a book titled 93 Million Miles ...more

Arthur and Buster Thanksgiving Spectacular Nov 24 2005 -

What's Cooking? / Buster's Special Delivery May 26 2006 - #100901 "Do You Speak George?"Kids at school begin to make up their own languages. Arthur and Buster create "Arster-Buther", and Francine and Muffy create "Oola". ...more

The Making of Arthur / Dancing Fools Sep 03 2007 - When Matt Damon announces a new series called Postcards from You, Arthur and his friends are excited by the opportunity to create videos about their daily lives. Everyone has a great idea for a ...more

Hic or Treat / Mr. Alwaysright Sep 04 2007 - As Arthur tries to prepare his costume for Halloween, he finds himself distracted by D.W.'s persistent case of hiccups. She's been hiccuping for two days straight it seems like they just won't ...more

Swept Away / Germophobia Jun 25 2007 - Arthur, Buster and D.W. enjoy summer vacation at the beach. When it becomes unsafe to swim, Grandma Thora suggests building a sandcastle and they quickly become immersed in this pastime. When ...more

Arthur Sells Out / Mind Your Manners Jun 26 2007 - Arthur is excited about the release of the new video game Dark Bunny: Return of the Moomies, but doesn't have the money to buy it. When his attempt at online sales through the school newspaper ...more

Buenas Noches, Vicita / Prunella Packs it In Jun 27 2007 - When Vicita loses her favorite storybook, "The Magic Mango Tree," it looks like she may never get to sleep again. Nothing else seems to help her sleep, but then D.W. helps her to see ...more

Phony Fern / Brain's Shocking Secret Jun 28 2007 - Fern is offended by everyone's constant use of cell phones, until she surprisingly becomes addicted to the one her parents got her for "emergency use only." After being shown its cool ...more

Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery / Strangers on a Train Jun 29 2007 - When Nadine misses an appointment for tea with Vicita's imaginary friend, Tweenie, Baby Kate and Pal grow concerned. They launch an investigation, worried that she may have been kidnapped by the ...more

Francine's Pilfered Paper / Buster Gets Real Sep 05 2007 - When Mr. Ratburn assigns everyone in his class an individual topic about Thanksgiving to write a five-page report on, Francine feels that she's "doomed." She has no idea how she's ...more

D.W. on Ice / Spoiled Rotten! Sep 06 2007 - When Emily announces a skating party to celebrate mid-winter, D.W. brags about being a great skater. She feels she's so good that she even offers lessons to James, who is worried about his ...more