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Below is a complete Beakman's World episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Beakman's World episodes are listed along with the Beakman's World episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Beakman's World episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Blood, Beakmania and Dreams” and “Gravity, Beakmania & Inertia.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Beakman's World episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Best of Beakman's World A collection of episodes of the television program where a science teacher named Beakman answers children's questions about science.

Blood, Beakmania and Dreams Oct 02 1992 - Beakman explains how blood provides food and oxygen to the human body and removes the blood cells' waste products while defending your body from disease. He also covers questions on the speed of ...more

Gravity, Beakmania & Inertia Sep 19 1992 - Beakman explains the laws of gravity; Galileo shows the effects of gravity;. Sir Isaac Newton explains inertia; how a seat belt helps save lives.

Gravity, Beakmania, & Inertia Sep 12 1992 - Beakman es un científico excéntrico que hace experimentos cómicos y demostraciones, a veces a petición escrita de los televidentes, para ilustrar los conceptos ...more

Noises at Night, Beakmania & The Nose Sep 26 1992 - Beakman explains why your house creaks at night. And then explains the purpose of snot and mucus in your nose.

Electricity, Beakmania, & Light Bulbs Oct 23 1992 - Beakman reveals the truth on electrical currents, if carrots improve eyesight and explores the workings of the electric light.

Levers, Beakmania, & Television Nov 14 1992 - Beakman reveals the three different kinds of levers and how to use them and reveals how a television works.

Bubbles, Beakmania & Feet Nov 28 1992 - Beakman shows why bubbles are round, explaining that since a bubble is trapped gas, a sphere is the shape that can hold the most air with the least amount of bubble solution. He also sticks his ...more

Leaves, Beakmania, & Paper Oct 10 1992 - In this episode, Beakman shows how plants "eat," reveals a host of creepy animal facts and shows how to make and recycle paper.

Thermodynamics, Beakmania & Pimples Dec 25 1992 - Beakman explains thermodynamics by showing how hot things cool and cold things warm up to room temperature, and how molecules move faster when they are hot than when they are cold. Afterward, ...more

Sound, Beakmania, & Explosions Oct 31 1992 - Beakman tells us about sound and how explosions are made.

Bees, Beakmania & Earthquakes Feb 20 1993 - Beakman discusses how bees live and produce honey. He also explains how shifting plates on the earth's surface cause earthquakes.

Scientific Method, Beakmania & Rainbows Dec 12 1992 - Beakman explains how researchers use the scientific method to figure things out. Josie and Lester help find out if salt water conducts electricity.

Fossils, Beakmania & the Human Voic Jan 01 1993 - Beakman describes fossils and why they are important clues to learn what the world was like thousands of years ago. Dr. Louis Leakey explains that fossils are formed when plant or animal remains ...more

Boats, Beakmania & Airplanes Nov 21 1992 - Beakman demonstrates the concepts of density and displacement then flies over to explain how airplanes fly.

Microwaves, Beakmania & Spiders Jan 23 1993 - Beakman reveals how microwave ovens work and shows a cross-section model of a spider that demonstrates how they spin silk. He als discusses how they can be a crucial part of our ecosystem by ...more

Plumbing, Beakmania & Roller Coasters Feb 12 1993 - Beakman discusses how plumbing works, and why the world is a better place with it. He also explains how and why roller coasters work.

Microscopes, Beakmania & Healing Dec 05 1992 - Beakman discusses microscopes and how important they are to science. The inventor of the compound microscope shows how two lenses are used to make objects look bigger. When Josie gets hurt, ...more

Wheels, Beakmania & Finding Answers Mar 06 1993 - Beakman explains how prehistoric man invented the wheel. He also discusses how your neighborhood public library is a great source of information.

Reflection, Beakmania & Madame Curie Feb 27 1993 - Beakman discusses why light rays cannot pass through a mirror. He also explains atomic energy with the founder of Radium, Madame Curie.

Soap, Beakmania, & Auto Engines Oct 17 1992 -

Lungs, Beakmania & Telephones Jan 09 1993 - Beakman demonstrates how people breath using a model of the diaphragm and lungs. Beakman also explains the sending of signals via telephones.

Vaccinations, Beakmania & Friction Dec 18 1992 - Beakman is asked about vaccinations, and calls upon Dr. Edward Jenner to explain how he came up with the idea. He later does a truck with water and a funnel and examines heat from friction.

Ozone, Beakmania & Acid Feb 06 1993 - Beakman discusses the ozone layer and why it is rapidly depleting. He also explains the complexities of acids.

Earwax, Beakmania & Rocket Engines Jan 30 1993 - Beakman explains the human ear, why we have earwax, and why they pop when they are under pressure. He also introduces Robert Goddard, the father of modern rocketry.

Tape Recordings, Beakmania & Force Vs. Pressure Jan 15 1993 - Beakman demonstrates how cassette players convert sound into electromagnetic signals that get stored onto a tape and delves into the mystery of a bed of nails.

Refraction, Attraction & Beakmania Nov 07 1992 - Beakman explains how eyeglasses bend light, creates a needle compass and along the way discusses penguins.

Heart, Beakmania & Helicopters Sep 25 1993 - Beakman illustrates how the human heart works, explains how to make fake glass at home as short order cook, Art Burn, and shows us how propellers keep a helicopter up.

Batteries, Beakmania & Balloons Oct 02 1993 - Beakman demonstrates how a battery works, answers spiraling questions such as "Who invented roller skates?" and explains why helium balloons fly away.

Tornadoes, Beakmania & Firefighting Sep 17 1994 - Lester learns that Beakman isn't just blowing hot air when he takes him through the swirling winds of Tornadoes; and Beakman, Liza and Lester fan the flames of fire prevention knowledge when ...more

Sound, Beakmania & Illusions Nov 06 1993 - A little divine intervention helps Beakman explain the science of sound, and Lester samples rat cuisine. Liza demonstrates how seeing is not always believing when she explores the world of

Hydraulics, Beakmania & Dinosaurs Oct 29 1994 - Hydraulics, Beakman & Dinosaurs--Hard hats are required when Beakman demonstrates hydraulic principles; master chef Art Burn cooks up a batch of crystals with a few ordinary household items; ...more

Moon, Beakmania & Elevators Nov 20 1993 - Depicting Liza as the moon and Lester as the Sun, Beakman demonstrates the phases of the moon, answers meaningful questions such as "Do penguins have knees?", and explains how

Video Games, Beakmania & Teeth Mar 25 1995 - It's microprocessor madness when Liza creates a video game to uncover the secrets of computers. Beakman dives into dentistry when Lester gets a cavity.

Sharks, Beakmania & Einstein Nov 05 1994 - Beakman sails the seven seas in search of the ultimate predator, sharks. Master chef Art Burn shows how to bounce an egg, and Beakman and Einstein compare hair-dos.

Bats, Beakmania & Energy Oct 30 1993 - Beakman discusses bats, answers the question, "What's the longest living animal", and explains how gliders fly.

Allergies, Beakmania & Codes Oct 08 1994 - Its allergy season and Beakman is the sniffling, sneezing, stuffy head, fever so you can rest scientist with all the answers when it comes to allergies; and Beakman attacks the cryptic world of

Snakes, Beakmania & Seasons Oct 22 1994 - Beakman slithers through the world of snakes; Liza treats a bee sting; and Lester proves he's a rat for all seasons when he takes us on a tour of summer, spring, winter and fall.

Sky, Beakmania & Henry Ford Oct 23 1993 - Beakman answers colorful questions such as why the sky is blue; Lester and Eliza enjoy a very special "Beakmoment" and Henry Ford drives home the description of how cars are made.

Pain, Beakmania & Comets Oct 15 1994 - Lester shows a lot of nerve when Beakman uses him to demonstrate how the nervous system registers pain; and 19th century astronomer Maria Mitchell gives Beakman some unearthly information about ...more

Garbage, Beakmania & Meteorology Nov 26 1994 - Beakman brings curiosities about the garbage of your home, and facts you did not know about meteorology.

Skyscrapers, Beakmania & Indicators Nov 19 1994 - Beakman builds a skyscraper, Lester gets a lesson on the properties of ice; and Liza creates her own chemistry set out of ordinary fruits and vegetables.

Ben Franklin, Beakmania & Chemical Reactions Feb 05 1994 - Ben Franklin drops by the lab to help Beakman dispell some myths surrounding his inventions. Lester is shocked to learn that his recorded voice is different from the one he hears and Beakman ...more

Electronic Motors, Beakmania & Time Dec 03 1994 - Beakman gets his motor runnin' when he cranks out a garage full of information about how electric motors function; and Father Time chronicles the passage of time and how different cultures

Tunnels, Beakmania & Trains Oct 16 1993 - Beakman shows how underwater tunnels are built; Art Burn cooks up glue you can make at home; and Beakman answers sizeable questions such as how big is a molecule.

Check-Up Time, Beakmania & Oil Dec 25 1993 - Beakman's timid brother discovers that a visit to the doctor really isn't all that painful. Beakman also traces the evolution of oil from fossils.

Ants, Beakmania & Collisions Feb 26 1994 - Ants, Beakmania & Collisons--A day in the park is no picnic when a colony of ants make off with Beakman's food; Liza introduces Heimlich and his manuever; and Lester runs into trouble trying ...more

Money, Beakmania & Water Power Nov 12 1994 - Lester learns the value of a dollar when Beakman tries to make "cents" out of currency systems; and Liza soaks up some information about water power.

Submarines, Beakmania & Digestion Sep 18 1993 - Beakman discusses submarines and how they work. He also answers viewer questions and explains the human digestion system.

Lightning, Beakmania & Bones Nov 13 1993 - Lester gets a charge out of a static electricity experiment that Beakman conducts to explain thunder and lightning. Surfer Beakman drops by to fix his broken board while explaining how bones