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TV Full List of Bear Behaving Badly Episodes

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Below is a complete Bear Behaving Badly episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bear Behaving Badly episodes are listed along with the Bear Behaving Badly episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bear Behaving Badly episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “Alice in Nevvieland” and “Hair Today.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bear Behaving Badly episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

For Sale Sep 20 2007 - Caretaker Prank calls a residents' meeting to make a big announcement.

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Strictly Dumb Dancing Sep 28 2007 - Barney is nominated for an award, but is he ready for the ceremony?

Ice Cream Celebrity Chef Sep 10 2007 - Prank is visited by celebrity ice cream chef Gordon Ramshorn for an ice cream tasting.

Blinga Stinga Oct 05 2007 - Mr Prank discovers that he can make a fortune by selling an unusual flavoured ice-cream.

Marathon Nev Sep 05 2007 - Nev would much rather watch TV and pig out on crisps than enter the local fun run.

Portrait Sep 07 2007 - A big blue portrait of Nev pops up in Mr Prank's newly-painted hallway.

Valentine Sep 27 2007 - Nev decides to play cupid for Barney on Valentine's Day.

Holiday Oct 02 2007 - Barney and Nev's holiday is cancelled when Nev accidentally washes their tickets.

Unhappy Halloween Sep 26 2007 - Mr Prank and his nephew Bouncer Boy conspire to spook Barney and Nev out of their home.

Mr Ice Cream Head Oct 08 2007 - In an attempt to save her job, Beatrice ropes the gang into making a TV advert.

Bunfight at the Ice Cream Corral Sep 11 2007 - Mr Prank challenges Nev to a bunfight at noon after his ice creams are stolen.

Homeless and Angry Sep 03 2007 - Caretaker Prank has only one thing on his mind - revenge - when Nev floods his flat.

A Right Pair of Pants Sep 12 2007 - Barney's pet tarantula escapes and Mr Prank's twin brother visits.

Genie of the Lamp Sep 18 2007 - When Prank hears Barney rehearsing lines for Aladdin, he mistakes him for a real genie.

Pets Win Prizes Sep 19 2007 - Mr Prank is desperate to enter a local exotic pet contest to win the big cash prize.

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Rumble in the Jumble Oct 01 2007 - Nev organises a jumble sale after he is blamed by Mr Prank for smashing up Barney's trike.

Hair Today Sep 04 2007 - Prank's hair problem looks like it is over when he takes delivery of a wig.

Raffle Hassle Sep 06 2007 - Barney and Nev organise a raffle to raise some funds after destroying Mr Prank's business.

Robot Rat Catcher Oct 03 2007 - After Keith the koala is mistaken for a rodent, Caretaker Prank gets a Robot Rat Catcher.

Clown Law Sep 21 2007 - A spate of burglaries has Mr Prank on alert, making it tricky for Nev to organise a party.

That Sinking Feeling Sep 18 2007 - Caretaker Prank is called in when Barney's kitchen sink explodes.

No Joke Oct 04 2007 - Bouncer Boy receives a joke kit and spends the day trying out the tricks on Nev.

Treasure Hunt Sep 13 2007 - Nev looks for mystery treasure that is buried somewhere in the flat.

Magic Box Sep 14 2007 - When a mystery trunk is delivered to Nev and Barney's front door, magic starts occurring.

Bin Man Nev Sep 24 2007 - Barney and Nev's dirty flat fails to impress Beatrice, so the boys action a spring clean.

Enter Mr Angry Pants Left Sep 25 2007 - Caretaker Prank auditions for Barney's panto and is made Ali Baba's 40th thief.

It's Cow or Never Dec 03 2008 - Mr Prank buys a cow to give him the freshest milk for his ice cream.

Arty Time Jan 06 2009 - Prank enters an art competition, but Nev's painting is accidentally entered too.

Shaken And Stirred Dec 15 2008 - Aunt Barbara's smoothie party is a disaster thanks to Angry Pants and Nev.

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Postman Nev Dec 16 2008 - Postie sprains her ankle, so Nev takes over her rounds - wearing the wrong glasses!

Everyone Loves Chops Dec 11 2008 - Chops, the dog who lives in Aunt Barbara's handbag, emerges as the world's cutest pooch.

NevQuest Dec 18 2008 - Nev and Crazy Keith are on a quest to free the magical, wintry land of Nevia.

Bird Brain Mar 10 2009 - A special episode celebrating Red Nose Day with a guest appearance from Jason Donovan.

Curse of the Werebear Dec 05 2008 - Crazy Keith the koala is cursed to turn into a hairy, scary, shoe-eating monster.

Teething Trouble Dec 10 2008 - Neville grows his first tooth and panics when it looks like a scary fang.

The Perfect Ice-Cream Flavour Dec 12 2008 - Mr Prank experiments with unusual ingredients for his new ice-cream flavour.

Back in the Day Dec 19 2008 - A freak turn of events transports Nev back to Victorian times. Can he escape Angry Pants?

Out of Control Jan 07 2009 - Nev borrows Aunt Barbara's old TV, but does not bargain on it having special powers.

Operation Nev Dec 09 2008 - Nev accidentally hurts Prank and faces paying the medical bill.

Frog Prince Jan 05 2009 - Barney eats Crazy Keith's spaghetti bolognese and promptly turns into a frog.

A Star Is Born Jan 09 2009 - Nev and Crazy Keith become an instant internet hit after composing the Jibadeah Rap.

Love Potion Jan 12 2009 - Prank accidentally drinks love potion and falls in love with his arch nemesis, Nev.

Freaky Fur Day Jan 15 2009 - Nev and Mr Prank are swallowed up by a beanbag and emerge with their bodies swapped over.

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Hypnotwits Dec 04 2008 - Nev uses his hypnotism skills when he is accused of stealing Mr Prank's brand new mobile.

Did Dib Nev Dec 17 2008 - Barney and Nev's camping trip is put on hold, so Nev decides to camp alone at home.

Invisible Nev Dec 08 2009 - Barney's rent money goes missing and he is threatened with eviction, only Nev can help.

Cavebear Jan 14 2009 - Nev and Keith discover a 'prehysterical' blue bearasaurus, frozen in time.

Wedding Belles Jan 16 2009 - Postie declares her lottery win, and greedy Angry Pants asks her to marry him.

Day of the Terrific Dec 02 2008 - Barney buys Nev a plant which he feeds excessively. The plant threatens to eat them!

Around the Flat in Eighty Days Dec 08 2008 - Barney goes to Egypt and Prank moves in to look after Nev.