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Below is a complete Barnaby Jones episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Barnaby Jones episodes are listed along with the Barnaby Jones episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Barnaby Jones episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “Daughter of Evil,” “Perchance to Kill” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Barnaby Jones episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Perchance to Kill Mar 11 1973 - Tony Bloom accuses his associate Steve Kingston of a theft and of having an affair with his wife. Steve kills Tony pretending an assault by two hippies. Barnaby is hired to find Christie and her ...more

Sunday-Doomsday Feb 25 1973 - Just released Howard Lee meditates revenge on Barnaby Jones who put him into prison. He sends a funeral wreath, predicts Barnaby's death on Sunday and is constantly watching him. When Betty ...more

Twenty Million Alibis May 06 1973 - During a TV talk show presenting his memoirs former jewel thief Tony Neill plans to steal a diamond necklace unnoticed during a break. He succeeds, but kills the butler. Barnaby is hired by an ...more

To Denise, With Love and Murder Apr 22 1973 - Alex Chandler kills his mistress Denise during a quarrel, because she talked to his rich wife Hazel hoping to encourage a divorce. A disappointed Hazel leaves home and as she does not return her ...more

Murder Go-Round Apr 15 1973 - Nick Gorman, who tries in vain to meet Johnny Arthur, is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Barnaby poses as a man on a fishing trip to investigate. The townspeople Flory, Johnson, Spake and Rile ...more

The Murdering Class Mar 04 1973 - When caught stealing exam questions Paul accidentally kills George Enright. His friend Charles Lomax makes it look like a drunken George stole money and fell to death. When Barnaby is hired to ...more

Requiem for a Son Jan 28 1973 - After his private detective son Hal Jones is shot, retired Barnaby Jones decides to solve the murder with the help of Frank Cannon. They find out that Hal was working for Terry McCormack, who ...more

See Some Evil, Do Some Evil Apr 08 1973 - Harry Warren is shot by Stanley Lambert, the seemingly blind pianist at ""The Offside"" club. Barnaby finds out that larger amounts from Warren's account did not go to his ...more

Murder in the Doll's House Mar 25 1973 - While working on a revealing book Harry Doyle is killed. Looking for the missing writer and his manuscript Barnaby meets Harry's friend Nancy. Finally he spots the missing pages in the doll's ...more

The Loose Connection Mar 18 1973 - Barnaby travels to Baja California with Eleanor to find her father. Way back his car is damaged in an accident. Unwittingly he has been used as heroin courier. He calls Eleanor to account and ...more

Sing a Song of Murder Apr 01 1973 - When rock music star Rick Michaels accidentally falls into his empty pool his girl friend April thinks he is dead. Rick's managers Rooney and Paige believe the same and fearing for their salary ...more

A Little Glory, a Little Death Apr 29 1973 - Gloria overhears aging movie star Jason Craig's involvement in drug smuggling. Her blackmail threat leads to her death and Jason pushes her car over a cliff. Her daughter Doris hires Barnaby, ...more

To Catch a Dead Man Feb 04 1973 - Wealthy married Philip Carlyle persuades unwitting Mike Hartney to sail his cabin cruiser with a time bomb aboard. After the explosion Phil is believed to be dead and can begin a new life with ...more

Death Leap Sep 23 1973 - To get money for his gambling loans lawyer Peter Harris masterminds a gem robbery. To distract the police he hires high-wire artist Roy Hason who pretends to jump from a roof in a suicide. When ...more

The Killing Defense Dec 02 1973 - As a defense counsel Edward Brendon clears Doug Anthony of stealing precious jewels. When Anthony digs out the hidden jewelry he is shot by Brendon, who is assisted by Anthony's wife Gail. She ...more

The Day of the Viper Oct 07 1973 - Liza Mills, a former student of Barnaby's, asks for help when her father is killed by a snake bite and the suspicion falls on her adopted brother Kevin. Barnaby gains Kevin's confidence and ...more

Foul Play Mar 31 1974 - Sanderson, the manager of a basketball team, kills the brother-in-law of his star player Frank Hampton, when he is blackmailed due to Frank's foul play. Sanderson also kills Tony, an unwanted ...more

Secret of the Dunes Dec 16 1973 - Going by motorcycle Mason witnesses the secret burial of a murdered girl in the dunes. He is chased to death into an abyss by a helicopter. Barnaby, searching for Mason, traces wealthy Charles ...more

Programmed for Killing Jan 27 1974 - Pretending to get the birthday present for Emily, Chuck leaves the restaurant and rings up Emily's father at the company. By computer he activates a gear that kills the man. Barnaby ...more

The Black Art of Dying Nov 25 1973 - After meeting psychic Jason Matthews on Kay Rogers' party Byron Colling is killed in a strange car accident. Byron's son hires Barnaby to investigate the cause. Kay hopes to find her child - ...more

Dark Legacy Mar 03 1974 - Barnaby Jones Season 2.

Echo of a Murder Sep 30 1973 - Gil Atkens is accused of murdering his wife as several people saw him quarrel with Claire in a boat and striking her with the oar when she fell into the water. Although Barnaby gets a film that ...more

Woman in the Shadows Mar 10 1974 - When Leila Evanston dies after a plastic surgery following a serious car accident doctor Danvers talks his mistress Karen into posing as Leila in order to save his career. While Mr. Evanston ...more

The Deadly Prize Nov 04 1973 - Hollister is killed in the harbour by the dropping load of a crane. Barnaby investigates for an insurance company and uncovers the smuggling of a precious small emerald Buddha in a thermos, with ...more

The Platinum Connection Jan 20 1974 - When platinum manufacturers Nate Turner and Mitch Mitchell fake a robbery to collect money from the insurance company, Nate is killed by Mitch. Employee Mary Dwayne becomes witness of the fraud ...more

Gold Record for Murder Feb 10 1974 - When his 'ghost writer' Ray wants the proper credit for his songs, rock star David Colton kills him with a drug overdose. David tries to get rid of his manager Gil, who knows about Ray's songs. ...more

Image in a Cracked Mirror Mar 24 1974 - Angie McClaine hires Barnaby to find her husband, who has disappeared and in reality is a marriage impostor that takes the identities of successful men. He marries rich Vanessa and poses as a ...more

Blind Terror Sep 16 1973 - While watching something terrible happen to her room mate Michelle college student Amy steps back, falls down the stairs and is left blind and cannot recall the events. In search for Michelle ...more

Catch Me If You Can Oct 21 1973 - Shortly before discovering the identity of the long sought ""Butterfly Killer"" Eddie Wheelock commits suicide. His friend and colleague Barnaby tries to prove it was murder. ...more

Fatal Flight Dec 09 1973 - Theodore Gordon is killed in a plane crash when trying to transport important documents for an international company. Another member dies in a parachute jump. Barnaby finds out Gordon had a love ...more

Trial Run for Death Oct 14 1973 - Curt Fowler discovers his brother-in-law, race car champion Mark Landy, kissing Lori Wright. As he threatens to tell his sister, Mark kills him and tries to fake a trial run accident. When ...more

Friends 'till Death Feb 17 1974 - Betty becomes Barnaby's new client when Susan, her college friend, mysteriously falls to death after trying to seek his help. Barnaby finds the key for a locker filled with heroin and Betty has ...more

Stand-In for Death Nov 11 1973 - Medic Marshall Briggs watches his wife Ellie leaving Gary Denning's boat. He kills the assumed rival and fakes a boating accident. When Barnaby discovers that Ellie's lover is tennis teacher ...more

Rendezvous with Terror Feb 24 1974 - Juan DeVarga, a terminally ill Latin American leader, wants Barnaby to locate his son John Revez as he needs an heir. Barnaby finds out that Revez is also Javier, leader of a terrorist group ...more

The Deadly Jinx Jan 13 1974 - After several boyfriends of rich orphaned Jenny Sutherland have been killed or crippled, the housekeeper Kathy Revere asks Barnaby to investigate. Jenny believes she is a jinx, but Barnaby tries ...more

Divorce - Murderer's Style Oct 28 1973 - Knowing his rich wife Linda wants to divorce him, Charlie Cord hires Wilson to kill Linda on a parking lot, while Charlie shoots ""the mugger"" as an unwanted witness. ...more

Venus as in Flytrap Jan 06 1974 - After killing Margery, the disabled wife of her lover Larry, to accelerate a marriage Brooke is bitten by the family's dog. Margery's father doubts a suicide and hires Barnaby. Brooke tries to ...more

Murder Once Removed Jan 21 1975 - When her rich father-in-law R.B. Catlin repudiates her, Melissa kills him in a boating accident. His sister Meg hires Barnaby. When the family reunites at the opening of the will, Arthur, ...more

Trap Play Jan 07 1975 - Football player Mark Rainey borrows the key of the apartment of his colleague Feather to have a rendezvous with Marsha. When she feels harrassed, Mark kills her accidentally. Marsha's husband ...more

Odd Man Loses Oct 08 1974 - The car pool sharers Don, Mel and Steve assault Mel's boss on a trip to San Diego. But during the robbery the man is killed. Barnaby traces Mel who gets nervous and wants to leave to Mexico with ...more

Forfeit by Death Oct 15 1974 - Young law student Jim Wayburn makes common cause with defendant Ross Kemper who stole jewels and forfeited a large bond from the company of Jim's employer Roxy Morgan, an old friend of ...more

Web of Deceit Dec 10 1974 - While Larry Colter distracts Hillary, the maid of the Tatums, Adam Montgomery photographs secret memos that will expose Tatum's boss J.E. Brock. When Tatum surprises him, they kill him arranging ...more

Bond of Fear Apr 15 1975 - Shortly after a quarrel with his wife Florence Harold Armstrong is pushed over banisters and killed. Russ Madden hires Barnaby to prove Florence's innocence. Nora, Harold's mistress tries to ...more

Counterfall Feb 04 1975 - Lured to the courthouse by a false subpoena, Greg Albin suddenly becomes prime suspect in the murder of a judge. He forces Barnaby to help him, but is injured by Biddle in an attempt to escape. ...more

The Challenge Sep 24 1974 - Private eye Frank Cabot blackmails unfaithful husband Arnold Moore for whose wife he works. During a quarrel Moore falls from a roof top. Barnaby has to match wits with his criminal colleague, ...more

The Deadlier Species Mar 18 1975 - Betty poses as rich widow Miss Enright to get access to the ""Center for Female Consciousness"" in order to clear up the death of lawyer George Lockman. When she finds proof ...more

Fantasy of Fear Feb 25 1975 - One year after the death of her daughter Sandy, Kay Lewiston is haunted by a mysterious call from a little girl. She also finds Sandy's pet panda bear and hires Barnaby to clear the mystery and ...more

Image of Evil Feb 18 1975 - Director Darrin Addison kills aging film star Chambers, who ruined the production with his drunkenness, to get the money from the life insurance to save the project. Barnaby investigates for the ...more

Time to Kill Nov 26 1974 - After a party host Colby Lassiter advances the clock unnoticed and gives George Weatherly a narcotic. Then he disappears to steal a precious diamond from the house of his guest. But everything ...more

The Last Contract Dec 31 1974 - After marrying Vicki Clay Wakefield wants to quit his career as a professional killer, much to the dismay of his younger brother Lester. When Lester tries to shoot Barnaby, who is looking for ...more