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Below is a list of all Bandini cars & models that have come out so far. This Bandini vehicle model list includes photos of Bandini vehicles along with release dates and body types of each car. Did you used to drive one of the old Bandini cars on this list? The company has had hits and misses, but definitely have put out some great cars. Items on this poll include Bandini Formula Three and Bandini 1000 This list of car models made by Bandini is a great way to see how Bandini has evolved over the years. Bandini types also have car class information available if you click on their names and go to their dedicated page.
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The Bandini formula three is a racing car model produced from 1954 until 1958 by Bandini Automobili of Forlì. This type, produced at the same two-seater sports was born in order to participate in the 750 cc engine capacity race-only category. This gave birth first to Formula Junior and later Formula Three. The characteristics that make the Bandini F3 historically important are the unprecedented postponement of box differential and testing of disc brakes on all four wheels. Disc brakes had only recently appeared on racing cars with the advent of the 1951 C-type, which used them to great advantage at Le Mans. The advantages of disc brakes were mainly limited solely to lower unsprung masses as ...more on Wikipedia

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The Bandini 1000 sports prototype is a racing car built for the season 1972 by Bandini Cars Forlì. This car marked some significant changes in the landscape of production Bandini. Presented an original color orange, suffered an accident to "Targa Florio", 1972 and in repair, Ilario Bandini decided to change its color in this shade of blue. Today is red and blue. At the presentation the wheel rims were aluminium Campagnolo, in 1975 were replaced by new Bandini central hub with six to eight races in aluminium and half dismantled. One development is also in the size and position of rear monoplane wing that compared the presentation is moved upward and increased in width. ...more on Wikipedia

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The Bandini 1000 is a race car, built in 1966 by Bandini Cars Forlì. This new sports prototype, replaces the P 1000 which inherits the engine bialbero Bandini of 1000 cc engine displacement, constantly updated and improved, the scheme standstill four-wheel independent and structure of the chassis, which is only tightened with the use of new elements in the same material. With the 1000/66 the disc brakes become a constant for the following types, while entirely new for Bandini is the adoption of exchange Colotti five marches and the positioning of the twin radiator that are rear placed. ...more on Wikipedia

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The Bandini 1000 GT is a road car produced in 1963 by Bandini Cars of Forlì, Italy. This road model, the second Bandini Gran Turismo, used the new engine, introduced in the sports cars of the same period, the, detuned to increase reliability and limit interventions review. It was the first Bandini with a five-speed synchronized gearbox. The 1000 GT preserved the traditional front engine rear drive layout. The chassis benefitted from experience with the 1000 motor rear and uses a design directly derived from the sport that precedes the same system and front and rear suspension. On the front wheels are disc brakes, while the rear drum remain. The alloy body was designed by a coachbuilder from ...more on Wikipedia