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Below is a complete Australian Idol episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Australian Idol episodes are listed along with the Australian Idol episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Australian Idol episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this poll include “Sydney Auditions: Part 1” and “Brisbane Auditions.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Australian Idol episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

From The Top 75 to the Top 40 Aug 03 2003 - The top 75 from the auditions are divided into three groups were they have to perform in their groups a dedicated song. After three days of practise, each group showed their skills to Mark, ...more

The Premiere Jul 27 2003 - In the premiere of Australin Idol, we saw the best and worst auditions with Mark, Marcia and Dicko in major cities around Australia. The picked 75 auditioners with talent to move on to the next

Semi Finals: Group 2 Perform Aug 17 2003 - The second Semi-Finals show! See 10 of the top 40 contestants perform to win the viewers vote! Who will you vote for?

Semi Finals: Group 2 Verdict Aug 18 2003 - The top two performers, from the previous episode are Matt Chadwick and Kelly Cavuoto voted in by the Australian public to be in the fianl 12.

Semi Finals: Group 1 Perform Aug 10 2003 - The semi's begin! The first 8 finalists give it their all in this first Semi-final!

The Top 40 Aug 04 2003 - Time to meet the Top 40 semi-finalists. Become familiar with these faces as in a few short weeks, the public will begin voting for who they believe should be the first 'Australian Idol'.

Performance 8: Contestants Choice Nov 09 2003 - As the competition is drawing to an end, the two remaining contestants, Guy and Shannon, perform to a crowd without comments from the judges!

Inside Idol #4 Oct 16 2003 - Go behind the scenes of 'that comment' by Mark Holden to Levi, more workout sessions and Paulini's 21st birthday.

Semi Finals: Group 5 Verdict Sep 08 2003 - Who out of the last semi-finals will be going through to the finals? Australia has voted for either Alex, Anton, Ben, Marcus, Paulini, Robert, Courtney or Stu. Find out which of these singers ...more

Up Close & Personal Oct 14 2003 - Five contestants, many questions, live performances with a 20 piece orchestra - how more close can you get? This is a special, one-off event.

Performance 4: The 80's Oct 12 2003 - Remember the great music from the ? Well, the six finalists are here to jog your memory!

Inside Idol #7 Nov 06 2003 - Find out what the final 3 have been up to in their house.

Inside Idol #3 Oct 09 2003 - What's the week been like for the finalists since the departure of Kelly and Rebekah? Find out in this 'behind the scenes' episode.

Semi Finals: Group 3 Perform Aug 24 2003 - The third group of eight semi-finalists give it their all to have one of two positions to be in the final 12.

Live Performance 8: Contestants Choice (Encore) Nov 13 2003 - If you missed Sunday's fantastic episode, here is your chance to catch up. This is an encore showing of Shannon and Guy's performances of their own choice of song, plus their versions of the ...more

Inside Idol #2 Oct 02 2003 - This week covers the 'eviction' of Cle and Lauren and their Melbourne performance at the MCG.

Semi Finals: Group 3 Verdict Aug 25 2003 - Which two out of the last episode's performers: Anthony, Yolande, Shannon, Rebekah, Guy, Martine, Ryan and Jennifer have been voted by the Australian public to join the top 12? Find out in this ...more

The Winner's Journey Nov 23 2003 - Now that we have our Australian Idol, take a trip of the last six months of Guy's amazing journey to make it to the top!

Performance 7: The 60's Nov 02 2003 - Groovy baby! Watch as the three finalists: Guy, Shannon and Cosima battle it out in this 60's special!

Inside Idol #5 Oct 23 2003 - Find out what the final contestants have bee up to in their house.

Performance 1: Verdict Sep 22 2003 - Two people will have their 'Idol' run come to an end tonight with the result of the public vote to be announced.

Performance 3: Verdict Oct 06 2003 - Who's performance of an Australian artist has gotten them through to the top six?

The Bad, The Mad and The Ugly Aug 26 2003 - Today you meet some of the interesting, strange and just plain bad, auditions in this one-off special showcasing some fine and not so fine auditions!

Semi Finals: Group 5 Perform Sep 07 2003 - The last group of eight top 40 contestants perform to win their spot in the top 10. Who will be the final two? It's all up to the Australian public.

Inside Idol #1 Sep 25 2003 - Take a look as to what its like to be an 'Australian Idol' finalist. This is the first week with the 12 finalists.

Performance 4: Verdict Oct 13 2003 - Who rocked the 80's the most? Find out in tonight's live verdict!

Performance 5: R&B/Soul Oct 19 2003 - The five remaining Idols are singing the blues, rhythem and blues that is! A very special guest star, international R&B star Usher will be guesting on this episode.

Semi Finals: Group 4 Verdict Sep 01 2003 - The fourth live verdict show where the viewers have decided out of the previous night's eight performers (Mary, Michelle, Costa, Brielle, Levi, Cle, Brandon and Lauren) which two are progressing ...more

Performance 2: Verdict Sep 29 2003 - Who from the top 10 will survive to be in the Top Eight? Find out tonight!

Performance 7: Verdcict Nov 03 2003 - Who wowed the audience and recieved the most votes from their 60's performances the night before? Is the last night for Cosima, Guy or Shannon?

Quentin Crashes Australian Idol Nov 10 2003 - This special shows Quentin, a personality in Australia, very persistent in trying to be an Australian Idol contestant! Go behind the scenes with Quentin in his quest to get on the stage!

Inside Idol #6 Oct 30 2003 - Watch this edition of Inside Idol to see how the contestants coped with Paulini leaving the competition, picking songs for the 60's show and see Mark Holden sing at his old high school.

Performance 6: Verdict Oct 27 2003 - Which performer earnt the BIG votes from their BIG Band performance? And who will be leaving the group tonight, leaving the numbers down to three!

Semi Finals: Group 4 Perform Aug 31 2003 - It's down to the second-last semi-finals with another 8 contestants battling for a spot in the top 10!

Showdown Tour Nov 16 2003 - Join Shannon and Guy as they do 5 states in 4 days on the BMG Showdown Tour! Follow their adventures of the past week!

Semi Finals: Group 1 Verdict Aug 11 2003 - We find out the first two contestant's voted by the Australian public to be in the final 12. They are Peter and Daniel!

Performance 6: Big Band Oct 26 2003 - How will the final four Idol contestants go when they sing with a 'Big Band'?

Performance 1: The 70's Sep 21 2003 - Watch as the top 12 perform hits from the in their first live performance on a new stage!

Performance 2: Aussie Number Ones Sep 28 2003 - Watch as the top 10 perform songs that have reached number one on the Aussie Charts!

Wildcard: Judge's Choice Sep 14 2003 - The judges have decided on 10 contestants to recieve a second-chance to make it to the finals! Two people will be selected - one by the judges and one by the Australian voting public. Who will

Performance 3: Aussie Made Oct 05 2003 - Watch the top 8 perform songs from Aussie artists in front of a live audience! What will the judges say this week?

Grand Finale Nov 19 2003 - It's come down to this - the grand finale which will announce the winner of the first Australian Idol!!! Who will it be in this two hour finale including performances by the other finalists and ...more

Wildcard: Live Verdict Sep 15 2003 - Based on the performances in the previous episode, The 10 wildcards will fight for the two positions left in the finals! The judges will choose one person, while the viewers will choose the

Performance 5: Verdict Oct 20 2003 - Who will make it to the top 4? Find out tonight!

The Final 12: Australian Made Sep 05 2004 - The finals are starting! Tonight the top 12 perform all Aussie hits in front of a studio audience!

The Final 12: Verdict Sep 06 2004 - Who will be the first person eliminated from the final 12?

Audition 1: Melbourne/Tamworth Jul 13 2004 - Tonight's premiere of Season 2 goes to the Auditions of Melbourne and Tamworth. With plenty of excitement, shock, and of course, entertaining auditions! Mark, Marica and Dicko are back in a ...more

Up Close and Personal - The Top 5 Oct 19 2004 - No judges, no pressure, the top 5 sing songs and bare their souls for the Australian public in this special episode.

Performance Live Verdict - Big Band Nov 01 2004 - Who is leaving the competition after last night's Big Band performance?

Wild Card: Verdict Aug 30 2004 - The last three finalists will be decided with the judges deciding two, and the Australian public deciding the other! Who will make up the last of the top 12?