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Below is a complete Barney & Friends episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Barney & Friends episodes are listed along with the Barney & Friends episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Barney & Friends episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Squares, Squares Everywhere” to “The One and Only You.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Barney & Friends episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Mother Goose; Fairy Tales Oct 09 2006 -

The Amazing Captain Pickles, A Hero Adventure Sep 24 2008 -

The Reluctant Dragon, A Fairy Tale Adventure Sep 26 2008 -

Big Brother Rusty: China Sep 08 2009 - arney's excited to find out that Rusty's family is adopting a new baby girl from China; however, Rusty's not sure if he's going to be a good brother, and he doesn't know much about China. Barney ...more

A Game For Everyone, A Sports Adventure Sep 25 2008 - Barney sets up a sports day in the park. Baby Bop encourages a special needs child to join the fun.

To Catch A Thief, A Mystery Adventure Sep 22 2008 -

Bienvenido Barney: Mexico Sep 07 2009 - Baby Bop's friend Monty the butterfly passes through the park with a flock of friends on their way to Mexico. When Monty gets left behind by his insect friends and family, Barney takes everyone ...more

Riff's Musical Zoo/The Princess and the Frog Oct 12 2007 -

Ahora Mismo: Spain Sep 09 2009 - Ben is late to the park and is disappointed to realize he missed his chance at riding a real pony. He has waited his whole life for this, and now it looks as if he’s missed his opportunity. ...more

Days of the Week and Sharing Oct 05 2006 -

Dancing and Singing Oct 11 2006 -

Neighborhood and Careers Oct 12 2006 -

The Queen of Make-Believe Apr 06 1992 - It looks like rain. But Min has decided to become the Queen Of Make-Believe. Suddenly, it looks like lots of fun! With Barney leading his Friends on a romp of games, songs and activities. They ...more

My Family's Just Right for Me Apr 07 1992 - It's the eve of ""Family Night"" at school. A super time for Barney & Friends to celebrate all those wonderful folks (and even pets!) at home. With paintings, books, ...more

Playing It Safe Apr 08 1992 - Barney and his friends learn some fun lessons about ""playing it safe."" The kids create cardboard-box cars to teach the rules about seatbelt use and crossing the street ...more

Hop to It! Apr 09 1992 - When Tina and Luci are playing basketball, Tina is disappointed when she can't play as well as her older sister or the other big kids. Barney stops by to show Tina all the great things she can ...more

Eat, Drink and Be Healthy! Apr 10 1992 - Barney and his friends discover they have plenty of ""food for thought"" as they learn about nutrition. Discovering the four food groups and the importance of eating healthy ...more

Four Seasons Day Apr 13 1992 - Talk about the weather! The kids do much more than that as Barney squeezes all four seasons into one rollicking make-believe holiday. You won't believe how much fun you can have celebrating the ...more

The Treasure of Rainbow Bend Apr 14 1992 - After the kids and Barney enjoy reading a scary pirate book, the book's character, Rainbow Beard, appears and gives them a treasure map of their own to solve. In order to find the treasure, the ...more

Going Places! Apr 15 1992 - After Luci and Tina leave for a plane trip to their grandmother's house, the other kids wish they could travel too. Barney drops by and takes them for a trip on ""Barney Airlines, ...more

Caring Means Sharing Apr 16 1992 - Barney is a very large dinosaur--but there may not be enough of him to go around when Min and Kathy quarrel over whose turn it is to play with their big purple pal. Coming from a big family, Min ...more

Down on Barney's Farm Apr 17 1992 - The kid's learn and draw pictures of farm animals, but Shawn is unhappy with his drawing when no one knows what it is. Barney pops in to cheer him up and show the children an imaginary farm

What's That Shadow? Apr 20 1992 - A sudden thunderstorm chases the kids into the classroom, where they are frightened by the rain, thunder and lightning. Barney arrives and tells them how to use positive thoughts to change their ...more

Happy Birthday, Barney! Apr 21 1992 - It's Barney birthday and everyone is excited about throwing him the best party ever, using classroom materials and their imagination! Barney teaches his friends about birthday customs around the ...more

Alphabet Soup! Apr 22 1992 - When Barney arrives to play with his friends, Derek, plays ""alphabet fun"" by spelling a ""mystery word"" a letter at a time. The group plays games and ...more

Our Earth, Our Home Apr 23 1992 - The school's ""Earth Week"" has Barney and his friends all abuzz about things they can do to protect the earth. Through fun-filled songs, the children learn the importance of ...more

Let's Help Mother Goose! Apr 24 1992 - Mother Goose needs help! A bookworm has eaten the pages from her book of nursery rhymes, and Barney & Friends must help her remember the missing rhymes! Songs, dances, puzzles and puppets ...more

Be a Friend Apr 27 1992 - Barney finds Tosha, a new girl at school, lonely and without friends. He introduces her to Michael, Derek, and Kathy. Together, they learn why doing things with friends is much more fun than ...more

I Just Love Bugs! Apr 28 1992 - Barney & Friends are really ""going buggy"" as they discover the world of bugs and insects around us. Tina gains confidence being a girl who likes bugs. Michael shares a ...more

When I Grow Up… Apr 29 1992 - Getting big is a big responsibility--and Shawn and the other kids are worried about doing a grown-up job. Barney guides his friends through the many careers there are to choose from, and shows ...more

1-2-3-4-5 Senses! Apr 30 1992 - Luci introduces her new friend, Patty (who is visually impaired), to Barney, Michael, Tina and Kathy. Patty comments that a beautiful day can be experienced through more of one's senses than ...more

Practice Makes Music May 01 1992 - Michael is scheduled to play a cello solo at the school concert in a few days and he is nervous about playing in front of all those people. Barney invites his friend Greg Murray to teach the ...more

Hi, Neighbor! May 04 1992 - Barney & Friends are in the mood for an adventure--and they have one, when they all help Baby Bop learn more about neighborhoods! Imagination makes the journey magical with role-playing, an ...more

A Camping We Will Go! May 05 1992 - Barney's friends wish to camp in the woods and Barney makes there wish come true. While there they meet woodland creatures like a raccoon and a kookaburra. Lucy also tells them a scary story ...more

A Splash Party, Please May 06 1992 - The kids have planned a picnic and Barney's invited. After enjoying some healthy fare, the kids have fun with bubbles. Baby Bop arrives and a ""Splash Party"" ensues, ...more

Carnival of Numbers May 07 1992 - Someone (i don't remember who) needs to learn how to count. Barney makes a carnival of numbers on the playground. They play limbo, throw a football through the tire swing, bowl, and have a ...more

A World of Music May 08 1992 - The kids wish they could travel to other countries to see them firsthand. Barney & Friends use their imagination to travel to Scotland, Israel, Africa, China and Mexico, where hosts expose ...more

Doctor Barney is Here! May 11 1992 - An upcoming trip to the Doctor has Kathy feeling blue. Abig dose of purple is just what she needs. Barney and friends to the rescue. They get her laughing with some zany songs then lead her ...more

Oh, What a Day! May 12 1992 - Tina is having a dismal day. The greatest misfortune came when her kitten ran out the door. Barney helps turn things around by making rhythm instruments, dancing, amd drawing faces.

Home Sweet Homes May 13 1992 - Barney lectures on animals' homes based on children's pictures. The children also draw pictures of different houses for people.

¡Hola, Mexico! May 14 1992 - Luci tells everyone about her grandfather, whose birthday had been a few days back. Barney recommends that everyone hold a fiesta. Everyone gets in on the fiesta music, and they are surprised to ...more

Everyone is Special May 15 1992 - Tina doesn't think she is special in anyway. Barney points out a special talent in all of his friends. He says he has a special surprise for everyone that will show them someone special, It is a ...more

Playing Games/Fun with Reading

Pets; Vets Sep 28 2006 -



May I Help You?

Red, Blue, and Circles, Too! Sep 30 1993 -

Honk! Honk! A Goose on the Loose! Oct 01 1993 -

Hoo's in the Forest?