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TV Full List of Ballykissangel Episodes

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Below is a complete Ballykissangel episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Ballykissangel episodes are listed along with the Ballykissangel episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Ballykissangel episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “The Things We Do for Love” and “Drink.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Ballykissangel episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Behind the Scenes of Ballykissangel

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On Ballykissangel Trail

Summer Holiday

The Things We Do for Love Feb 18 1996 - As Peter Clifford settles into his new parish, Brian Quigley's holiday home development seems stalled by a young couple living in a caravan near to the site. Peter gets involved when he hears ...more

The Power and the Gory Mar 10 1996 - Brian Quigley is persuaded to stand for election against Sean Dooley, after the death of the local representative to the Irish Parliament - The Dail. Brian pays for a replacement church bell, ...more

Fallen Angel Mar 03 1996 - Angel FM, a pirate radio station in the village, keeps Ambrose busy, while Father Peter is told he must get his own transport or lose his job. Assumpta gives him driving lessons which prove to ...more

Live in My Heart and Pay No Rent Feb 25 1996 - Niamh's wedding plans are disrupted when a stone statue falls off the church and through her fiancee's car. As he had only just got out of the car he takes it as a sign that he should become a ...more

Trying to Connect You Feb 11 1996 - Father Peter Clifford's journey from England ends in his new parish, the small Irish town of Ballykissangel. It's a change from his previous job in the centre of Manchester, but this rural Irish ...more

Missing You Already Mar 17 1996 - Father Peter is told that he must return to England, but the BallyK community is determined to put a stop to that idea In the meantime, Brian is working overtime on a range of gimmicks designed ...more

The Reckoning May 03 1998 - Peter returns to BallyK with a lot of things on his mind. Ambrose catches him, and most of the regulars, at Fitzgerald's after hours, and all face charges. Assumpta's pleas that it was a private ...more

I Know When I'm Not Wanted Mar 29 1998 - Peter returns to BallyK to discover a pair of scantily clad young women in his house. It transpires that Brian's bankruptcy has forced him to rent out the house. There is much worse to come when ...more

Lost Sheep Apr 12 1998 - A young woman arrives in BallyK hoping to find news of her family. Kathleen and Father Mac are particularly uncomfortable around her and Padraig thinks he might be the girl's father, but his ...more

Personal Call Apr 05 1998 - Assumpta's marriage isn't going well. Leo is finding it difficult settling in and an article written he is writing confirms Assumpta's suspicions. Peter can see there are problems but manages to ...more

Stardust in Your Eyes Mar 15 1998 - With Assumpta on a break in London, Niamh is left to look after the pub, but the new baby is taking it's toll her and she agrees to let Ambrose's mother Imelda help her. Brian is still trying to ...more

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Changing Times! Mar 08 1998 - Brian's latest business venture to attract Korean investors involves bulldozing a local beauty spot. It's not something the locals are going to allow without a fight and they stage a protest on ...more

When a Child Is Born Mar 01 1998 - With the birth of Niamh's baby approaching the last thing she needs is a stressful visit from Ambrose's mother, Imelda. Kathleen discovers a miracle at the church 0 a statue has started to ...more

Amongst Friends May 04 1998 - Peter says a final goodbye to Assumpta and takes off on a long walk. Ambrose eventually finds him at the statue of the Blessed Virgin where he and Assumpta once met and talked. Ambrose is angry ...more

The Waiting Game Apr 19 1998 - The town catches lottery fever after it is announced that the winner bought the Lotto ticket in Kathleen's shop. The win is worth £6 million. Nobody knows who it is and the normally calm ...more

The Fortune in Men's Eyes Mar 22 1998 - Brian is depressed but not defeated after the loss of a major investment. The bank has repossessed his house and car, and when he learns that Ambrose's mother has quite a bit of money tucked ...more

Pack Up Your Troubles Apr 26 1998 - Assumpta returns from talking to Leo in Dublin and is upset to discover that Peter's mother is dying and he is visiting her in England. Brian finally has some money and starts up his new ...more

Someone to Watch over Me Feb 02 1997 - Every village has a busybody, and Kathleen is best places in BallyK. As the owner of the grocery shop she keeps track of everybody's business. Her cousin Nora Harrigan takes a job as Brian's ...more

As Happy as a Turkey on Boxing Day Dec 21 1997 - Everyone's Christmas plans fall apart when Padraig's son, Kevin, gets trapped down a mine shaft. Peter has been landed with Timmy, Father Mac's nephew, who is soon to be ordained. Meanwhile ...more

The Facts of Life Jan 26 1997 - A baby that has been abandoned on Peter's doorstep cause him and Assumpta a sleepless night. As the hunt continues for the baby's mother, Peter organises a 'sex talk' for the local youths. ...more

In the Can Jan 19 1997 - Brian makes a video to attract American tourists to Ballykissangel, but the locals' acting skills are tested to the limit - and it's not a pretty sight. Niamh's food cravings are taking their ...more

River Dance Jan 12 1997 - Local school teacher, Brendan, faces losing his job because of falling numbers at the National School in BallyK But parents and fiends discover that Father Mac is responsible for the decision, ...more

For One Night Only Jan 05 1997 - Assumpta doesn't hold a very high opinion of the church. In the annual slave auction she is sold to Father Mac who does not hold a very high opinion of Assumpta. As a result, she has to provide ...more

Only Skin Deep Feb 09 1997 - Brian is organising a beauty contest as part of the village festival, to find the new model for a bottled water company. Every entrant has to be local. Eamonn stuns the town by introducing his ...more

Money, Money, Money Feb 16 1997 - Kathleen's house goes up in flames and as she has no insurance the villagers start a collection, although Peter is hard pressed to find any money, given Father Mac's constant demands on his ...more

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Chinese Whispers Feb 23 1997 - Two mysterious strangers have the villagers intrigued. They come to the conclusion that they are revenue men, and everyone apparently has something to hide: Eamonn has been using farm diesel in ...more

Turf Oct 25 1998 - Dr Ryan's winning streak in the local horse race is threatened by Razor, who belongs to Danny. He is betting on himself in order to raise the funds to stable Razor in Dublin. If he loses he'll ...more

It's a Man's Life Nov 29 1998 - Niamh's and Ambrose's relationship is disintegrating and he takes it out on everyone else by applying the letter of the law. He doesn't know where to start to repair his marriage, and things are ...more

He Healeth the Sick Sep 27 1998 - Father Aidan's alleged healing hands land him in trouble when it transpires that the woman he helped is making a fraudulent compensation claim for her injuries. He appeals to her conscience to ...more

The Odd Couple Oct 18 1998 - Donal becomes very secretive about the new woman in his life, Suzie. He's taking time off work and it's affecting his relationship with Liam. He has to keep her well fed or she may become ...more

The Final Frontier Dec 06 1998 - A big storm threatens the town, all the animals on Eamonn's farm are acting strangely and Donal's Uncle Minto thinks the storm could be a signal of an imminent UFO landing. Not only that, but he ...more

All Bar One Sep 20 1998 - Fitzgerald's is waiting for its new owner and there are plenty of prospective bidders: Brian wants Niamh to run it; but his main competition is Bella Mooney, who wants to turn the pub into an ...more

It's a Family Affair Nov 01 1998 - Brian is preparing for the pre-opening tournament at his golf course. Micky Keeler doesn't approve of the tournament list but he eventually agrees - then tries to bribe Liam and Donal to fix the ...more

Bread and Water Oct 04 1998 - With the birth of Siobhan's baby approaching she starts to look at all her options for the big event, but Brendan is disturbed when she decides on a water birth. Sean's daughter, Emma, turns up ...more

Par for the Course Oct 11 1998 - Brian is still planning to buy the golf course, but he can't find the necessary funds without some help. Orla knows a man who might have the answer - Micky Keeler, a lotto winner who is ...more

Births, Deaths and Marriages Nov 22 1998 - Siobhan and Brendan are secretly planning their wedding but Aidan is not convinced that their reasons are genuine. Having kept it quiet, Siobhan tells Niamh that they are marrying for practical ...more

As Stars Look Down Nov 15 1998 - Henry, an African Bishop who was once one of Father Mac's curates, pays a flying visit to the town. Aidan has organised a bingo night but there is a danger that the celebrity bingo caller won't ...more

Rock Bottom Nov 08 1998 - A statue is discovered on Sean's land. It's a 'sheelnagig' - a fertility symbol. Kathleen is disgusted by it and even more disgusted by Aidan's apathy towards it. The statue goes missing and ...more

Brendan's Crossing Nov 07 1999 - The Headmaster's post is soon to be vacant and Brendan is in line for the job. He withdraws his name from the list of candidates when he sees a Christian Brother is one of the candidates, and ...more

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Arrivals and Departures Dec 28 1999 - It is the day before Niamh and Sean's Wedding and the men of the village are desperate for him to have a stag night. Sean isn't too excited about the prospect of a night around the bar in ...more

With a Song in My Heart Dec 05 1999 - Sean decides to go and see Niamh, although it turns out to be a far bigger experience than he had expected, what with ruining the market and racing through a stream to get Kieran. Meanwhile, ...more

Hello and Farewell Oct 03 1999 - It is the eve of Ambrose's funeral. Sean arrives to give Niamh a gift. Brian opens the door and accepts it on her behalf. Niamh watches Sean from the window. The gift is a mourning brooch. The ...more

Love's Labours Dec 19 1999 - Mairead has a crush on Aiden, but he doesn't realise this until she kisses him. Her mother wants answers, and Frankie has to question Aiden, who blames himself. Meanwhile, Niamh and Sean ...more

Behind Bars Oct 31 1999 - Paul Dooley is released from prison, having spent six months inside for tax fraud. Now bankrupt he does not know that his wife, Oonagh, has arranged a new life for him and their two children, ...more

The Outsiders Nov 28 1999 - Conor tells Orla that he has been offered some work in Spain, and wants to know if there is a future for them. She tells him to go. Frankie finds her own brand of justice for Paul - Community ...more

Eureka Oct 24 1999 - A woman representing Australian mining interests arrives in BallyK looking for a ""man called Quigley"". If Brian can prove his relationship to another Quigley from BallyK, ...more