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TV Full List of Australia's Next Top Model Episodes

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Below is a complete Australia's Next Top Model episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Australia's Next Top Model episodes are listed along with the Australia's Next Top Model episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Australia's Next Top Model episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “The Girl Who Breaks The Edge” and “Episode Five.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Australia's Next Top Model episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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Naked Communications May 13 2008 - The girls meet Jonathan and the team at 'Naked Communications' where they are quizzed about their favourite designers and their understanding of the brand. They then do a photo shoot in a car ...more

Dance People May 20 2008 - The girls wake up to discover their backyard full of acrobats, who deliver a Jodhi mail which explains they need to learn how to move their bodies. The girls explore different dance styles and ...more

And Australia's Next Top Model is... Jul 01 2008 - The finale, which was broadcast live to air from Luna Park Sydney, aired with Charlotte Dawson as the host, as series host Jodhi Meares pulled out at the last minute, unable to cope with the ...more

The Plank Apr 29 2008 - Fitness, phobias and heights, who will snap under the demands and who will be sent home? This week's focus is on mental and physical strength, Ian Thorpe puts the girls through there paces. Who ...more

Bikini Shoot May 27 2008 - The girls are off to Fiji, with Jonathan turning the aisle of a Boeing 737-800 into a catwalk. After completing a couple of photo shoots over two days, the return to Australia for elimination.

Transformations Apr 22 2008 - It's makeover time for the girls, will there be any tears this time? This weeks challenge leaves one girl in tears, who is it? Who does Napoleon upset and who is given a second chance?

Queen Mink May 06 2008 - In this episode the girls will hve to stand on their own high heels, without the assistance of Jonathan. They participate in a catwalk trial and struggle to impress during their first "go ...more

Fashion Week Jun 03 2008 - This week is about knowing your fashion.

Are You Model Material? Apr 22 2008 - 13 new ambitious wanna-be models have been chosen, have the claws been sharpened, is the backstabbing about to begin? Join the girls as they embark on the runway ride of their lives. Season 4 of ...more

Deal With The Media Jun 10 2008 - This week the remaining four girls learn how to deal with the press.

Final Three go Overseas Jun 17 2008 - The girls go oversees and go on go-sees. Back in Sydney one will be eliminated.

Episode Eight Feb 22 2005

Episode 10 Mar 08 2005

Episode Four Jan 25 2005

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The Girl Who Breaks Down Feb 08 2005

Episode Seven Feb 15 2005

The Girl Who Strikes Again Jan 11 2005 - The girls have just started to get to know each other and already there is tension and bitch fights.... The girls do a photo shoot on horse back. The judges made the decision to eliminate

Episode Five Feb 01 2005

The Girl Who Makes A Poor Mark Jan 01 2005 - The girls have a busy week they move into a penthouse in Sydney and also do a photoshoot for swim wear...Erika and the panel question Nicole on her eating habits....The episode ends with Naomi ...more

The Girl Who Breaks The Edge Jan 18 2005

finale Mar 01 2005

Meet The Models

The Girl Who Becomes Australia's Next Top Model Feb 22 2006 - The girls are brought face-to-face with their last photoshoot, a clean beauty-shot where Erika watches intently. At panel, the judges are worried that Simone may not have the personality down ...more

Fashion 1.1 Feb 15 2006 - Erika tells the girls about how marketing plays a big role in a model's life. The girls are visited by Jo Ferguson, the fashion editor for Cleo magazine, to teach them about fashion. Later, the ...more

The Girl That Starts A Romance Jan 11 2006 - It's transformation week. This week the girls get a new hair style and make up tips. As the girls get to know each other, there are also tempers beginning to flair.

Letting Out Emotions Jan 18 2006 - Tempers heat up in the house as the competition continues.

The Girl That Had Back Pains Feb 01 2006 - This weeks focus in on movement and contol Adam takes the girls to Bondi Iceberg Pool, where they meet Olympic Gold Medalist Erika Graham. Caroline decides to leave this week, disappointed she ...more

Getting Back To Basics Jan 18 2006 - Team Work is the focus of this weeks task, the girls are left in the middle of bush land. Will they be able to work together as a team and navigate their way to the campsite?

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Models 24/7 Jan 04 2006 - 13 beautiful all new wannabe models from around the country arrive in Sydney for a shot at becoming Australia's Next Top Model - Game On!!


Oh-My Cleo Feb 08 2006 - Erika talks to the girls about the media and the role they will be playing in the girls' lives. Eboni returns which pleases some girls, but ruffles the feathers of others At judging the judges ...more

Week 8 Mar 08 2006

Movement May 15 2007 - There is an altercation between two of the girls. Their lesson and photo shoot is about dance and movement.

Los Angeles May 29 2007 - The three finalists head to Los Angeles where they will attend three Go Sees. Then they have a photoshoot without the help of Jonathan Pease. The girls then come back to Australia for

The Model Walk Apr 17 2007 - Runway walking is the focus of this week. The girls meet Mink Sadowsky, a former model and runway coach, and she offers the girls some invaluable advice. The girls appear in a runway show as ...more

Models 101 Mar 27 2007 - Let the search begin. 12 new contestants. Game On!

Know Your Product Apr 24 2007 - There are eight remaining girls left fighting for the title of Australia's Next Top Model.

Know Your Body Apr 03 2007 - Who is leaving the house at night? Who keeps the girls up at night? And which girl refuses to participate in a challenge result?

Know Your Fashion May 01 2007 - Jonathan and Jodhi have a quiz with the remaining girls on their fashion knowledge. They're then sent to Sydney Fashion Design Studio where they meet Nicholas Huxley, and one of his ex-pupils ...more

Model Behaviour May 08 2007 - This week the girls learn about etiquette and how to act around the paparazzi.

Transformation Apr 10 2007 - This week, Jodhi and Jonathan to talk to the girls about appearance and transformation, its make over day! The transformation takes place at GHD by the talented Dario, stylist for GHD. Paloma ...more

Acting & Presenting May 22 2007 - This week the girls learn how to present themselves to others. Which girl freezes and becomes speechless during an interview?

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The Girl Who Becomes Australia's Next Top Model Jun 05 2007 - The winner is announced. More Coming Soon.

London's Calling Jun 23 2009 - The Girls go to London!

A Fashion Baptism of Fire Apr 28 2009 - 13 aspiring models meet host Sarah Murdoch, who makes her debut in Cycle 5's season premiere, and a new pack of "Bitchketeers" emerges. Stay classy, Australia's Next Top Model!

Let's Get Physical May 05 2009 - Last week's elimination forces the girls to get serious, but that won't stop any of their hidden agendas. The gruelling photo shoot shows the girls to be real swingers, and they've got the ...more

Makeover Meltdown May 12 2009 - High Drama fills Makeover week, as some of the girls protest their new looks! Also, Cassi makes a threat to one of the girls for sabotaging her in a crucial challenge, and a beauty shoot reduces ...more

Runway Hell May 19 2009 - In an effort to make the girls take things more seriously after their walking lesson, Sarah sends the girls on an early, and unglamourous, runway assignment. Tensions grow in the house, before a ...more

Diamonds and the Desert May 26 2009 - This week the girls are put to the test on a farm shoot with a nasty stylist and some squealing pigs. The models then take part in an icy challenge, before a stunning desert shoot.